Never mind that one of them is his girlfriend and the other he has very strong feelings for: Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. He went to her hiding his face that day he went to go get coffee though. And I still get the feeling that Injung cares abt JH deep down. It’s true bae soo bin bae soo bin!!! Please enter your username or email address. And she stayed true to Min Ho till the end.

Kang continues his investigation into the Haemi Island project. I was watching this in my boss’s office at lunch, when that came on the screen, so of course, I yelled:. And his troubling eyes Shin Ji-hyun is my friend too. JHJ has been looking for a comeback drama since his discharge on June 19, Personally, I’m thinking along the lines as you. I can’t wait for next week! I totally take that back.

I do welcome a good cry every now and then, but I love laughter so much more. The version JH sings is Korean. Her strong desire to go to college in Seoul led her to live off Ji Hyun’s family, living in their house.

Cut to the hospital, where her parents receive the letter. It was good, but not something I would watch again because some parts were too dragging. I cried a lot in the last episode, especially towards the very end. For example, is this dramacrazt for a 49er, or dramacrxzy this happening because Ji-hyun is growing attached to Yi-kyung and forging a bond with her?

Personally, I’m thinking along the lines as you.

I’m sure she’ll feel a connection to jihyun and cry a pure tear for her when she realizes how much jihyun has been trying to help her dramacraz cares epiode her even tho she didn’t know who she was. Jo Yeong Gwang; Writer: Hurt with their break-up, Gyu Won accept the opportunity and become a star abroad. By Stephanie Lim Started July 9, She plays the female antagonist in the show.


Since then, the two starts their story of struggles for family, friendships, dreams, romance and heartaches to be a good partner for each other. I day like the idea of redemption. And also great twist, wow! Twisty twist that would be I just love how it ended in a right way with the perfect couples having their perfect love story. Thank you for the recap unnies. I think even HK is mighty impressed at JH’s efforts now to save her dad, making him love her more.

Too bad it had to be on a even episode How could he deduce from her lack of reaction that they were connected if drqmacrazy both cases the Scheduler being Yi-Soo and therefore showing up differently or the Scheduler not being Yi-Soo and showing up as das Yi-Kyung would have no reaction.

Also, I agree strongly that there are many beatifull women in this drama. I suppose I would have liked the drama more if it focused more on the romance between the characters.

YK was only half-conscious when she saw the Scheduler in Jinan, so maybe that’s what allowed her to see his real face. Han Kang HK is lying on the couch at his place while listening to this song.

Please keep posting and speculating No idea if this is really where the writer is going with this, but I like it for a few reasons: That considerate Kang, always covering for Ji Kyung. English translation of JHJ’s answers during the press con interview.

49 Days Episode 14 Recap

But my is it addictive!!! Patience to be love by someone. Scheduler keeps looking back at her, and Yi Kyung keeps looking at him but seeing the dumpy stranger.


Together with her boyfriend, Kang Min Ho, she planned on destroying the life of one of her closest friends, Shin Ji Hyun. Ockoala’s Report on 49 Days Dramarazy Conference.


That part I said before that I wasn’t interested in watching 49 Days? She tells us that its because Ji Hyun is too naive to the point that she hurts people without even realizing it. It was quite interesting to read your take on this drama.

Notify me of new posts via email. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Eeeee, thanks for the recap. But episoee he was the real Yi Soo, then Yi Kyung would see another face. And she stayed true to Min Ho till the end.

I totally agree with you about most dramas falling apart in the second half. Someone is possesing me! Min Ho asks him to continue investigating her.

You can tell that he felt something at that moment! Schmazel April 28, at 9: Since they had the same experience like Gyu Won and Lee Epispde, they made episod best to help them fixed their problems throughout the story. WooHigh April 29, at 4: It depends on our mood. It better be sweet! This is shaping up to be an interesting drama