Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Unfortunately for the baddies, LSR died and they couldn’t find her body. What happened to the arang that was left behind when eun oh sacrificed himself? I was half-asleep and I noticed it. The cloth with the symbol could only open the portal to non-existence? I love the plot, I really do, but I was promised romance!

This is not the time to faint! Baek Hyun Supporting Cast. I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through. We still don’t know much about him as a character, so I really hope we get to see more later on because I like that so far, he’s not the typical villain or the typical second lead. She remember that she threw herself infront of the knife, like 5 episodes ago. At the same time, I feel weary about not knowing where it’s going, simply because I fear getting invested too much, loving these characters too much, wanting them to have a happy ending. I want my Arang and Sato with all their memories of their previous life and love intact, please!

Part of it is also because I was sad that Arang has to wake up from death alone again. The Top 12 Sageuk K-Dramas. Hahahaha That’s what I was going to say! No need to fear reapers for now because she’s “alive”.

But then if you’re chopping goooddrama virgin brides to satisfy mom’s munchies maybe you wouldn’t look too closely?

Who are to come in next episode??? He pulls it off — and in her house, Mom senses the disturbance.

Arang and the Magistrate

Tied all the loose ends nicely together and made me smile. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Eun-oh frantically gets up and starts running to her… and then collapses.

A page wipes itself, then the answer appears. Btw, the Snoopy Dance wasn’t for Arang getting ripped off. It’s not a “tear my hair out waiting” cliff-hanger it leaves off on but arang usually leaves off in a good spot and leaves you wondering what the hell is going on.


Nobody complained very much about the fighting scenes which imo are sufficiently good given that this show isn’t even about action in the first place so why start on how Mu-Yeon was fought off? But Seo Rim probably managed to run away 3 years ago so that her soul was not sucked away, because how else can she exist as Arang the ghost? I also more recently stopped marathoning and got onto the “watch-as-they-come” train He spies the flash of black at the edge of the pit — the talismans posted at intervals, protecting it.

Because she feels inadequate about her powers, she constantly prays for a mountain god to visit her and bestow powers upon her but the only spirit that appears is Arang. But the cute kids. How is that for yerrgh? Thematically, Arang discovering the truth about her death is more like a reveal about LSR’s decisions than about who literally killed her. Did she stab herself or was she led into the woods? My guess is demon mom managed to escape from hell by blowing up said barrier.

Stranger still is the fact that her stab wound appears totally healed.

Truth be told, I think the Book of Life and Death was a deus ex machina. So with Eun-oh finding the mass grave, Scary Big Hair Drac Mom gets worried, so it appears Eun-oh is going to unleash the souls of the girls for the reaper to collect?

Was it a case of deus ex machina and all the rules got changed? Betty August 31, at 6: I think right now I’m more interested in EO’s possible family three than what the heck Arang became Oh, and LJK is fine!

Their agencies however, claim, “We have received the scripts but we are still in process of deciding”. Magisttrate feel sorry for Joo-wal too, and I love how we get to see his vulnerable side. Gah i wish i found this halfway in or something. I have mixed emotions about this episode since there are scenes which felt dragging while there are ones that could’ve been extended more and could’ve been wrapped up better.


Hence no one knows what happened to those missing I really love the thwarted expectations as well.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 20 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

We take a look at the three upcoming dramas. Eun Ho is the chief means the gods had devised to do so. They can’t capitalize on the romance in the trailers epidode even tease the hell out of us in ep with the romantic relationship and then have them move at a slower than snail’s pace.

My favorite part of the episode was definitely the demon in the cave scene and how the trapped souls become ghouls. Lol this is so inappropriate of me, but I totally swooned when Joo-wal swept Arang off her feet and carried her. Only complaint- I want more rom mgistrate my rom-com-mystery-saeguk.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 6 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Get the subs from Dark Smurfs. Also, does anyone else think the villain – Choi Joo Wal just looks constipated most of the time? My own suspicion is that a part of the audience dropped out when SMA’s character took on second fiddle from the middle portion of the drama where Arang seems to have lost her spark – what a magistrae since SMA had already established a rapport with the audience with Arang’s spunky persona.

She grabs a long stick and contemplates it. Hades reinforces goodrama stance, that they follow rules for a episod. I have a question though. Mar September 1, at 7: So far I get the sense that the writer has things planned out in advance, which I certainly hope is true because man, with that complex a mythology?