I just randomly copied this movie to my flashdisk since i still had some space left. Top Ittipat is 27 years old this year. Actualy, success could come from many ways.. You can be weak, but never surrender in order to keep the game going. Both of the business cannot survive, failed and went bankrupt. But with his strong mission, he changed the design of product packaging and asked a designer to form it.

He is the owner of company that produce best selling seaweed that can generate more than 1 billion baht per year. When he was still 16 years old, he was addicted to online games. Please help me everyone.. As a conclusion, Top Ittipat has a lot of good traits as an entrepreneur. Actually I just asked my son to share with me some of his movie files now that I have time to relax myself from my hectic classes. For those experiencing adversity….. He is very good at pay attention to detail or see something that happened around us. This shows that he is an observant person.

Itthipat Peeradechapan

However, I am a little surprised with the least reference about this movie on the internet. He invested his money into selling fried chestnutswhich became popular in Thailand. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

However, unlike Top, Peach has never experienced the hardships of early entrepresneurial struggles. But the next problem was he need to serve the seaweed by wholesale. So he needed an alternative way to preserve crispy seaweed when customer eating.

But his idea is not accepted when presented his idea in front of bank officer. I would kulaponfvanich to meet him in person to shake his hands to thank him for being him when the opportunity comes. Even though he gained success at playing online games and winning tournament prizes because of his hobby playing online games, he was often underestimated by his teachers at school.


People who have vision for their life are a successful person. He is an open risk taker. One year after that, his family went bankrupt and his kulaponhvanich had debt 40 million baht. Tuesday, 10 May So Top Ittipat was taking a risk, yet it brings him to success as a founder of seaweed snacks that popular in Asia until now. Hollywood ready for glitzy gala. The character is stronger because the director want to strengthen Ittipat character in the film.

The products were rejected when he came for the first time because of the lacks quality of packaging and the price of product is to expensive. Then he found that, seaweed that people like to eat actually can give him a lot of money.

In the first experiment of making fried seaweed, he failed.

aittthipat The film is very motivating and inspiring. Top Ittipat is a person who always take failure is an option. While studying at the Thai Chamber of Commerce University, he set up a business selling roasted chestnuts and made his first million. We can see this kind of trait in him when he reoriented his business efforts from gaming, DVD player and nuts business to other business which is seaweed snacks.

He is now the first youngest billionaire. With his strong believe, it make him keep trying until aittnipat managed to make a delicious crispy seaweed snack.


Making it to the Top

Please help me everyone. But the money to make a start?????????? As stated above, Top Ittipat is a successful, young and brilliant entrepreneur. Wai Roon Pun Lan Thai: Actualy, success could come from many ways.

Truly Top Ittipat will inspire many aspiring young entrepreneurs. This can be seen when he tried to sell dried fruit as well as seaweed.

Top earn money iulapongvanich selling items his weapons in online games. Top even had his own seaweed plantations at South Korea.

Incredible that a small idea like fried seaweed could turn him in to one of the youngest billionaires in the world! Never give up on your dreams and success will be yours.

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But since the business is illegal, the top online gaming accounts were closed and blocked by the bank because it engage in transactions that are against the law.

Only a few brands rise to the kind of fame where their names become synonymous with the product. When he was still 16 years old, he was addicted to ,ulapongvanich games. It is very hard to find someone that is brave enough to take risks in doing business.

As we follow Top through the story, we can see that the character has lost some innocence at the end, just like the real Top.