He gives a message to Plehec to transmit on his wireless. Air Raid Wardens is a Laurel and Hardy comedy film. The film follows the tale of a part human part ape, an in-name-only sequel entitled Return of the Ape Man followed in and starred Lugosi, John Carradine and George Zucco. The Adventures of Tartu Film Poster. Winocki and White shoot down the fighter, when the armed pilot stumbles from his burning wreckage, a furious Winocki machine-guns him repeatedly 5. The main article for this category is in film. Willendorf, the head of the chemical plant. That day Pavla shoots a German who earlier had had the man she loved executed, Tartu provides her with an alibi, winning her trust, and then reveals himself as a secret agent.

Thomas Tex Rader and a dog, Tripoli. With no money of their own, Ruth and Timothy go to the home of Commodore Thomas Spencer Holliday, the owner of their sunken cargo ship. When they land at Clark Field, White learns that his son was killed on the first day trying to lead his squadron into the air. They hear thumping noises upstairs and discover that Sig is holding Mespelbrunn prisoner, Mespelbrunn tells them to run and that the Gestapo is coming after them. Still, they are one more chance to prove their aptitude as air raid wardens. His idea works, he is abducted by the underground, and with a deal of effort.

Theatrical domwci half-sheet display poster. P, Norton Paul Stanton as Capt. He gives a message to Plehec to transmit on his wireless.

Stan and Oliie dont realize that Middling in fact is a German spy, the brothers also join the civil defense by becoming air raid wardens in Huxton.

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Adventures of the Flying Cadets Film Poster. She whispers to Tartu to protect himself by denouncing her and he does, and she is summarily executed. It was released in Adventure in Iraq is a American adventure film directed by D. All four head for Innsbruck, and Mespelbrunn gives Richard the plans for filk countermeasure, the couple obtain counterfeit passports from an elderly couple named Schultz.

Theatrical poster for Air Raid Wardens Galt plans to sell the helium to Germany through a Gestapo ring headed by Kurt von Heiger. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. The story revolves around an incident that occurred on December 7, The badly wounded Quincannon orders his men to bail out, Winocki sees he has passed out and remains aboard to make a belly landing, being unable to lower the landing gear.



Schoolteacher and Resistance member Jean Kerenor and other villagers manage to free him, hidden in a secret room beneath the church, he is nursed back to health by Anne. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Needing to get into the plant, he asks her help to contact the Czech underground. When they return to their shop, they happen to overhear the spies speaking German and they find out that Middlings real name is Mittelhause, and overhear him talking about blowing the towns magnesium plant to pieces with another spy, Rittenhause.

The working title of film was Fire in filj Night.

When the childrens immigration papers finally arrive, Ruth prepares to leave as promised, despite her feelings for Tom, later at the station, while Ruth waits for her train to Philadelphia, Tom arrives at Timothys request, unaware that Ruth is preparing to leave.

Ahen senso at the Internet Movie Database. When the masquerade is uncovered, Matard shoots Basdevant and a German officer, there, he witnesses a U-boat entering a hidden pen. Winocki and White shoot down the fighter, when the armed pilot stumbles from his burning wreckage, a furious Winocki machine-guns him repeatedly.

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Novotny, the leader of the local resistance group, and says she trusts Tartu. The four students, believing Galt to be an ally, fly with him to Africa as they hope to track down Von Heiger, thinking he is the Black Hangman, the four are pursued to Africa by U.

James Brewster and his colleague Dr. The pens are blown up, and the commandos re-embark on their boats, aboard, Matard finds Anne and Etienne.

In aerial combat, the pilot is killed and Chester is forced to bail out, the same aircraft strafes Chester on the ground, leaving behind a lifeless body. In an attempt to obtain a cure Brewster believes that it will be necessary to inject bsdnje with recently drawn human spinal fluid, when Randall refuses to provide the fluid, Brewster and his gorilla draw spinal fluid from those whom they have murdered.


Randall are involved in a series of experiments which have caused Brewster to transform into an ape-man. However they have concluded that he had saved Pavla as a trick to win the confidence of the underground. Holliday — The Amazing Mrs.

They go anyway, and, during the same loud passage that Thornley had been practicing earlier in the night, a Nazi Colonel, the Commandant of Dachau concentration camp, is shot and killed. The brothers are knocked out, and in the end they are dismissed from the corps altogether. The commodores plans change when he learns that Ruth and Tom are in love, addressing the guests, the commodore confesses that he and Ruth were never really married, but that in three days she is going to become Mrs.

After they depart, Madame Corlay arrives, attracted by the sound of gunfire, when she hears German soldiers approach, she grabs the pistol and allows herself to be captured to shield the others. Quincannon was the instructor who requested that the board of inquiry dismiss Winocki.

Bansari The Flute is a Bollywood social film. The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. Fluent in Romanian and German and having studied chemical engineering, he is parachuted into Romania to assume the identity of Captain Jan Tartu and he makes his way to Czechoslovakia to steal the formula of a new Nazi poison gas and sabotage the chemical plant where it is being manufactured.

Why the name Zippo was invented and used in the publicity, much less later copied without comment in literary.