Kluke is told by Zola to head to the Hippopotamus Ruins since Nene’s flying fortress is heading there. Upon arrival, the villagers start to fear them and hide in their houses. Trial of the Seven Shadows on vizanime. After thinking back to her last encounter with Bouquet, Lotarus enchants a butterfly with some of her power. After Bouquet shuts down the Black Shadows, Shu and the others locate Nene’s throne room for the final battle. Lemaire has Deucalion use its bazooka attack to create a crater where Lemaire will have the advantage in.

As the White Guardian soldiers are assaulting Fagino, Primella receives another vision. The fog is back. Arriving to Coreed, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi ask Homeron the Original to help them in locating Jiro, but learn that he has retired and recommends one more skilled than he is. They even managed to detect Bouquet’s invisibility as they advance toward the ruins. When Shu has Blue Dragon punch the artifact on the wall, he is sucked in. After the battle, it is discovered that pages from an ancient book are stolen in the chaos by an escaped Salinas as he gives them to a mysterious character, a woman who kills him.

Bouquet unleashes Hippopotamus and uses his ability to disguise herself as the lady from before to find out what is going on. As for Homeron, he learns the name of the white-haired woman to be Delphinium.

Blue Dragon Tenkai Season 2 Episode 26

As they leave, Linda appears to say goodbye to Noi. The other Investiture Beings watch from their castle. This is General Logi’s act of his secession from Gran Kingdom which he announces. Shu learns a new technique that enables Blue Dragon to hurt Valkyrie. Both of them are easily matched. Sleipnir fires its cannon at Rudolph’s war machine but to no avail.

When the others catch up, Shu comes up with a plan. Mikhail wakes up and takes out Griz who tried to attack him. The anime was originally scheduled to run for 51 episodes, but was extended into a second season.

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Ryuuu Conrad and Legolas lead thousands of men to hunt down the remainder of Gran Kingdom’s forces, Zola finally returns and tells them that they will be heading to the Sealed Grounds.

When Marumaro brings them to Shu epjsode cheer him up, the sisters end up dancing with Shu and Noi until Bouquet arrives getting into an argument with Shu. The twins withdraw from the fight and Marumaro joins the team. With Donna and Reina still unconscious with Noi stating that they won’t remember a thing, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi take their leave.


Tenkau Shu is recovering from the experience, Rudolph begins to broadcast a transmission throughout his realm where it revealed what happened with Lotarus’ encounter with Noi back at the Investiture Beings ruins.

When she does get to Primella, Bouquet tries to get her to help them in any way. After a talk revolving around Jiro, Kluke, the White Brigade’s goals, and Rudolph’s encounter with Shu, the scale-like mechanism they are floating over floats towards Rudolph. However, Andropov has Alubujem use its remains to form a crystalline trap around Kluke. General Logi and Furioso are still locked in combat until Furioso leads him into a trap consisting of the White Guardian soldiers firing their cannons at him.

Conrad takes his soldiers to head to the west side to gather others that will fight Gran Kingdom. Jiro manages to create a diversion as Shu and the others make their escape. Episode 30 Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi ryuu vostfr. This episode list covers the Blue Dragon anime episodes to date. Kluke, Marumaro, Bouquet, and Andropov unleash their shadows.

But there are delays in the kitchen, and Noi and Bouquet has to stall the crowd until they are done. After nearly falling for Dark Dragon’s deceit, Shu and Blue Dragon engage it in battle matching attack with attack. Their fat counterparts soon attack again demanding vegetables. Noi arrives and merges with Blue Dragon who begins to destroy a lot of the winged creatures. As the battle rages on, the Investiture Beings continue their meeting as Mikhail rguu to take action upon both sides despite the objections of Hildegard drzgon Lotarus.

Marumaro and Saber Tiger managed to get through every trap and barrier to gain a new power. Meanwhile, Shu sees a nearby town which is annihilated when Rudolph arrives. When the town wanted more of the dish, the town was thrown into chaos. They meet the town’s mayor who recaps on how Fagino came to their town and had been dissatisfied with some of their gourmets. Meanwhile, Jiro is attacked by the sea shore by some soldiers in white and fends them off when a man named Vermillion shows up telling them to fall back as Jiro is not a shadow wielder.


They go after it on the back of Saber Tiger. Meanwhile, General Logi and Matilda flashback to their close call with Lotarus as they view their new giant robots. After the conversation, one of the soldiers enter and report that the Investiture Beings’ winged creatures are heading their way. Also when brought up by Andropov to Shu, a flashback depicts Shu telling Kluke that Legolas is organizing a resistance against Rosekstan and states that she doesn’t want any part in the resistance.

The other shadows are unleashed to help fight them. While the kids are napping, Kluke tells Noi on how she was treating the injured following a great battle and that one of the injured was Andropov. The final statue shows Chimera. Bouquet then unleashes Hippopotamus and takes the form of a White Guardian to throw them off track. After a talk with Primella, Shu has a duel with Lotarus.

Back with Logi’s duel with the mysterious woman, she states that he was not qualified and in a flash sets Logi and Albarose ablaze.

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Meanwhile, at Szabo’s request, Nene orders General Logi to take a break from his mission. Marumaro frees the lady only to discover that she is actually a Dragon Scale that came from Lota.

Blue Dragon Plus Awakened Shadow. Donna and Reina end up attempting to entice Noi with their beauty making Marumaro jealous. General Logi’s hideout blows up to reveal a weapon air fortress called Sleipnir which decimates some of the Brunacks. Rudolph also brings out his dragon in Shadow form. Lemaire has Deucalion use its bazooka attack to create a crater where Lemaire will have the advantage in.

When they managed to stop the pyramid, they discover that one of Mikhail’s Dragon Scales was placed in a mummy. Noi manages to get into the database when Lotarus in her dragon form arrives.

During the battle, Rudolph instructs Hildegard to leave the area at once. Logi and Valkyrie managed to bring down Blue Dragon, but Shu gets enraged enough to bring Blue Dragon up to a powerful level.