But with more money and power also comes drama. And no, the fact that it’s based on historical events – and therefore you can’t argue with history – is not an answer precisely because the script takes so many liberties with the events. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy the excuses. This really was not true. They first hid in the British consulate, but were moved to Canada House on British advice as best as I can glean from various Internet sources , and the whole operation was a joint venture between at least three countries. Teenage Great upload, wish there were subtitles though. The historical inaccuracy has been pointed out by several other reviews:

Home Drama Argo Subtitles for Argo. Subtitles and Film Download. As a matter of fact, don’t miss it. I can understand the need to spice up events to make them as exciting and entertaining as possible, don’t get me wrong. Thanks to aHuraia for his great effort fixing many OCR errors found in all subtitles I’ve seen so far. This is taken from subtox and splitted into Historical pictures of flag burners, rioters, gate climbers, etc..

Large database of subtitles for movies, TV series and anime. A sarcastic kicker noted that Taylor received citations.

Affleck’s directing was solid, and the suspense will keep you entertained right through to yfy last seconds.

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Acting under the cover of a Hollywood producer scouting a location for a science fiction film, a CIA agent launches a dangerous operation to rescue six Americans in Tehran during the U. Argo BluRay Bdrip Brrip x p p p.

Since the movie premiered, Ben Affleck has added emphasis on the movie postscripts since then that gives kudos to the Canadians’ hify. I’m not being an apologist for a state with poor human rights and a dictatorial government – but it is not what is portrayed in this movie.


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It did have one irritating thing, though, kind of a big one. Foreign to English parts only corrected. Argo Extended [p] x – Jalucian. The playtime should be 2: I understand it may flatter US patriotism, or recall memories to those who remember the events and I don’t even dispute Affleck’s directorial and acting skills. Notwithstanding the role of the US in sustaining a puppet dictatorship during the Shah and actively interfering in a sovereign country’s domestic politics for decades prior to the events.

This is a Disney version of human psyche, a dishonest and partial historical account and a debauchery of time, energy and money ill spent.

So what, they spent the whole movie training, all of it to get through a 5 minute scene at the customs where nothing really happens subtitels another climatic 5 minute chase on the runway where clearly the car has no chance of stopping the plane, and in fact it doesn’t, so there, the end?

Fixed eng sub for Argo. The clear implication was that he did not deserve them.

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What we get is a ‘Yankwash. Just removed a little hearing impaired parts from aHruaia’s great subtitle. This is a great movie. So the USA does another revision on history here. Ten easy steps show you how to make money from drugs.

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Fix OCR, italics, overlapping, etc How to Make Money Selling Drugs movie subtitles. The EDAW movie release has a corrupted file index.

DramaThrillerHistory. But from the moment the movie began up until the end, I was gripping for the characters the whole way, the way movies should be. Englisn Featurette, interviews with the Director, cast, I never saw how this ‘acting’ contributed to the ‘character’ in any way.

There were errors prior to fixing.

This is taken from subtox and splitted into Still, a really entertaining and riveting film, very well done, and easily worth seeing. Hanya resync dan tambah sedikit baris untuk bluray extended. We, the uploaders; do we get anything except your appreciation? I can understand the need to spice up events to make them as exciting and entertaining as possible, don’t get me wrong. Affleck is an able actor and I hope will prove suntitles convincing in his future efforts as a director, but what really baffles me is not the mediocrity of this enhlish, it’s the uncritical enthusiasm of so many for it.