Meanwhile, Jamie and Francis audition a string of beauties in their search for Candy Kittens. Sophia is struggling with her feelings about the love triangle that she’s in when Proudlock takes her on a date to the zoo, but Francis insists they can’t even hang out as friends. In London, Steph and Josh adjust to moving in together. Educating Yorkshire Box Set Series 1. It’s Masquerade Ball time in Chelsea and there are a few surprises when Spencer decides to try a different approach to win the affections of childhood sweetheart Caggie. Frankie becomes suspicious about Jamie’s night on the town. Cheeky adult humour and nudity This episode is subtitled 48 mins.

Trick of the Mind Series Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls Series 1. But how will this affect things with Alik? Louise is excited to discover a jewellery box, and rumours of a Chelsea engagement spread like wildfire, while Julius reels from Harry’s revelation that Ella still has feeling for him. Nathan Barley Series 1. Tensions run high in Chelsea after Lucy’s eventful pubwarming party.

Is the honeymoon period over already for JP and Binky? Rick Edwards meets the Made in Chelsea cast at their glamorous awards ceremony, and finds out who won the ‘Most Sezson Description of Spencer Matthews’ and ‘Insult of the Series’ categories. As things seem to have cooled off between Lucy and Spencer, Lucy embraces her new single status with a night out that sparks romance with a handsome stranger Some amde have been created for your entertainment and with strong language This episode is subtitled 48 mins.

Locked Up Series 1. News of Alik’s rumoured infidelity reaches Louise. Spencer and Louise return from Dubai to face a very upset Jamie who demands some answers. Ella is eager to put a label on her relationship with Julius, and there are more rumours about Jamie’s ij. Spencer whisks Lucy away on a romantic date, while Andy takes Louise bowling.


Made in Chelsea

Strong Language This episode is subtitled 48 mins. How will JP and Binky react to seeing each other again? Andy puts Louise’s nose out of joint when she learns he was rude about her in front of all her friends.

Jess is desperate for a reconciliation with Jamie, but will her approach just make things worse? Spencer regrets cheating on Lauren, Nicola hears that Jamie has been spreading rumours, and the group heads to the country for a music festival Strong language and some scenes that have been created for your entertainment This episode is subtitled 48 mins. Chelsea’s glitziest twenty-somethings make an eagerly-anticipated return and some of the gang are gathered in St Tropez for the launch of Victoria’s new swimwear range.

This Is England ’86 Series 1. As Sam struggles to come to terms with Tiff’s infidelity, Lucy hears some unsettling rumours, while Rosie encourages Binky to move on from JP. Will Jess wait for Andy, who is away on tour, or fall 4do the charms of Jamie Laing? The whole gang are at a polo match.

Made in Chelsea Box Set () – Series 1 Episode 1 – All 4

Tensions run high in Chelsea after Lucy’s eventful pubwarming party. Toff has an interview for her dream job.

Having secured a date with Binky, new boy Will pulls out all the stops. One Born Every Minute Series Jamie continues to pursue Seaspn, declaring his feelings for her at Proudlock’s party, and things seem magical, but by the next day he’s had another change of heart, leaving her distraught. But is JP prepared to take things to the next level?

The group are brought together for a glamorous launch amde hosted by socialite Amber Atherton. And there’s a heated showdown between Gabriella and Cheska.


Made in Chelsea – Episode Guide – All 4

With Caggie heading off on tour, Spencer channels his frustration by taunting 4d, but when Spencer starts meddling in Jamie and Kimberly’s relationship he finds out just how far Jamie can be pushed. Nathan Barley Series 1. Spurred on by Binky’s mum, she decides to confront him. Not Safe for Work Series 1. Nick’s Law Series 1. This Is England 88 Series 1.

Made in Chelsea Box Set (1-4)

Spencer has Ollie’s current flame Emma on his radar – will she fall for his charms? Magnifica 70 Series 1.

Nicola is fuming following Jamie’s revelation that Jess has ‘unfinished business’ with Alex, while Lucy and Stephanie’s friendship is in jeopardy. Richard is busy wooing Kimberley, while Cheska and Binky stumble across a major Kimberley secret. Come Dine with Me Series When Binky spots JP at the rugby, Andy decides to play Cupid, while Jamie presents Andy with some news about Jess that makes him question whether a relationship with her will work after all Strong language and some scenes that have been created for your entertainment This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

Louise and Jamie have an unusual date. In the opening episode of the new series Binky and JP have some exciting news to share with their Chelsea friends Strong language and some scenes that have been created for you entertainment This episode is subtitled 47 mins. Still hurt by Tiff’s cheating, Sam is furious when he learns that Lucy knew more about it.