There was no depth to him. It makes sense, since he was there when Mako showed the detonator to Bei Fong and popped up at the last second asking to be involved in the plan to capture the real criminals. What was Zuko thinking, bringing tea when Azula was in a straitjacket? Hikaru would run out in his space helment and point his sonic screwdriver to the sky and say something and Asami, who saved your company? With the Lion Turtles now extinct, it should be impossible for anyone else to master all four elements. On Nick i cant find all the episodes, just the last 6.

But this just makes Amon that much more impressive, since he walked through it easily. While it’s likely Unalaq would have just killed Jinora and likely done the the exact same thing to Korra, the point still stands She’s the Avatar, she needs to maintain the balance of both worlds, not choose one of her friends and risk compete destruction of everything. I do like Tenzin’s family, they were the highlight of the episode. Is Zuko even alive? Apparently the art style changes when we go back in time. And we won’t get a new avatar unless Kora dies I just watched the entire season in one day, very cool. People developing an art and philosophy by studying and applying what they observe in nature is better than a turtle god genie-ing them magic powers.

I actually prefer this studio than the other one. It is nice to see the good stuff that is coming out of japan! I don’t like Korra’s behavior towards her father either, he’s done nothing wrong the entire season. Why do they need the Republic City presidents apprval for the United Forces, why not just ask Iroh II, he will help, at the very least he could get his mother to pull some strings.


Rep a Nigga http: Not sure how they’ll manage to stretch this series out if that’s true. She turns her back way too easily on people that care for her.

Where to watch all the Avatar: The Legend of Korra episodes?

I don’t blame her at all for letting some of her old feelings for Mako pop up now that he broke up with Korra. I do think she has right to be angry about them not training her the way Aang wanted, but there’s probably a good reason for that.

Also Mako and Asami make a way better couple than Mako avafar Korra. Love all these interactions of the old generation. I have not been liking anything about her character this season But I enjoyed these episodes more than the entire season, and last season of LoK. I honestly thought his character was there for the sole purpose of comic releif but its pretty cool he has his own agenda.

It’s about goddamn time. I don’t really like the setup of two waterbending brothers again and whatever is up with those two.


Even though it hurt the people close to him he notified the president about that seaosn plan. I’m liking the music so far, especially the upbeat tracks. Where to watch all the Avatar: Asami, who saved your company? I wonder if anything interesting is going to come from their subplot with Bolin, or if it will just be entirely comic relief, because it seems their father is shaping up to be an antagonist. I don’t think Aang was a bad father as much as just being overwhelmed with the stuff he had to do.


I’m hopeful that it will be a turning point for her development in that she’ll stop being so bratty now that she realizes the true weight of her responsibilities.

Oct 31, London. Oct 25, After Earth. This couldn’t have gone any better.

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The dude should be real old right now He’s alive and travelling around the world doing good I believe. She’s selfish and immature. Major Contents AIR http: It could mean that like they say with seson harmonic convergence thingy, that the power is latched to either your soul or to your genetics. The best intention in the world don’t rectify this behavior. She did what she felt was right, regardless of whether or not it was the right thing.

Well, it wouldn’t have made sense if that happened. Not as good as Season 1, but still worth watching.

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I find it revealing, the best episodes of Book 2 so far, are this and “Beginnings”, all of which have none of the Ssason City characters. It would be awesome if she’s still rotting in her cell Joker style and breaks out.

Rydian Nov 5, Lion Turtles have the ability to give bending, and instilled the ability to learn into the various nations as well as the bending animals.