Besides that it offered special shows only open to women making outdoor entertainment for muslim ladies no longer a privilege. It appeared in Al Ahram on June 16, , on page 6. Moulid Moods and Moves. The dance trainer and choreographer who worked with Badia Masabni and her dancers. It is reported that while Badia’s club attracted a high-class clientele which included military officers and their famlies as well as high profile personalities, Beba Ezz El Din’s club next door attracted a lower class of clientele, unruly soldiers and drunken patrons, especially after the war began and the streets overflowed with soldiers. To my knowledge, we were the first in the U. Related Articles About the Author. The cinema showed the latest films of the time, and the complex also boasted a theater called Theater Badia where new plays, monologues and dances were regularly presented.

Opening night at the club was a great success. Nightclubs are called casinos and salas. The cinema showed the latest films of the time, and the complex also boasted a theater called Theater Badia where new plays, monologues and dances were regularly presented. Badia Masabni was born in Damascus, Syria in Badia came out of retirement after less than one year and she returned to producing theater plays and returned to her nightclubs. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

By this time she had forgiven her nephew Antoine for his episode with Beba and had made him the manager of the Casino Opera.

From the Sala to the Stage to the Silver Screen. This was the time of the changeover from King Farouk who promoted the love of belly dancing to the regime of Gamal Abel Nasser who frowned on it. But because she wanted to reach out to both the Europeans and the upper class Egyptians, she wanted to headline and feature dancing that was not just from the countryside. The nightclub offered a variety of entertainment like singing, dancing and occasionally comic acts and magic.


Badia met with her lawyer and told him that she wanted 30 thousand pounds for the Casino Opera.

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This advertisement appeared in Al Ahram on June 1, on page 6. Contact Shira Links Search this Site. The ad appeared in Maszbni Ahram on May 7, Badia continued to manage her new Emad el Din Street sala in the winter and her Giza City club in the summer. Many are under the impression that it was her only casino, or that it was the first such club in Cairo. A veil scored more effect upon a distance audience.

Badia on her farm in Lebanon after retiring from club ownership in Cairo. A translation is available. This advertisement promoted the grand re-opening of Badia Masabni’s third nightclub, which was located in Giza City, following its renovation.

This photo provides a closer look at the building that now occupies the place of the original Cairo Opera House. Badia finally arrives in Egypt to pursue her dream of badiq an actress.

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She owns a collection of more than one hundred classic black and white Egyptian films masabhi is continually expanding. In the entertainment world all of this was later to be known as The Golden Age of Egypt.

Vilm Badia was doing was artistically correct for the time because the dance veil in her choreographies was used due to nasabni fact that her club was so large that she wanted the people in the back of the room to see something…even if it was only a colorful piece of fabric. She presented her own entertainers and her own troupe called Troupe Beba, cashing in on Badia’s famous name and on her reputation.


Priscilla currently resides in Central America where she is a dance instructor. Opening night at the club was a great success.

Badia was stopped at the door of her own club and not permitted to enter. Now the dancers were required to use the entire stage which was bigger than that what they were used to.

In the yearwith a loan from Bank Misr, she bought a large locale across from the Cairo Opera house in what was known as Ibrahim Pasha Square.

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They were in charge of training the dancers in various different genres of dance. Both of these photos show the Lido Theater.

Full Cast and Crew. Things went well, and being the astute businesswoman that she was, Badia promptly began to recover from her losses.

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In this context, it meant the gossip Badia named her cabaret the “Opera Casino” that was the official name but it was also known as “Badia’s Casino” or “Madame Badia’s Cabaret”. Sala Badia in Alexandria remained open for the rest of the summer season, presenting its last show on September 8, Badia hastily collected all her jewelry and her money and took off for the airport to take masabn flight back to Lebanon, but at the airport she filk detained and arrested.

Sometimes the terms were used interchangeably.

Badia Masabni’s Dancers in Badia had invested twenty thousand Egyptian pounds of her own money in the film. In fact, there weren’t any dancers at all until the following year.