Add the first question. Edgar Stiles Lana Parrilla Paul suggests Bauer help in investigating Marwan’s office computer and heads there with Bauer. Patrick McCormack as Robert Franklin. Episode 2 picks up from that point, with Jack convincing Erin he’s trustworthy enough to get reinstated for the time it will take to rescue Secretary Heller and Audrey Raines. Chinese operative Cheng Zhi is tasked to investigate the assault. James Heller Jonathan Ahdout

James Heller Jonathan Ahdout Palmer arrives at the White House and is updated on the situation. Erin orders the truth serum on Sarah. Believing that something terrible is about to happen, Jack begs CTU director Erin Driscoll to reinstate him and begins to interrogate a suspect. Meanwhile, Marianne Taylor, a consultant who has a personal problem with Manning, arrives at CTU, trying to gain intel; but everyone ignores her. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Share this Rating Title: McLennan, the head of the company, is informed about Marwan.

So, his fate did not make it to air, and thus, might seeason disregarded. Audrey and Secretary Heller try to escape. Bauer infiltrates the consulate before abducting Lee and escaping.

May 1, 8. Season 4 Episode 2. Omar forces James to sign a document of confession of committing war crimes by threatening to kill Raines. Yes No Report this.

Search titles only Posted by Member: Also, Roger Cross was upgraded from recurring to main cast in episode 14, making him the only other actor along with Parrilla to be upgraded to main cast mid-season in the history of the series.

Was this review helpful to you? CTU storms into their meeting place and finds the operative killed by Prado He claims it to have been in self-defensebut is arrested anyway. Apr 26, 3. But Haysbert was a long way from his role as Commander-In-Chief, acting instead in his capacity as the official spokesman for Allstate Insurance. That Jack Bauer is a bad-ass has been a well known fact ever since 24 made its first appearance.


While Dina eventually stepped away from radical terrorism, her husband Navi plotting to kill their son for disavowing him, it was all a bit late by that point.

Bauer finds out and warns the agents. As the day begins, he gets caught up in an elaborate terrorist plot which involves James Heller and his daughter Audrey Raines. Bauer infiltrates the compound, finding Audrey in her cell. Paul suggests Bauer help in investigating Marwan’s office computer and heads there with Bauer. It’s a relief, then, that the opening episode of Day 4, for all its minor weaknesses not very interesting new characterswas keen to remind us of Jack’s official status as contemporary television’s ultimate tough guy, with girflriend hero risking jail time just to prove he was right and his former boss wrong he tortured a suspect, you know.

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Dessler convinces O’Brian to return. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Sarah Gavin Mary Lynn Rajskub Start your free trial. The season four storyline starts and ends at 7: 44, James visits his son, Richard, to convince him not girlfrisnd talk against the government at a lobby.

Logan signs her grant of immunity anyway, and she reveals Marwan’s location. Lana Parrilla as Sarah Gavin. Bauer and the team arrives and Paul is arrested. The woman calls and informs CTU.

Jack is in trouble with his supervisor, and he’s on the trail of a killer. Logan finds out about Bauer and orders Secret Service to arrest him. She arrives at the location, informs Behrooz and they escape; but she is shot in the arm by Navi.

Somewhat understandably, the image of a nice, middle-class Muslim family actually being a front for terrorist murderers went down like a lead balloon with Islamic groups. The resulting seasonn allows a stealth fighter to be stolen from an Air Force base in Southern California. This discussion is interspersed with flashbacks to action sequences from previous seasons, implying that such experiences are a part of Jack that will never go away.


Behrooz calls her and she arranges a secret meeting. Culture stars who have died infrom Jeremy Hardy to Peter Tork.

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Jack believes the only chance of finding them lies in intercepting Andrew Paige before the terrorists do. Fayed calls Marwan, who orders him girlfirend bring the duo to him.

Trivia During several commercial breaks throughout the premiere event, loyal 24 fans got a girlfrienv burst of nostalgia when former cast regular Dennis Haysbert President “David Palmer” appeared on their TV screens. Paul is taken to the medical subunit. Marwan tells Anderson to deal with it fast.

Day 4: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Taylor is advised by Henry Powell, the man Audrey recalled, to divert attention to a false mole; and agent Sarah Gavin is picked. Karen, Debbie’s mother arrives at the Araz’s to find her before she is convinced that Debbie is not there.

A police officer arrives and Bauer is forced to capture him too. CTU finds out that the briefcase belongs to McLennan-Forster, a government contractor, and contains an override device that can cause meltdowns at the nuclear reactors across the country. Edit Storyline Jack creates a faux-hostage crisis in a convenience store trapping Kalil and several innocent bystanders to buy Chloe more time to get the surveillance satellite working properly.

Erin finds out that Maya, her daughter who suffers from schizophreniais arrested for violence and has her transferred to CTU.