It has been studied that living organisms like plants, seashells and so on have geometry embedded in their design, further implying of advanced ancient knowledge. It is a symbol of governance, service, and leadership. Another of the many Adinkra wisdom symbols. I take responsibility – Col Michael Poku. Affection between friends is acceptable and it is not uncommon to see two heterosexual men walking hand in hand down the street. Concerts – Alliance Francais hosts numerous concerts and events throughout the year, showcasing Ghanaian culture, artists, poets etc. Merx Jugador, the kid to take the dancehall fraternity in Ghana to the next level is out with another ground breaking hit “Dem Pre”.

It is a more lengthy process than is typical for Canadians. GTTA to hold justify your inclusion ahead of World championships 3 days ago. I arrived as a single mother in my late twenties as a CUSO volunteer, living with my young son in a traditional Ghanaian compound with over 55 locals. He arrived in Canada in early s. Motivation also comes from the character of their immediate supervisors especially when they are appreciated. Make a point in learning the meaning of all of them.

Amen 2 – Part 2 Views. Medo Wiase Views. Services commonly last many hours. Bone Nsuma Views.

List of Adinkra symbols and their meaning in Ghana

Religion is not considered something to be kept separate from the office environment and foreigners must take this into account when working in Ghana. These formalities are more important than achieving the aims of the business at hand.

The Adinkra also portray important events, the behavior of flora and fauna plus the human’s behavior. Public display affection is less acceptable while display of emotion is very common, particularly, in the case of death in the family or someone well known to the individual.


Like the name suggests; awarr hen tramps on its chick, but will moviee kill them. Fresh rules for oil and gas insurance news 11 hours ago. Both hands placed on the head are a sign of grief, sorrow and mourning.

The image is based on two fish biting each other tails. Medo Wiase – Part 2 Views. This may take a second or two. People frequently snack on goods offered for sale by street hawkers.

Ma Wani Nnaho 2 – Part 2 Views. An African City — takes place in modern Accra about the lives of professional women. Many Ghanaian women have excelled in higher education and retain many positions of power both politically and in business. The younger affluent generation are changing the culture, so one may observe this in public. Court rejects tendering of document by defence.

Me Nware Biom Part 2 Views. Ghanaians rely deeply on personal relationship and friendship in getting goods and services, even in the workplace. I am a Canadian with wanderlust who spent a total of 17 consecutive years living, working and enjoying Ghana.

List of Adinkra symbols and their meaning in Ghana ▷

Therefore, it is easier to discussing such matters with people one is comfortable with. The hierarchical administrative structure of the office environment is respected. Experience, leadership, fairness and knowledge come later.

With its ten diverse regions, Ghana has a lot of activities to offer mlvie visitors. Ghana Web 22nd November Before we delve into the list of Adinkra symbols and their meanings. This Akan symbol conveys an objective that wisdom is a requisite to making sound judgments.

Failure to do so will give one an impression that you insensible and disinterest in a fellow human being. This can be surprising and upsetting for a foreign woman if she hhana not expecting such behaviour.


Ghana has five major ethnic groups. Most Ghanaian dishes are high in carbohydrates and are comprised of a large portion of starch yam, plantain, fufu made of boiled and pounded yam and plantaincassava, rice, banku made from fermented corn flour. The more remote the village, the more stereotypes about rich foreigners prevail, and it is not uncommon to be approached for money or assistance.

Awofou Wuo Part 2 Views. I take responsibility – Col Michael Poku Controversy: It would be a mistake to overlook the importance of this bwntama to get to know someone.

Before engaging in business conversation, Ghanaian tend to spend time asking about the welfare of the others family, wife and kids etc. These emblems were originally crafted by the Akan community. The Ghanaian population is comprised of a variety of tribes, the largest groups being the Ashanti, Ga and Ewe. Ho Central NPP women organiser advocates bzntama gender equality in decision making.


Ghanaians are extremely expressive people. Metanfo 2 – Part 2 Views. Bosom Aware 2 – Part 2 Views.

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Most people learn this at a very tender age sometimes painfully. Anokye Supremo’s aunt reveals how his girlfriend went shopping with surgery donations and got him killed Audio.

Government is battling a Supreme Court order freezing its critical accounts over a debt owed non-bank financial institution, NDK Financial Services. This portrays the protective and nurturing nature of parents.

Amen – Part 2 Views. Gbana Castle Cape Coast Castle.