Find all posts by Orzel. The SC frame’s light weight makes it a joy to carry and it doesn’t hurt that it looks phenomenal. Page 1 of 3. User Name Remember Me? All times are GMT Find all posts by havanajim. The fit is very tight and mine shoots one hole groups at 15 yards with premium ammo. It’s a range gun.

The feel in the hand plays a big part in my gun buying decisions or, why I don’t own a Glock. The Trigger on this Smith E Series was as advertised. It is one of the best looking production ‘s around, if you ask me I picked it over the Nightmare when I bought it. From about 40 feet using a rest, it will group around inches. I got the all black SC-E series. FYI I am looking at the stainless, non rail 5″. They are just evidence that the gun works for a living, same as me. Find all posts by gi

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A New Twist On The Old War Horse – S&W’s 1911 SC E-Series

Find all posts by jtq. Originally Posted by Gun Monkey I have been looking at lots of s, and it seems that all of them have at least a few reviews complaining about reliability.


Kimber couldn’t pull it off. Only downside to this model is the limited aftermarket sights due to proprietary sight cuts and a slightly wider grip front to back similar to a Les Baer.

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Art Mullen’s office Posts: There is also very little creep in the trigger as the Seris Series also comes with an adjustable trigger. Acquire target, align sights, press trigger, only after you have identified your target and what is beyond it and made the decision to shoot! I have the SC-e as well and love the gun.

You won’t regret getting one, but if you don’t get it, you will regret it later on My Scandium Carry was fantastic. The only thing that I don’t like on it is the Schwartz safety system, although it hasn’t given me any problems. It came with two magazines, a flush fitting 7 rounder and an 8 rounder magazine with rubber bumper slam pad.

Find all posts by 85txaggie. Extractor has never been an issue, so have no fear there.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting mine! Every once in awhile the slide locks open while the mag still has a bullet or two in it. I think it’s a good gun for the money, as it has a number of semi-custom features at the price of a mid to high end production gun Whether I seated gently or with force a round just popped out. You’re asking the wrong people They are the operator IIs and I think on my next I’ll go a bit lower key. Find all posts by beretta What’s not to love? Find all posts by Blackgun1.


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I had a 9mm. And, its a real looker, grabs a lot of attention at the range. Ron, I’ve never been fond of the CMC magazines. Only issue of any kind: The PD I bobtailed years ago before it was cool. The only things I’ve changed are grips and Mainspring housings, but I do that to all my s. One was the release button was sticky. Raylan Givens Senior Member. And my first build by myself! I prefer the white dot Novak sights, single-sided safety, and even though it is pretty, it is not so expensive that it will turn into seriew safe queen.

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