This page was last edited on 27 December , at But in the second half this flaw will be forgotten with the introcution of some characters and a faster pace of narration. Their argument soon enters into a situation where Arjun is forced to lie to stop Poorna from abandoning him and leave to Delhi. Dhruva Sarja picks the right roles he would easily take over his elder brother Chiranjeevi Sarja. Addhuri review in rediff. Movie Dialogue1 enjoy havefun.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. For this one week Arjun throws a challenge for Poorna to stay with him. In one of the scenes Dhruva Sarja jumped from 65 feet height and did all stunts without dupes Plot[edit] The story opens at a railway station where the director is narrating the different kinds of arguments and fights that happen at a railway station. The stunts are handled by Ravi Verma. After much haggling and pleading, Poorna agrees. The story soon moves into the lives of the couple who are fighting. Parugu Movie Dialogues emotional dialogue love sad romantic.

Addhuri Tone tone dialoggues. Vaana Movie Dialogue love sad emotional telugu suman meera chopra vinay rai. Adhoori which means richness lives up to its name. Arjun is a winner in making every scene look grand. May 20, Messages: Poorna realises that she has insulted him enough. This is the first time in India that an entire movie has been produced using this technique.

Yet there is no place for much of emotions. Poorna reluctantly agrees, and the story now runs on two tracks where the director shows how close Arjun and Poorna were when they were together and how they are at present. It keeps the viewer engaged, which is a refreshing change from the many bad Kannada films hitting the screens in the past few weeks.


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The sorrow filled song before climax is melodious. Fourth color layer ignition technique has been adopted for the entire movie. Dhruv Sarja close relative of Tamil action star Arjun lives up the expectations of his maternal uncle from this film. Addhuri movie sad dialogue by Prema jitty Download.

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No, create an account now. He takes on a gang of local goons who taunt her, and bashes them, but that still doesn’t melt her heart.

Feb 25, Messages: On the 7th day Poorna comes to know why Arjun did not turn up for the marriage registration. They even go to the extent of getting married but movis the day of the marriage, Arjun fails to turn up, which peeves Poorna no end. Cars And Bikes Stunts Videos.

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She is shocked and feels she has injured Arjun mkvie much in words. The drawbacks of the film are jovie few elements like the slow progress in the first half and the whole story revolving around only two characters.

To top it all Arjun excels as a writer in the film writing fabulous song lyrics and dialogues that perfectly suit the mood and nature of the sequences. Vijay24Jun 15, Rest other characters are okay. It has all the elements that can make it a big hit.

Retrieved 16 October The film won a major haul at the Udaya Film awards grabbing the award in 4 following categories: Dialogues are also another trump card of this film. One day total collections in Kollegala is 70K Movie Dialogue1 enjoy havefun.


Now, let us see whether their efforts have come to fruition.

See the movie to find out what happens on the seventh day. Soorya S Kiran of “Dildaara” fame is the Cinematographer. On addhuro editing front there is no flaw.

In the outdoor shoots he has used his liberty in quick action moments of dance and action he earns good name. Ishq Adhura Duniya Adhuri himesh mohad irfan the expose hindi love sad romantic.

Aug 23, Messages: Tarun Chandra in touch and go role looks handsome. He has blended the comedy, emotional and action sequences perfectly which takes the film to greater heights. Thus begins the seven-day love ‘sojourn’ with Arjun trying his best to rekindle the love that they shared. RaShiJun 15, In one of the scenes Dhruva Sarja jumped from 65 feet height and did all stunts without dupes.

Dejected, she decided to end her relationship with Arjun and leave him for good. Prasanna two shows balcony full With 5 days gone by, Arjun begins to feel that his love is slipping away from him forever and bears his heart to Poorna, who by now has learnt that Arjun had no intention to betray her, and it was all her haste that has led to her breakup with Arjun.

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