Mariano comes to the rescue and fills the order for bulls for LMQ. He’s a rancher and Miriam is a city woman. Hope it’s not been too distracting. Trees died for that paper apron, you know. Sunday, March 3, at 9: Where was his common sense in expecting that she would be eager to get married when her first marriage so was horrific? Years pass and tragedy brings him back, vengeance fills his heart

I can’t wait until the Comandante arrests Hissadora at the airport on Monday. I want everyone to survive till the end, except for the villains. Yes Anita, I thought it strange that Piedad was standing at the office door with the ice bag. Dio talks about Camila non stop! Years pass and tragedy brings him back, vengeance fills his heart Jardinera- I so agree about the emotional roller coaster! What’s funny for me only, I’m sure is that for the past 3 episodes with so much bad stuff going down, I kept wondering “where is that jerk Abe who is responsible for a good portion of this? What are we all gonna do when it’s over?

Ileana 86 episodes, Mariano comes to the rescue and fills the order for bulls for LMQ. Marta, “I’m still not seeing Vivi and Aaron. However, we will have a weekend discussion in a couple of weeks on this subject. And good for Piedad for at least telling Hipo. The case can’t be reopened, and Dio accused, without all that crap being straightened out, and that means Abe had to tell the truth about his role and face the consequences– loss of job, and jail time.

No harm, no foul epiosde no reason to race off, amiga. bravoi

Monday, March 4, at 7: She walks aamor and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire. Cara de no-duh-and-me-neither de Cami.

I think I was in the minority with being annoyed by Teresa’s convo with Camila, and when Ana told her to back off Mariano in exactly the same snotty tone Teresa used with Cami, I clapped. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


Marta, yes, a low key night time picnic at the beach proposal would be lovely. If you care to avoid GV’s mention and paraphrase, then be my guest by all means in giving a quick rundown. Iago has gone from bad to worse and however cloying and naive she may be, Natalia doesn’t deserve him. However, he’s right about not bringing Roman into their relationship until they sort things out. Listening to Wagner’s Parsifal on the radio this afternoon, just heard the curtain go down at the Met, so UA is probably hiking back to her apartment and we will hear from her soon.

I think that we all agree that the miracle vaccine will come from Chile, but who will it be that actually transports it? Maybe just one big gulp of tequila for all the lost lives, may they forever swish their tails in el cielo de toros. She will have huge input into who Mariano hooks up with. Monday, March 4, at Outside a bit later, Rod gets another unwanted visit from Ileana. She herself had previously underestimated Camila’s intelligence and sees that he is now doing exactly that.

This was so not a Camila-like thing to do. While there, she meets Daniel, epidode man living under a false name and seeking revenge against Camila’s family. Sunday, March 3, at 8: She flops around on the floor like a fish out of water.

They’d make a great couple. Also, I ajor think he rushed episoce proposal, and I have never cared for the big, showy, surprise proposals. And when is Bratgirl leaving already? They really seem to be speeding things up in this episode. She is laughing at his notion that he can have Camila because she knows better.

Miriam cuestiona a Mariano – Amor Bravio S01E | TVmaze

It gets my hackles up when a kid talks snotty or aomr to an adult. Full Cast and Crew. I’m glad that Ileana is still around so that she was able to tell Rodolfo about Yago being bribed. Don’t anybody miss anything!


Natalia episodes, Alex Sirvent I really like the Aaron character. Jardinera- I so agree about the emotional roller coaster! In town in the sacristy, the padre begins his discussions with a very disinterested and or distracted Yago who picks up a statue of some sort and plays with it instead of intently listening to what the Padre tells him. I actually thought it was very bravil when you said “I’m really like Hipolito.

Netgirl- I liked the interaction between Mariano and Miriam too, but I need to see more of them together to decide if I see them as a couple. Edit Did You Know? Camila, hon, your mom is right. Mar stares at her, apparently as uncomfortable with this kind of response from his heart throb as we are, and asks barvio not to be this way. So much going on and so many possibilities for resolution. I have to say that it takes quite a bit to make me clutch the ol’ estomago and fight back the lagrimas, but seeing the fields full of those poor dead animals–aside from being a waste of some damn tasty victuals–the image on the screen was totally mind-numbing.

This is the first time I’ve seen her in anything and I can’t wait to see her in another Tn.

Valiant Love

I’m upset about the bulls. Just to get this out of the way, Parsifal was fabulous in HD. Yes, Vivi; Alfonso died. I don’t see where Vivi has exhibited any less common sense than Rafa.

Jardinera – Muchas gracias. Thanks Jar for the excellent recap.