Sometimes it made me laugh, more often it made me cry, but most of all, it made me think. He tells her to be strong and stop crying, even as he cries. Jesus0saves March 24, at Yuki April 21, at It’s obvious that the two baddies have an axe to grind with Ji Hyun’s father. I am truly a fan of your writing! Yi Kyung has a bitter fight with Yi Soo over all the women who surround him because he is a musician, and they break up. Maybe JH’s father not doing something wrong, it just misunderstanding.

This episode really burst it open I could really identify her as YK and as Ji kyung. Though, I feel so bad for Kang. Thank you for the recap! Hi, first time commenter here. Sad YK sleeping sadly can be replaced with Kang in full slumber splendour bet he wears cartoon jammies to bed. I love that Bae Soobin is playing a bad guy this time.

Godislove April 21, at Yi Soo had secretly saved money for their pension, putting the money he earned into the account.

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So what exactly would he be after this 5-year stint as episdoe reaper? I love the storyline, almost all the quotes in the story has wisdom in it…. I too am looking for a happy ending here. I am on the Kangwagon, too.

Death Scheduler character description about his 5 yr duty: Also JH and company… all soo sad all around. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

I’m a Kang too. Yi-kyung goes to work that night and thinks about what she thinks was her dream—that she remembered Yi-soo and that he appeared to catch her. He compliments himself and teases Ji Hyun. She promises to wait three more years until he is released, she was the reason he became this way.


He also lets it slip that this is a plan two years in the making. Yi Soo is there and is crying as well, realizing that Yi Kyung has a family. Kang drives back to Heaven, putting together more pieces of the puzzle: We can meet in Heaven.

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All the women wanted his babies, but we couldn’t openly talk about our lust for him, so I nicknamed him Umlaut for our lusty talks, and it caught on. Skip to secondary content. One week sure is too long for the next episode…I need treats like this while waiting.

Lacey March 26, at 6: He tells her not to meet Min-ho, and to go back up to Seoul with him instead. Ji-hyun suspects that it might be In-jung, and so she follows him to eavesdrop, hearing him say her name as he tells her to stop crying. In Jung attends but does not show herself. Jo Yeong Gwang; Writer: She wanders the streets for a while, feeling adrift and alone.

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May dramacrazt, at 9: She saw her – the thin membrane of majic that separates them is being worn away The scenes where JH talks to YK are always touching. Yi Kyung has a bitter fight with Yi Soo over all the women who surround drramacrazy because he is a musician, and they break up.

Sad YK sleeping sadly can be replaced with Kang in full slumber splendour bet he wears cartoon jammies to bed.

And Rina’s comment was just too piratical lol I also want to go topless. I really love those couples too. So he was going to use this money to build her a pension? Two years later, and we see In Jung. I applaud Writer So 449 creating her story and telling it episoe entire way through.


The drama was about death, and lest we think it morbid, the drama was instead hopefully, teaching us how life can be lived with purpose even in the face of death. I hope sib the drama and the cast receive high recognitions and awards for their hard work.

The backstory of the two BFFs is actually more interesting to me than the whole takeover scheme, because I want to know what made In-jung do such a thing.

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Her JH is getting better and better, with the little quirks and expression It was a little too much to drop all in the last episode. The drama stresses the importance of life. Yi Kyung surmises that Yi Dramacrxzy probably brought it back. JH’s parents were in a suspicious hurry and HK’s mom’s image was dramxcrazy her dxys when she brought him the soup. Agatha March 26, at 8: We see that Seo Woo is dating the male waiter, and are super lovey dovey with each other.

Thanks girlfriday for the recap!!! Han Kang HK is lying on the couch at his place while listening to this song. All the misunderstandings in the drama came about because of mis-communications that were caused because someone thought it would cause less pain to NOT communicate their love and caring for the other person.

This is a much-anticipated project of the first half of You can have my body.