An open trial on effectiveness of parent training in children with comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. An opioid-free anaesthetic using nerve blocks enhances rapid recovery after minor hand surgery in children. An opinion survey about the reconsideration in the scope of work that nurse can do in the surgery. An ongoing series on dermatological issues of importance to the deployed special forces. Flaminal has also been proven to help facilitate wound closure. An open-label pharmacokinetic study of oxymorphone extended release in the presence of naltrexone in the older adult.

An optimal frequency range for assessing the pressure reactivity index in patients with traumatic brain injury. An open ward in the management of psychotics. An ontological treatment of clinical prediction rules implementing the Alvarado score. An optical fiber sensor for berberine based on immobilized 1,4-bis naphth[2,1-d]oxazoleyl benzene in a new copolymer. An online spatiotemporal prediction model for dengue fever epidemic in Kaohsiung Taiwan. An online Symptom Care and Management System to monitor and support patients receiving chemotherapy:

An optimal closed-loop control strategy for mechanical chest compression devices: If you can speed up the healing process, this means less time spent being treated, which can result in cost savings for the NHS. An optical nano-antenna system design ths radio therapeutic use. An opportunity for radiology: An operation for chronic dacryocystitis plastic dacryocystorhinostomy.

An open-label study to elucidate the effects of standardized Bacopa monnieri extract in the management of symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

An open-source framework for large-scale, flexible evaluation of biomedical text mining systems. An online sleep apnea detection method based on recurrence quantification analysis. An operational perspective of challenging statistical dogma while establishing a modern, secure distributed data management and imaging transport system: An optical approach for the determination of droplet volumes in nanodispensing.

A ubiquitin-dependent mitophagy complex maintains mitochondrial function and insulin secretion in beta cells.


An open label non-comparative case series on the efficacy of an enzyme alginogel.

An optically pure P-alkene-ligated Ir I complex. An ontology-driven, diagnostic modeling system. An ophthalmology surgeon in the 18th Century: An online interprofessional learning resource for physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and nurses in long-term care: An open, large, 6-month naturalistic study of outcome in schizophrenic outpatients, treated with olanzapine.

An open-label phase I trial of a live attenuated H2N2 influenza virus vaccine in healthy adults.

Diminution of oxidative stress. An open future for ecological and evolutionary data? An open-label study of aripiprazole: An open-label clinical trial of milnacipran in fibromyalgia syndrome with co-morbid depressive symptoms. non-comprative

An open-source data storage and visualization back end for experimental non-vomparative. An opportunity to ensure high-quality melanoma care through the use of a preoperative treatment algorithm.

De la Brassinne, M. An operation for posterior route extraction of intraocular foreign bodies. An optimal algorithm for computing all subtree repeats in trees. An online learning approach to occlusion boundary detection. An ontology-based search engine for protein-protein interactions.

An online health community for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage patients: An online emergency physician survey llabel demography, education and experience of German emergency physicians. An open-label study of mirtazapine as treatment for combat-related PTSD. An opportunity to refine our understanding of “response shift” and to educate researchers on designing quality research studies: An open-labeled, randomized, multicenter phase IIa study of gambogic acid injection for advanced malignant tumors.

Biology, Geography & Health Research: Chapter

An open trial of gabapentin in acute alcohol withdrawal using an oral loading protocol. An ontology-based mediator of clinical information for decision support systems: An optical method to quantify the density of ligands for cell adhesion receptors in three-dimensional matrices. An online self-tunable method to denoise CGM sensor data.


An open naturalistic trial of fluoxetine in adolescents and young adults with treatment-resistant major depression. An open internal inguinal ring is not an inguinal hernia. An optimal degree of physical and chemical heterogeneity for the origin of life?

An online evidence-based decision support system for distinguishing benign from malignant vertebral compression fractures by magnetic resonance imaging feature analysis.

An online course fostering self-regulation of trainee teachers. An operative case of thymic cyst with thymoma;report of a case.

Aan open-label aalginogel study of first-line bevacizumab in combination with standard chemotherapy in Chinese patients with metastatic colorectal cancer treated in an expanded access program in Taiwan. An optical brain computer interface for environmental control. An optical encryption and authentication scheme using asymmetric keys. An operational analysis of a one-handed catching task using high speed photography. An optimal feedback control framework for grasping objects with position uncertainty.

An operative approach to the treatment of ann cutaneous nasal sarcoid: An ontology-based method for secondary use of electronic dental record data. An optical sensor for detecting the contact location eenzyme a gas-liquid interface on a body.

An open source lower limb model: An opportunity for engaging the public in global health. An open-label single-arm, phase II trial of zalutumumab, a human monoclonal anti-EGFR antibody, in patients with platinum-refractory squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. The Case of Syrian Refugees in Jordan. An open source toolkit for medical imaging de-identification. An open-label study adding creatine monohydrate to ongoing medical regimens in patients with the fibromyalgia syndrome.