By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The relation between Spock and Kirk; despite of its premise, is the most human thing in this majestic tale where the adventures are endless. Watch Now With Prime Video. They also find that Balok’s ship has not been damaged, but that the alien was merely testing the U. The Man Trap Instead, a small tug ship detaches from the Fesarius and tows the Enterprise deep into First Federation space where Balok states he will intern the crew and destroy the Enterprise.

Enterprise comes upon an alien space buoy which is cube-shaped and spins, warning ships away and blocking the starship’s path. Sets were transferred from Desilu ‘s Culver City location, where later in the series a new engine room set would be constructed for a following episode “The Enemy Within” production First Officer Spock orders Helmsman Sulu to sound an alert. Solow and Robert H. They destroy the marker and move on but soon find themselves in conflict with an unknown alien who accuses them of trespassing and tells them they have only 10 minutes to live. This page was last edited on 30 January , at

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The Original Series episodes. The storyline describes how the USS Enterprise encounters a massive and powerful alien starship and its unusual pilot.

He tells Kirk that the U. Bailey advocates attacking it with phasers. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Original Series episode. Bailey volunteer to remain on Balok’s ship as an emissary of the Federation. Solow and Robert H. The Corbomite Maneuver 10 Nov 8. Seasons 1 2 3 ” The Cage “. The episode was held back until November due to the amount of special effects scenes that were not completed, becoming the 10th episode to be broadcast.

Balok ignores Kirk’s greetings eepisode announces that he will destroy the Enterprise for trespassing into First Balik territory and destroying the marker buoy. Kirk orders the Enterprise to gradually resist the tug ship’s tractor beam.

Clint Howard: Balok

Dave Bailey Anthony Call spots a large spinning multi-colored cube floating in space. Just as its engines are about to explode from overload, the Enterprise breaks free. Commander Balok identifies his ship as the Fesariusthe flagship of the “First Federation”, explaining that the destroyed cube was a border marker. Leslie Bill Blackburn — Lt. Views Read Edit Episoed history. Retrieved October 30, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Club gave the episode an ‘A’ rating, describing it as ” TOS [The Original Series] at its best—gripping, well-paced, and thematically coherent,” and noted the ending’s note of optimism. Full Cast and Crew. InZack Handlen of The A. A gigantic glowing sphere quickly approaches the Enterprisefilling the bridge viewscreen even at low magnification.

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“Star Trek” The Corbomite Maneuver (TV Episode ) – Clint Howard as Balok – IMDb

The New York Times. As Kirk and company begin to relax, Balok expresses a desire to learn more about humans and their culture, and Kirk suggests Lt. The relation between Spock and Kirk; despite of its premise, episodee the most human thing in this episide tale where the adventures are endless. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

Watch Now With Prime Video. Employing a trick from the Earth game of poker, Kirk tries a desperate bluff by convincing Balok that if the Enterprise is fired upon, the corbomite in the starship’s hull will self-destruct and destroy both ships.

It was shot at a different stage, in Hollywood. After the Enterprise is forced to destroy a dangerous marker buoy, a gigantic alien ship arrives to tre and condemn the crew as trespassers. This probably staf the first one where ship to ship dilemma is projected and even though it had a wafer thin script with witty writing and stxr close encounters they keep the audience on the edge of the seat. This was the first regular episode produced after the two pilots and the first episode filmed in which DeForest Kelley played Dr.

Asked for his opinion, Spock compares the situation to a game of chess: They soon discover that the “Balok” on their monitor was a dummy. The cube comes even closer, emitting harmful radiation, and Kirk reluctantly destroys it.


A ghostly, almost skeletal face appears on the viewscreen, identifying itself as Balok. Dave Bailey as Anthony Call. In some manner, he was reminiscent of my father.

Add the stsr question. The Man Trap Rather than flee, Kirk, McCoy, and Bailey form a boarding party to render assistance. At this point, something out of the box was essential and they delivered it just in time and now it feels completely like Star Trek. Balok explains that he was merely testing the Enterprise and its crew to discover their true intentions. Enterprise has trespassed and committed hostile actions, and therefore, must be destroyed. Shooting started on May 24, This apparently disables the alien vessel, which is unable to episoode for help from its mother ship.

Bailey happily accepts, and Balok gives them a tour of his ship. Yeoman Rand George Takei Goofs When Spock puts the image of Balock on the main viewscreen, McCoy’s shirt changes balik a standard long-sleeved duty tunic to a short sleeve medical smock, then changes back again. Star Trek The Corbomite Maneuver A cultural hub and by far one of the most loved and respected tale, Star Trek is episodee by Gene Roddenberry who wrote this brilliant concept, ahead of its time and is probably why it still doesn’t fail to entertain us after these many years.

Edit Storyline In a section of unexplored space, the Enterprise comes across a marker of sorts that will not let it pass. Instead, a small tug ship detaches from the Fesarius and tows the Enterprise deep into First Federation trfk where Balok states he will intern the crew and destroy the Enterprise.