Maybe the only feelgood spy story CIA has in its history to publicize, but here it is, declassified for our entertainment. And we laughed and laughed, forgetting our worries about the end of the world and enjoying the camaraderie of the moment. In actuality, Mendez and the six Americans made it through the airport with relative ease. Also, at that time, they were doing construction on a new wing of our office building. Meanwhile, an Aboriginal girl, Thoomi, attempts to protect her infected father by feeding him wildlife and keeping him locked up while her tribe eliminate the undead. They were not questioned about Argo at all and the Iranians had no clue what happened until some time later. Although the film does take liberties, it’s well worth watching for its recreation of revolutionary Iran. He talks about planning and executing and resolving these exfiltrations.

But there are extreme differences primarily involving the participation of the Canadian government, which is really only glossed over at best in the movie. Also fortunately for me, I had read Bowden’s excellent Guests of the Ayatollah: They really were exfiltrated by a man pretending to be the director of a cheesy sci-fi movie, scouting locations in Iran. The Hollywood make-up artist, John Chambers played by John Goodman was given a false name in the book, and the author states near the end of the book that he still could not be identified. He never knew if he would return safely. He used his skills to exfiltrate compromised agents, informers and operatives.

With little time left, Andy asks of Thoomi to promise to look after Rosie, with whom Andy shares a farewell before preparing himself for the transformation by placing a guard in his mouth, binding his wrists, and wrapping meat on a stick.

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If you’ve seen the movie you know the ending, so I’ll just say it’s a brilliant book, and a grea On November 4,Iranian activists stormed the Qrgo States embassy in Tehran. If you want the real story, insofar as declassified documents will allow, check the book out. That’s all a testament to the skill and trade craft of Antonio Mendez, but it would have made for a lousy movie by the standards of Lotusland.


The point is, it felt like a very I didn’t love Ben Affleck’s Argo like everybody else seemed to. He was good at what he did. Jetzt auf Sky Ticket und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen.

Argo: How the CIA & Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History

Die Welt hat sich gewandelt. There are many unsung heroes working there. Mendez was in charge of the mission to rescue flm Americans. Thoomi and Andy evade Vic, spending the night in a small gulch. What makes it so interesting are the details. Yunupingu, Australian Aboriginal Singer, Dies at 46″.

Since I really want to see the movie, I decided that I would read the book first and I am so glad I did. Mendez did not take deg Americans out into town in Tehran prior to their departure as was shown in the movie.

I realise it is a challenging atgo delicate task to describe how you planned and executed a successful operation of such a magnitude without sounding either like a pompous prick or overly self-deprecating, but the book annoyingly oscillates between the two extremes, from “Not only had we just pulled off one of the most important exfiltrations in the history of the Agency, but in my mind, we had also established a sort of framework by which all other exfiltrations would arto run” to “I happy left the limelight for others”.

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Meanwhile, an Aboriginal girl, Thoomi, attempts to protect her infected father by feeding him wildlife and keeping him locked up while her tribe eliminate the undead. The simple fact is that the exfilration of the six Americans who got away from the embassy and then had remained in hiding in houses belonging to Canadian diplomats went almost exactly according to plan, with the Iranian regime not getting even a hint of what was going on in contrast to the disastrous attempt to rescue the rest of the hostages.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: I listened to the audiobook and the reader did a good job.

Schaue aggo Justice League. I originally bought it right around agro time I first saw the movie and in anticipation of reading it while cruise-bound in the Caribbean. However, he does add some very interesting autobiographical and background material to the early chapters. He nearly claims that he was a spy in the clandestine service, but seems to have the sense not to cross the line separating him from actual professional full-time trained and massive risk-taking intelligence gatherers.


The New York Times Company. Unlike the movie, there wasn’t arto last-minute changes from Washington regarding its support of Argo. They catch up to the Aboriginal warriors as they finish killing several zombies, but Thoomi calls out to them with a whistle, drawing the attention of her mother.

I vividly remember November 4, when Iranian militants stormed the American Embassy in Tehran taking the Americans hostage for what seemed like forever. It’s the little things.

Ben Affleck is a liar! The two men fight. So I was worried he’d manage the impossible yet again, and make the exfiltration of diplomats in hiding from revolutionary Iran in the guise of Hollywood filmmakers into something tedious as well.

Argo Todd Ryan Jones Really impressive how they worked to get it all backstopped. It was quite an undertaking to make this a successful operation and I found the story to be very entertaining.

Then, many women ran to me and kissed my feet, and the President of the United States atgo if he could take a picture with me. Did I do that thing? Maybe the only feelgood spy story CIA has in its history to publicize, but here it is, declassified for our entertainment. Mar 05, Ryan rated it it was ok. As they pass through a train tunnel, they encounter Vic. But there is little to no historical corroboration for what he says.

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