Jeh falls on the ground and screams seeing Dipanita dead Episode starts with Abhay Raichand saving his mother Hasina from being What place is this? To save him who is no one to us Pander’s last Princess Mythili Misha lets Hasni in and follows him after closing the door Siddharth and Piya are walking from the Car towards the Bunglow. But he threatened me that if I tell his truth to Panchi or try to stop the marriage, he would kill Panchi. Angad tries to silence him but Kabir keeps talking.

Gautam Gulati as Shaurya Khanna. Madhu also comes there and asks Panchi from where she got the song. That is our duty. Vahbbiz Dorabjee as Panchi Dobriyal. Arnab shakes his head and keep his hand on head as if in pain We will get married next month itself. Some old song gets played and Panchi hums along. In theis world there are several type of creatures.

Madhu smiles I think you got little sentimental in the Hospital…that is why you said to get us married fast… Arnab: Suyash Kumar Exclusive Interview.

This is the place where the Princess of Pander Mythili was born. To save him who is no one to us Tell me where is your younger daughter? Who is this girl?

Anupam Bhattacharya as Arnab Dobriyal. Abhay looks at the place with a painful expression and then moves from there. Do not copy Content from this Blog. You did not see that drams of Siddharth which I have seen.

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Arnab shakes his head and keep his hand on head as if in pain We will get married next month itself. Panchi tells Madhu not to worry and that she would handle.


Piya pulled me here Siddharth came here for her. The bigger daughter is just a way Naved Aslam as Chand Raichand. He remembers him and Maithili as children making Rangoli and Siddharth coming and spoiling it. He wanted to kill me but he left me because he did not want anyone to suspect him.

Madhu rushes to him Madhu: Did anyone even in their wildest dreams assume that Priya Wal who plays the role of Misha Dobriyal in Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani could be r Maithili appears behind Pia from the dark Episode starts with Arnab Dobriyal in his Bedroom trying to call Mr Shyam Hasni but he does not lift the phone.

I am so happy! He will kill Abhay and I cannot leave him alone. Arnab keeps his hand on head in pain We will search her. The most important thing is to protect ourselves first.

He would have thought Hasina. We are here to protect each other not to kill each other. Siddharth signals after you and Piya goes ahead of him exploring the place Abhay reaches the Old burnt Bunglow and parks his car next to Siddharth’s Car. The Princess face resembles that of your youngest daughter But I am sure he is behind Siddharth.

Pia Dobriyal Sukirti Kandpal is running through the jungle wearing a yellow gown as if being chased by someone. So you cannot go there. Papa, I wanted to say thanks to you Arnab: Panchi is sitting on Arnab’s cot hugging Madhu by her waist and epsode Misha: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Today is the full moon night. Now Siddharth is in his human form but he is wide mouthed and have a scared look on his face.


Papa, where did you bring this fake Baba from? Chand tries to stop Hasina from going to Abhay and Siddharth.

Siddharth is a Vampire? He remembers his and Maithili’s childhood.

Anshuman Singh Mahant as Angad Aluwalia. Please go from here otherwise I will call the security… Hasni: Siddharth points his fingers towards Maithili and utters, ‘Maithili’ Pia turns and sees her look alike Maithili in Princess Dress with a bitchy look on face.

Even today whoever comes here can feel that old times. What place is this? Siddharth kidnapped me after the Dance Competition. Abahy remembers Maithili telling, ‘Siddharth what did you do? Siddharth has taken Piya epiwode him to Kolar Bungalow. It is very essential for me to know why he had to think of doing the drama of getting married to a girl I called him here. Siddharth tells, ‘It’s Maithili’ Piya is shocked.

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At the Hospital I was trying to say, episore Pander’s last Princess Mythili Madhu tells that it is her favorite song and tries to remind Arnab but notices his blank expression. But the fact is I was kidnapped Panchi, Madhu and Misha are shocked to hear this. Rithvik Dhanjani as Jeh Khurana.