There are currently 8 OVAs for the series. I wonder if Tatum would be up for an AMA. This site replaces the episodes with a “This is why you are a massive dickhead if you use Ad-block” type video. I think they sound fantastic. The manga volumes usually can be officially found in bookstores and online stores such as Amazon or digital on comiXology for Kindle. Anyone else get turned on when eren mounted the female titan? Want to add to the discussion? My reaction to this episode Seriously though Eren was like the hulk.

He sounds like some kind of weird-ass bird creature? His lust to kill titans will make him the most dangerous titan. Pretty much all of Armin’s lines are great. When are new manga chapters released? The January issue comes out in December, February in January, and so on. Anime Spoilers Summary of the anime up to the end of Season 2. I dont like his speaking lines at all. Just choosing a flair is not enough.

Yea, it seems like the dub is trying to make it seem like Mikasa has “romantic” feelings for Eren, which I know a lot of SnK fans are torn on. They’ve done him justice. Originally Posted by 1thousand. I get the alterations to make it attxck monster like but it’s too “soft” there’s a huge focus on low notes and it feels like it isn’t primal and sharp enough. What is this music from a certain episode of Season 1 or 2? Like my friend said, this line “that scowl will crush your fans!

Dude my gf has persuaded me to watch this as she is mega into anime. I Adlai suspect he is the only one that can turn Animswaffles different types of titans. Bump to spread the word. Their writers need to be replaced by people who own dictionaries. This site replaces the episodes with a “This is why you are a massive dickhead if epispde use Ad-block” type video.


It’s just a different direction. Season 2 ended on Chapter 51 start of Volume It is also recommended to read from Chapter 51 to see some details and character development cut from the anime. SUB version ian “Defend your boyfriend” mikasa’he’s my family”.

I can’t stop hearing Armin as Lemongrab whenever he’s screaming and it’s really bothering me. It’s a little small.

Best Attack on Titan images | Annie leonhart, Female titan, Shingeki no kyojin

Like the opening narration refers to the colossal and armored titans as new “breeds. I’m not a “breed” of person, I’m an individual. When did Erwin get so grumpy? DUB version ian”protect the man you love” mikasa”its not like that”. Note that you read mangas from right to left.


I fookin lol’d at Eren being a beta and trusting his allies ability when he seen them massacred before him prior to If it wasn’t for the fact that they refer to the armoured and colossal titan as individuals repeatedly, I would be okay with ‘breeds’ and could pretend the people within the walls believed there to be more titans like AT and CT.

One of them, Ilse’s Notebook, is a chapter of Isayama’s manga and we recommend that you watch it, preferably before Season 2. I’m watching the episode 8 dub, and the script makes total mincemeat out of a very significant question asked by Reiner. I really like Armin’s voice. The rest are not important, but can be enjoyed regardless without risk of spoilers if you are caught up to the latest episode of the anime.

Michael Tatum is a voice actor first. His Titanifed-monologue sounds great too, there’s a metally-background to it. Eren’s voice is still Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Originally Posted by midcoastking I wont be able to see it until Monday or Tuesday night. I dont like his speaking lines at all. A lot of the titan roars sound pretty good with the right amount of pn and inhumanity to make them sound like the creepy almost eldrich beasts they are.


Eren said “I will focus on becoming the 15 meter Titan” too be the boulder He became an arm to pick up the spoon lol and to block the cannon Looks like eren can adapt his Titan to meet his exact goal. Originally Posted by Ludacrits. In the August issue of Gong Kakutogi Magazinehe said that he doesn’t want to expand the story any further than his current plan.

Shingeki no kyojin

When are new manga chapters released? However, this estimate is now outdated. The January issue comes out in December, February in January, and so on. His lust to kill titans will make him the most dangerous titan. It’s not dull enough haha.

Manga Spoilers Isayama posted a correction regarding chapter 89 on his blog Why are all the soundtrack titles gibberish? I hated Josh Grelle as Armin at first. Any pirated anime animewacfles site that requires you to turn off adblock needs to go burn in hell.

The flat, disciplined and militaristic qualities have been toned down. Just watched episode 7. But the writer J. I’m at episode 8. Where can I read the manga? Trust me it gets better! I feel this episode was showcasing how “crazy” eren is in a sense.