Rajendra who has just made up his mind to encourage Bhoomi to take up her job, get furious and comes home shouting for Varun. Just when Vasundhara announces that Bhoomi’s marriage with Maan has been fixed for the next month, Rajendar reaches the scene and lies to all by saying that their guruji has advised against getting the marriage done before the next six months. How will Bhoomi’s grandparents react when they learn of this? The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Varun who is tensed about what Surbhi had told him earlier, decides to visit her house. She later learns that Bhoomi’s family is in their room and she seems horrified as she has made a mess out of their room.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 19 – March 26, – Full Episode. Bhoomi and Riya do arrive at the company and apologize to Vasundhara’s secretary for being late. But the man begins to trouble her and Varun comes to her rescue. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 11 – March 16, – Full Episode. Or will Varun be too late for it? That night, a boy named Ansh who is a friend of Riya’s boyfriend, Saurabh, enters Bhoomi’s room and kidnaps her, assuming that she is Riya. Later Bhoomi is on her way back home with her friend Roshni, on her scooty.

Bhagyalakshmi – Episode 1

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls. Upload menu files with.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 24 – April 2, – Full Episode. Varun who is tensed about what Surbhi had told him earlier, decides to visit her house.

Rajendar on the other hand goes to Bhopal to visit the office where Bhoomi has got her job.


Will Varun manage to tell his family about Surbhi? He assures her that he will be by her side in her every decision that she makes. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episodes Shanthi and the entire family gets worried assuming that Vasundhara has stopped Avni’s ‘pag phere’ on purpose due to Varun’s actions.

Poonam on the other hand decides to do the job only if her father agrees to it and after a bit of convincing, he too agrees. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 1 – March 2, – Full Episode. She later complains about Surbhi to her family and also adds that Surbhi has gone out of control. Rashmi Sharma Pawan Kumar Marut.

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Varun is afraid that Vasundhara might meet Bhoomi at Indore and he immediately asks his parents to warn Bhoomi about Vasundhara’s arrival. Vasundhara Prajapati reaches the Swastik Textiles to inspect the functions of her company and learning about her visit the workers get ready to put forward their best behaviour.

Bhagyalakshmi – Episode – video dailymotion

She tries to reach the jeep and get back her file, but Vasundhara boards the jeep and leaves. Bhaghyalakahmi very soon falls asleep and rests her head on Ansh’ shoulders.

Vasundhra Prajapati has an arranged marriage with Anshumaan Shukla. Five Best Serials of the Year.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 10 – March 13, – Full Episode. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. Avni’s mother begins to panic and informs everything to Rajendra. The show takes a generation leap and is continued as SauBhagyalaxmi on the same channel and at the same time slot.



Later, Bhoomi’s grandmother finds Ansh’ watch in Bhoomi’s handbag. Before leaving for Indore they all decide to visit a temple and there they come across Vasundhara Prajapati. Bhoomi is disheartened to know that her grandmother Shanthi is not interested in her job and she strictly warns her against doing a job in Indore. Search the product to add.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 17 – March 24, – Full Episode. Later when Varun comes to leave Surbhi at her home, he learns that Vasundhara is the owner of the Swastik Textiles and he realizes that their plans of keeping Bhoomi’s job a secret is about to be out.

Next day, the Prajapati family arrives for the ‘sangeeth’ function at Avni’s house.

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Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 4 – March 5, – Full Episode. But the man begins to trouble her and Varun comes to her rescue.

He feels happy to learn about the working atmosphere in the office for women. Five Best Serials of the Year 52 Tips.