See Probe knowledging him as a combat robot, make Ejo Jo felt funny. You can watch BoBoiBoy. MrMr Papa Zola has announced that there will be occupied Mathematics exam student 5 Honestly after the break. Adu Du was surprised to learn that Ejo Jo knew about the mission on Earth. In addition, BoBoiBoy also been moved to another school, where he will meet with the retake his old friends. He used his power too long and as a result, he suffered from a temporary memory lost.

Nevertheless, Papa Zola and the Sleep Monster played a game of checkers while the others were stuck as the pieces. BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode This list which may have dates, numbers, etc. Boboiboy water vs boboibot part 2 by Duy Duy Download. Api boboiboy air vs boboibot api boboiboy and yaya boboiboy daun vs boboiboy kegelapan boboiboy episode boboiboy episode BoBoiBoy divided himself again even though Ochobot forbade him to do so. Papa Zola passed out after his foot got hurt by a large broken piece of the chessboard. As expected, BoBoiBoy was soon back with his old enemy in the haunted house.

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Sachin Tendulkar Special Videos. Adu Du tricked BoBoiBoy by making him use fake goat milk that contains “X Solution” -a substance that can make human feelings unstable -as an ingredient for Yaya’s biscuits.

As a result, he was transformed boboibky the new power of “BoBoiBoy Cyclone”. Probe popped the bubble through a hole and they fell down into the hole.

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This makes a total of 26 episodes altogether. Therefore, Ejo Jo directing minions to reduce its combat robot, P. At the headquarters, the five of them are faced with a thousand and one traps set by Adu Du and Episoce, while Ochobot and Fang gradually return considering how Fang gained power and also causes fainting Ochobot every time she saw the face of Fang; after that, Fang impact on Ochobot eventually fade.


Therefore, BoBoiBoy invite all to help Gopal. Adu Du was surprised to learn that Ejo Jo knew about the mission on Earth. Meanwhile, furious about his defeat, Adu Du called Bago Go, a weapon vendor to buy illegal weapons. Adu Du and Super Probe thought that moment was a good chance to attack him but he was defeated. However, they must go through Lorong Pak Monday Westerns dominated by cats as sane, then Fang suggested that they bring biscuits once there to beat the cat.

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BoBoiBoy has just moved the house and helped Tok Aba stores that vend at. BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series produced by Animonsta Studioscentres on a boy who has elemental superpowers and able to separate into three. Probe captured Ying after he tricked her with sleeping gas.

Papa Fair the real name is Papa Zola became a referee in the match. Unfortunately, Yaya find them in situ and finally they have been punished bobooiboy Yaya for entry into the teachers’ room, a restricted area for students.

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Message this Page, learn episodf upcoming events Detailed episode summaries of BoboiBoy!. He was returned to the spaceship from shopping for new clothes, scolded Probe for not answering the fan letters rudely. Just as episodes 25 and 26 with the addition of a few minutes scene after Mukalakus attack incident.


Season 3, Episode BoBoiBoy and friends finally seized the antidote from Adu Du and defeat the enemy with Tiger cycle easily. Epissode Gopal was captured next, he finally found out that he could turn any object into food. To save the gang, they must win a game of checkers against Sleeping Monster, but Papa Zola himself did not know how to play.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Naruto V S Goku BoBoiBoy Musim 3 Episod He found out that there was a powerful energy – cocoa, which was extinct on his planet 30, years ago. He lost in the first round. Meanwhile, Adu Du vowed that he would return soon.

BoBoiBoy Fang asked why Ochobot fainted every time she sees her face, but Fang could not answer for sure. BoboiBoy full action movie 3d animated series.

December 17, Retrieved from ” wikia. There, he first became acquainted with bbooiboy new comrades namely Gopal, Yaya, and Ying. BoBoiBoy 2 episode The Sleep Monster had to cheat to win the final round.