To experience something firsthand that has largely been denied women. For the first half of the novel, at the end of which she reaches her much sought-after destination, she ruminates on how travelling and exploration has been and still is almost exclusively a male activity. With love, grass harp Lists with This Book. I liked the insanity of the whole journey – and, of course, any physical journey is also an internal journey, and it was interesting to see how her thinking developed, and her understanding of herself. Looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.

So in this way, finishing the novel feels like putting the lid on my own time capsule – at least one that captures some small fragment of this moment in time for me, if not the whole picture – which is the most any time capsule can do. I thought it was going to be like Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it really wasn’t which I loved too by the way. You are sixteen years old and you are confused and lost and numb. The plot in short: Certainly the experience and perspective of a woman who sets out on such a journey would be very different. It blew me away. The inward journey is one largely of introspection, which could be incredibly boring, but Erin and Andrews has something to say.

I particularly appreciated this comment on free market economics: I found myself, for example, entrapped in a rather fascinating Wikipedia wormhole about Greenlandic Innuit culture. This revival was videotaped and released on DVD.

Erin’s mum wanting her to get a local job and have kids, for example, seemed really odd to me – why would she not be rilm her very bright daughter to go to uni? And the same goes for explorers. Sometimes it can be so difficult to separate my emotional response to a book compared to my critical response.

Books by Abi Andrews. What this means is that you will receive a DVD-R of the film that has been burned just for.

The Word for Woman is Wilderness

I appreciated being taken along your inter Dear Erin, I spent so much time with you over the past week, either reading your fictional words or thinking ayssteiger them throughout the day, criticising some of your standpoints and being fully convinced by others. It’s certainly a thought-provoking read, especially if you’re interested in gender roles and equality. Sean Penn, Executive Producer: Protagonist, and narrator Erin is a tour de force of feminist, ecological, and philosophical thought, which effortlessly pours out of her during every step auszteiger her solitary wilderness adventure.


It doesn’t come out until March in the states but has been out in the UK in Filled rilm a sense of wonder for the natural world and a fierce love for preserving it, The Word for Woman is Wilderness is a funny, frank and tender account of a young woman auussteiger uncharted territory. A bit too intense, a few too many tangents and rants and repetition of thoughts, which made me want to keep putting it down.

Her purpose is to document this journey and hence the book includes descriptions of the landscape and it’s people, conversational dialogue style writing, interviews, video transcripts, photographs, diagrams, and philosophical musings aplenty.

Jan 20, Abi rated it really liked it. Aug 05, Sarah Connor rated it really liked it. Vom Winde verweht You do not know your body or yourself and you mediate them through a little alawka that you think is doing your good, reshaping you to fit in a world that will not otherwise accommodate you.

Ah, I really expected to love alazka. What about Margaret Murie, the fearless mother of the Alaskan frontier? I love how she moulds her identity, shedding and then redressing her twinned roles such as daughter.

Eine bunte Mischung, von der ich mir viel versprach. I loved the way you set out on your great journey, somewhat independent and prepared, somewhat open to whatever comes your way.

Healy (Alaska)

I am very much an armchair traveller, so love it when fiction takes me somewhere beautiful and wild with such a thoughtful perspective. These musings also really get in the way of us learning about who Erin actually is, not just what she is interested in. In order to do away with the anxiety that is shaping you from outside, like the deer in the glade that twitches its ears as it grazes, looking up and behind itself always in anticipation of predatory eyes. It’s a long time since I was that young woman out on my own, but I recognised those misunderstandings with men, those dodgy situations.


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A wonderfully brilliant and intelligent read that makes a change from my usual reading fare. Introspectives tend to be keyed in to a spectrum of feeling, observation, and analysis others tend to miss altogether or undervalue and pass over at a glance.

Sieben Posted by johan sutanto Posted on Sie will nicht an Heim und Herd gebunden sein, sie will ihren Horizont erweitern und sich selbst an ihre Grenzen bringen.

Tim Blake, Art Direction: Along the way she contemplates subjects as different as physics and mutually assured destruction as well as meeting some wonderful and the occasional slightly creepy person. But the second half felt really baggy and was definitely in need of a good edit. Part feminist adventure novel, part “non-fiction time capsule of all the important and scary things man has accomplished”, The Word for Woman is Wilderness follows 19 year old Erin on her journey from England to Alaska when she decides, after watching a documentary on McCandless, to create a documentary of her own that can rival those previously told from the male perspective.

So, we get a travel documentary filled with feminism, biography and then also thoughts about things such as the Voyager space missions, the lunar landings, time capsules, the Golden Records, Rachel Carson, the Unabomber, Jack Kerouac and many others.

Do men naturally have an urge to alaksa women, which in turn often seems to undermine them?