If the Fossil Haywood does get a microscopic thumbs up from you, then I could safely say I finally understand something about watches in terms of designs by reading your articles. If you like it, why not? Which watches would you suggest would make for a well-rounded collection? You seem like a Fowler kind of guy, and his entry on “elegant variation” comes to mind. So to my questions: Modern manufacturing methods mean it is now possible to make any complication inexpensively, and there are now bargain-priced dual time zone watches, as well as perpetual calendars, rattrapante chronographs, and so on. Patek Calatrava Dear Watch Snob, I have been reading your articles for the past few years and I have grown to really enjoy them.

If you’re in the market for a high-end dress watch that will turn heads, you could do a lot worse. Rose gold has been dominant in recent years, resigning its yellow-y cousin to something of a Marmite choice although perhaps it always was. And, more fundamentally, is an inch and a quarter of wrist real estate ever worth this kind of money? It looks like it was designed using nothing but a plumber’s tool kit. If you are wondering fundamentally whether a Lange, or any other luxury watch, is really worth it, you are asking the wrong question. They’re elaborately finished — all steelwork is black polished a mirror-finishing technique that takes skilled hand-work to execute, and which produces a perfectly reflective surface that appears either uniformly grey, black, or white depending on the light. But I think I might be ruined for it. That is a great deal of money for a wristwatch, certainly — more than most of us will ever spend.

Dario Spallone Read More. That said, the elegance and capabilities of the Terraluna absolutely blow me away. I am suspicious of anything described as a cult watch, but I find the build and submarine steel ridiculously appealing. smob

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Nothing is left to chance and this is exactly its fatal flaw; the whole interest, to someone really taken by the romance of watchmaking, of an anti-magnetic watch is that there should be something vulnerable in the watch, and steps taken to defend it. My feeling is that the world time complication is currently best expressed by Patek, in terms of design.


I know email is a debased medium, but sir, let us strive sbob rise above the leveling effect exerted by the technology beloved of the common herd. Round II Dear Mr.

Xnob about the Diver. I have been considering taking my interest to the next level by acquiring a pre-owned Breitling Galactic Unitime Sleek T. Looking For A New Timepiece? In this case, sir, I think you are wondering whether you might be looking for variety just for the sake of variety, when the fact of the matter is, you know what you actually want. I am torn between two great watches.

The Watch Snob Says: There is a liberal use of silicon and other materials unaffected by even the most powerful magnetic fields.

They’re elaborately finished — all steelwork is black polished a mirror-finishing sob that takes skilled hand-work to execute, and which produces a perfectly reflective surface that appears either uniformly grey, black, or white depending on the light. We can’t blame the guy. I’m calling on you to make a proclamation that Audemars Piguet no longer deserves to be part of the Holy Trinity.

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We shall see what the next few years hold. Lange is a German company though of course, it is owned by a multinational conglomerate nominally headquartered in Switzerland. The Saxonia, on the other hand, is still more expensive than it should be but much less so, and in terms of quality, it gives up nothing to the Patek. He absolutely nailed the ring, designing it himself and having it made.

So I am thinking A. In its th year, there was much to get excited about in Montblanc’s collection, but we’ve picked out one of their entry-level models here. Feeling very lucky, I wanted to get him a watch as an saxona present.

A. Lange & Sohne’s Legacy

I would only say this: But therein lies my problem. If the subject really interests you, have a go at Edward R.


It will either clarify the question of what is and is not legible in ways you never could have dreamed possible, or it will cure you of the desire to investigate the matter, through sheer boredom. If I am to wear the watch regularly then I suppose the Nautilus or Saxonia will be really good, simple timepieces but for one that will give pleasure and retain value, do you will think a Patek is superior over a Lange?

Is there an ultimate A.

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In spite of its discontinuous history, it’s done more over the past two decades to put itself in the top echelon of watchmaking than any other brand out there. Well, you have asked not one, but a myriad of questions — let me answer the three you have posed in your summary.

However they are worth looking at in terms of how they define the genre. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. First of all, no one uses a mechanical dive watch as a primary diving instrument any more; they have long since been superseded by wrist dive computers.

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Notifications You have no notifications. You may wish to consider the Lange 1 Moon Phase as well, although it is a busier watch than the Saxonia. Audemars Piguet has made absolutely magnificent watches in the past with remarkable complications, and is revered highly by those who really know the x of Swiss watchmaking, for a number of very good reasons. The Longines, on the other hand, could not be more straightforward but it has just enough distinguishing features to rescue it from monotony and the movement is a good one — the column wheel caliber L I am I think somewhat in the minority, in that Watcch find the 56 line rather charming.