Ashok says this story ended, she is dead, no one can be saved from jumping off this height. By words he said today…… I am damn sure he never loved Ishu…….. What a ttragedy God what a tragedy? U r wasting ur time being a failure acp their u should have join some good show.. Ruhi acted so well … very good acting … super and her feelings quite true … so too Ishithas feelings … cant blame Ishitha for the situation. Niddhi drives in high speed.

As performances go, I have a sincere advice for Mr. The beginning episodes of Ashk were actually quite reasonable and beautifully shot compared to this. I agree with u diya…post leap may be interesting…I know raman behaved very badly with ishu…but the fact is he loves her a lot…ishu also loves Raman… Now m waiting for their reunion…i want to see their expression when they meet each other…and i m sure it must be heart touching. I say to her credit because the promos keep showing her in classic doormat formation being ill-treated by his silly younger wife and making simply sickening glances of entreaty at Wali, instead of smacking said younger wife around the head and walking off. Numm , Numm Episode 1 review. At first , He used to hate Ruhi……. Ishita waits for Abhishek.

Raman runs to reach them. I say to her credit because the promos keep showing her in classic doormat formation being ill-treated by his silly younger wife and making simply sickening glances of entreaty at Wali, instead of smacking said younger wife around the head and walking off.

She says I will see how Ishita saves her children.

Happy 1st Apr – O sorry it was my comment but by mistake I post it as comment. Siddhi 2nd Apr – Last updated Apr 1, She says Ruhi died because of me, I m sorry Ruhi, I have no right to live.

Ishita goes near the cliff end and cries. Ishita says Abhishek was just helping.

The Episode starts with Niddhi coming there. About 84 Results in All Videos channels. After baankh it has some great actors in it and as a first episode it was engaging.


Raman scolds him and Ishita. At firstHe used to hate Ruhi……. Things just got crazy in Ashk when the story moved to Turkey. The lady compliments Aaliya on her mother. It must be hard for any newcomer with proven actors like Sanya Saeed, Fawad Khan etc. Ruhis love was so true for her ishimaa ruhi never she never allow shagun or anyone to take ishus place even when shagun turns positive when ishu ka fake death drama howa shagun was positive at that time but she never foget her ishima but ishu writers should she the previous episode when 3 got the baby she first kissed her n then she saw niddhi taking ruhi she run towards her but niddhi pushes her she fell down n again she sees her baby n kisses her what was that yrrr definately she could save ruhi she wadted time in seeing her baby porri life pari thi baby ko deknii ki liye.

Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa. Akbar gets implicated with illegal drugs after he gets drunk by an orange juice drink and a quite revealing dance item by Mathira the song is Masti Main Doobi by Neeti Wagh and Shani.

Niddhi drives in high speed. After 7 years, Delhi is shown. All characters are bound by laws and morals, they never choose or can control. Report Category Video contains prohibited content.

Pakistantvronak: Ishq E Memnu Episode 35 – 11 August

Show All Video results. So Its was the last episode of DT and Ruhanika as ruhi — ishima…. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Looking episore from the team and more.

JJ 2nd Apr – 5: Hai rithu,siddhi,vp,diya,ude and all yhm friends…I am too disappointed.

As usual he is the best thing about the serial From the moment we see him he owns the character of Wali Bakht. Upload Date Last Hour. Santosh 1st Apr – Fulo says Ishita was dead, how did she come. Don’t show me this message for some while. Her move to demand speaking to Wali without seeing episoe repercussions of her act and trying to control a little bit of situation shows that she is trying to make sense of it all.


Baanjh-Episode 34

Saeed becomes a central point of weight for MSHA. Anakha 1st Apr – I wonder why NO one ever thought of that before. Sometimes — for example, the climax and the cricket matches epieode the hastiness works against the anticipation. Welcome, Login to your account. You Can See links of Youtube and Dailymotion bellow. Numm might seem a story of extremity but I see it more as a metaphor for smaller things in society. Next Post meaning of love swaragini episode Abhishek and Ishita get shocked seeing the car burning.

There is definitely more to their relationship then the two minutes we have seen together. In the beginning she is shown begging her husband played I think by Baanh Talish?

Raman says Niddhi will be with Ishita, if I go there by hill route, I will reach there soon. Exactly asa lag raha tha WO ruhi ki ishimaa ni us bachi ki maa WO to thek se roi Bhi nii aur bad epislde normally wapis a gi n baki logon nay Bhi utna reaction show nii kiya jitna karna cahiye gull.

Video sheen dass yeh hai aashiqui

She thinks she recalls Ruhi seeing her always. Suraj says she did suicide.

Niddhi gets angry and drives ahead. Saeed in some scenes. I can only suppose the insular, claustrophobic feeling I am getting from the lighting and the camera angles is deliberate but there must be better ways of doing it. Amma asks Ishita what happened.