Brewers outslug Boston “home Oliver “and scnfed on licvac- qua’s single off reliever Paul Reuschel In the seventh. Most of that increase was to build a new City Hall; the city budget fell -sbghUy-m. Ambulance operators said the man had a rope around him and said they were not certain if ho fell all the way in one drop, but he did come to rest on the floor of the empty silo. Airy, opon floor plan, 4 extra largo bdrms. And why should the Romans be expected to display moderation as time goes on, when they have behaved toward us in this fashion at the very outset, when all men show consideration even for the beasts they have newly captured? Pete got ‘ his hits the way he got everything — through scrap,” husUe, aggressive- – ness, alertness and runnlngllkc hey. Harry-Train II, now commander of the U.

This was their name for Victory, and they regarded her with most excep- tional reverence. As a result, worid sugar prices cjulckly roae to a record 66 cenU a pound, on the basis of dockslde at New York, by early November Lows in the mid-2 h to oik s. II you can afford them, disposable Pull-Ups aro a good Idea. Pinch bitter Mike Phillips and Tony Scott singled to start. He now began to collect vast sums from private citizens as well as from whole communities, sometimes using compulsion, taking the conflagration as his pretext, and sometimes obtaining it by voluntary contributions, as they were made to appear. Won- dorfully landscaped hodgo surround froqt yard for privacy.

Moin loromo, for brikc lo show. Hay doserlpclonos com- plelas del lraba]o y applies- P. Irvin hopes that Jones will renegotiate his SI. Monday windy with rain likely. All uliiiiioa paid, includes ca- bio T. Sola on 2 largo lota right In tho city ol Wendell. Big prolMs usually moan Dig risk.

Kal o ht] ttoVtoj? We’re not, of course, talking about giving It an Interior out of the poges’ofPloytwy magazine. Athens and Sparta were two exceptions, being the only places that he did not visit at all.


The vhmen’s mojor tournament drooped to tittle more than a replay of the Magic Valley district tournament. The junior fouled out with 1: Turner of Baker City, Ore. She had been included in the conspiracy and all its details had been entrusted to her without reserve ; yet she revealed none of them, though often tortured in all the ways that the skill of Tigellinus could devise.

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For more January Call toll froo He contended in every city alike that held any contest, always employing Cluvius Rufus, an ex-consul, as herald whenever the services of a herald were required. First entered men bearing the crowns which he poxi won, and after them others with wooden panels borne aloft on spears, upon which were inscribed the name of the games, the kind of contest, and a statement that Nero Caesar first of all the Romans from the beginning of the world had won it.

Unprecedented in the industry that one of the largest volume dealers is also 1 in customer satisfaction 7 years in a row! The medical education proposal calls for the stale to provide SI mil- lion in start-up funding and S2.

Now a certain Larcius, a Lydian, approached him Avith brjck offer of a million sesterces if he would play the lyre for them.

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Wayne Mullen of Oakley. Seneca, however, and Rufus, the prefect, and some a. By special decree there was also a celebration in the theatre. The winners were selected from nominations sent plxoi by readers of Good Housekeeping, detailing their personal experiences. All the situations that ordinary actors simulate in their acting he, ploix, would portray in speech or action or in submitting to the action of others — save only that golden chains were used to bind him ; for apparently it was not thought proper for a Roman emperor to be bound in iron shackles.

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On May 19, ho Memorials may be made to the Shriners Crippled. Officers plpxi campus build respect for police, which chil- dren have lost. Rankin, searching for her first victory this year, was closely pursued by Solly Little and Jane. Highs in the 30s.


As forxe reached the middle of the Roman Forum, horsemen and foot-soldiers met him and then and there cut down, in the presence of many senators and crowds of plebeians, this old man, their consul, high priest, Caesar, and emperor ; and after abusing his body in many ways they cut off his head and stuck it on a pole. Dohbs said these kids need to be taught not carry it around with them.

Interstate 15 — Utah linc-Pocatello, — iity;: Call or ovos. Her epitaph will read: She constantly searches for new ones with the aid of her attorney-husband and she helps others marltcl theirs. Goirer oporalors, 1 posUlon Is lalo shlll, mechanical backpiound re- quired.

Richardson originally was charged with conspiracy to com- mit murder, which carries a possi- ble maximum penalty of death. The cememony will be broadcast cm CBS. Ploxu arc fur- nished.

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WoOd aiding, ahlnglo roof, all eloctrlo, atorm windows, ex- tra Insulation, carpotod, drapoo, oppllanoDs, bath ano U, many extras. Houston, the government con- tended, was the “sole owner” ond “ran swason company. Winter storm watch for Monday.

Many marriages survive an affair. Tom Bethcll is Washington correspondent of the American Spectator. The big winner in. Publius, in return for his false charges, received money and honours, as did others of the same profession ; but sub- sequently he was banished. Pete got ‘ his hits the way he got everything — through scrap,” husUe, aggressive- – ness, alertness and runnlngllkc hey.

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