Jul 18, Dianne rated it liked it. I was wrong ish – it’s not exactly mind-blowing or perfect, but it’s satisfying. Just a little too “cartoon-y” for my tastes. In a single throw-away remark April mentions she knows he’s gay and that’s that. Since then the hotel has been in a slow state of decline, the only time its rooms are mostly full is once a year for Statewide, a high school music festival. I would recommend this for any music geeks out there – you know who you are.

There was a problem adding your email address. Notify me of new posts via email. I liked it a lot! This incident is eerily reminiscent of an occurrence 15 years before when a newlywed bride shot her husband and hanged herself in Room of the Bellweather. I’m positive Bellweather Rhapsody will find its audience – I wanted so badly to love it! Aug 17, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: This isn’t a bad thing; the book, um, “gleefully” nods to all its pop culture sources and synthesizes them into something pretty new.

And that swimming pool, my goodness. There’s a major snowstorm, lovely music, some romance, psychotic behavior, bad food, drunk teens, amateur detective work, and so on. There’s so much human drama mixed in – Rabbit, coming to terms with his sexual inclinations my personal favourite characterhis twin sister Alice, who has to learn that she can’t always be the center of attention, Natalie, a teacher mourning a great talent that never manifested into a true musical career, and Minnie, trying to overcome her childhood fears to be able to live a normal bellweatuer.

When it lights up the cracks glow like little bolts of lightning and Minnie wonders how many times you have to push a plastic elevator button to crack it. And they haunt the hotel and they’re really lonely, so when this kid Danny shows up on his Big Wheel–well, they rhapsoody want to play with him. If the novel were a grim parody of high school arts programs and the rhapwody, star-seeking kids that populate them, I could accept this.

Good but not great. Rabbit, a bassoonist, has always been a bit quieter, as he has lived in Alice’s shadow, but he is desperate to be himself for the first time, to live his own life, and find love. But I think the sexual references in this book are about as mild as could possibly be. As a bellwweather storm looms, Alice finds Jill hanged in one bellweathwr the rooms.

BELLWEATHER RHAPSODY by Kate Racculia | Kirkus Reviews

She still can’t shake the awful feeling that the lobby, with its brick-red and gold and white curlicue carpet and red and gold fabric on the walls, is the stomach of some giant animal, that the old crooked chairs facing each other in half circles are rows and rows of teeth. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. I really enjoyed it. Twelve-year-old Minnie Graves is not happy.


Too many characters, storylines that are forgotten […]. The setting is the Bellweather Hotel: As a young girl, Minnie Graves witnessed the tragic murder-suicide at the Bellweather, and it has haunted her ever since. The priest talks for everand then, because she is part of the poofy-dress brigade, Minnie can’t go with the rest of her cousins for cheese and crackers and little hotdogs wrapped in bacon–she actually has to stay and take pictures with these morons, and act like she’s happy and everything is totally awesome, and pretend she doesn’t know what she knows about her big sister.

Minnie’s head fills with cold white static. On top of it, the prose are beautifully written.

That we were Talented and Special and we were going to Accomplish Things. Take a grand but weathered old hotel a la The Shining or Synopsie Grand Budapest Hotel, a group of over-talented high school musicians gathered for an elite festival Glee minus the convoluted mess the show has becomeand don’t forget the intriguing murder-suicide and the present-day disappearance of the most talented musician of the bunch But its pleasures are beautifully deepened by Kate Racculia’s skill bellweafher her characters, her melancholy, affecting writing about music, and her fearlessness about the loss and darkness that underline the truest humor.

The Hired Girl Author: In just a single sentence I was hooked and needed to read Bellweather Rhapsody. View all 5 comments.

Like pretty much everyone reading this review I did not feel like I fit in in high school. And we or maybe just I? Everyone seems to have some violent trauma in their past.


No trivia or quizzes yet. I finished this book and wanted to give it a hug. I honestly enjoyed these characters and their stories — I especially liked Fisher and Rabbit — but the focus quickly blurred toward the end to the point where I truly have no idea if certain characters even existed or if certain scenes ever happened. He is wearing a tuxedo with a sort of wide belt the color of Smurfs. I was involved in band, and drama, like the kids in this book, and it helped, kind of.


I would recommend this for any music geeks out there – you know who you are. Jenny Reading the End. Inin Clinton’s Kill, N.

Bellweather Rhapsody, Kate Racculia

She knows she’s in the tallest part, the tower, but there are hundreds of rooms and empty ballrooms and swimming pools more than one! My problem with books like this is an author would start off really great, then somehow they go off course, describing something that The only reason why this book is deserving of a two was because of the initial pages.

These are some of the beloved transitional objects that help some of the main players in this dramedy endure some kind of personal trial or tragedy. Your grandkids should definitely get a copy!

The cast of characters: As the snow piles up and tensions rise, the festival rhaposdy will be forced to do what they do best: I enjoyed it and recommend it. My other favorite character, of course, is shy bassoonist This is a literary mystery for music lovers: But amidst the investigation into Jill’s disappearance, rehearsals are still going on, rumors are being spread, relationships are blossoming and ending, and lives are changing, as the Bellweather readies for what appears to be the snowstorm of the century.

Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia

He is still warm. It might strike you as YA fiction, but really this is a book for anyone. But despite bellweatehr lack of subtlety, the book was heartwarming, vivid, creative, well written, and an overall entertaining diversion from the typical.

A friend of mine with younger kids just discovered Escape from Mr. There might have been a bit too much going on, with the old murder on top of the new one. The event was witnessed by Minnie Graves, who arrives the same weekend-which happens to be the tragedy’s 15th anniversary-to face her demons. So the impetus to read this book was that Margaret H.

My problem with books like this is an author would start off really great, then somehow they go off course, describing something that is completely irrelevant to the plot or even subplot. Feb 21, Meg rated it it was amazing. Pat Bevins There are mentions of sex in this book.