The part where Cartman said killer titties made me laugh. Just so you know, Cartman is unlikely to appear in many episodes from now on. For me South Park gets better with age. It’s from “My future self n’ me” One of my favourite episodes ever. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Start of october iirc; cannot wait myself, really looking forward to the continuation as imo, series 11 is one of the best since what I believe to be the south park the golden age series I don’t think there is any episode from season 6 that is NOT worth watching.

The guy who does his voice has had a stroke I believe. When’s the next part being screened? I remember in the opening scene, the four kids were playing a game at school. Cartman came out with some absolute gold. Loved the bit when Randy is playing “Heroin Hero”. Cartman on the bus was hilarious.

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Cartman really gets Butters fucked up in it. Oct 27, I thought it was shit to be honest. The South Park Thread. I love it so much I’ll probably download it. Mom, Dad, I don’t think that guy is from the miaginationland.

The fight was great too. He kills two workers and grabs Kyle by the neck. In season 2, Chicken Lover.


D I also noticed that the woman at the beginning is holding a copy of Okami – The game I’m currently playing. Heroin hero was a great idea. Jul 17, Messages: The Simpsons has went went right down hill to the point that I can’t actually watch their episodes.

I loved the bit where Stan’s mum says “Lasagne’s ready” and Randy goes off on a rant. I love the expression on Eric’s face when he finds out he isn’t at all dead, and how much anger he puts on Butters! Nick Ldn News 24 Joined: What are the best episodes of Eric Cartman? South Park S12E11 – Pandemic 2: I watched this when it first came out around 97 when I was just 11 or 12 and it made me laugh back then and as I’ve aged I understand much more of it and it is hilarious.

Been watching a lot of the episodes lately, epieode as a result of Wikipedia as they have the top ten lists and whatnot. Imaginationland part 2 is out. I only remembered about South Park episodr year after I saw imaginatiomland article posted in this forum about the Isaac Hayes controversy imaginationlnd since I was already doing “stuff” to watch TV shows off the internet, I decided to get South Park.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. It won an Emmy I think. Garrison Who all were voiced in this episode and Trey Parker probably allso up half of the cast.


Where can i watch south park imagination land episode 3 for free?

Sep 16, Messages: Anyone about and want a link? With the help of Stan and Kyle, the military is able to access the portal to Imaginationland; Cartman goes to great lengths to get Kyle to suck his balls after the leprechaun bet. They are told of a portal into Imaginationland that had been built during the Cold War and is controlled by the government, which resembles the titular portal from the film Stargate.

Well it certainly wasn’t amazing as Dmitris had hoped. Yeah but as far as I know that is only for North America. Far funnier than the actual South Park movie.

Imaginationland was the best episode probably since World of warcraft. Anyway, video preview for the final episode in season I’ll be up with the sun, I’m not coming down I personally like Cartman’s voice between the likes of seasons Don’t forget to include Kenny. The Imaginationland double episode was top notch.

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