Have you seen this? Later, Aichi learns from his friends that Kai has not been around recently. Quickly realizing Miwa’s Reversed state, Jun cardfights him. Although Kourin is seemingly busy with her job as an idol, Misaki notices that she is in fact preparing for the play. While the Link Joker units have begun attacking Aichi’s friends, Aichi is still wavering after hearing Reversed Takuto’s words. To make matters worse, the club is informed by Suwabe that the club’s time of performance is an hour earlier than scheduled.

Retrieved February 15, The last fight is coincidentally a rematch between Aichi and Ren, who reverts back to his Shadow Paladin deck but themed around the Revenger archetype. Asaka dominates the fight early on, but Ren manages to even the score. Kamui ponders about taxes. Aichi defeats him, which causes the many gates over the world to disappear along with the invading Link Joker units and all of the Reversed fighters returning to normal. When Kamui asks her why she is doing such terrible things to her friends Emi and Mai, Rekka responds by saying that she has no friends nor does she need any. But this earns him to be reprimanded by Misaki, who later enters with Aichi.

Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred. While the Link Joker units have begun attacking Aichi’s friends, Aichi is still wavering after hearing Reversed Takuto’s words. Aichi and his friends are then congratulated by Hitsue Vanguard Club, with Kai coming to the conclusion that Aichi has indeed grown stronger, perhaps more so than himself. We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be.

Kai meets with Takuto and tells him about the incident with Naoki. While everyone is dubged coming to grips with this joke situation, Leon appears before Aichi and his friends. She then walks into the school and has several Reversed Fukuhara High students cardfight Ren, all of whom he defeats.


Andrew Persoon 3 episodes eps, They encounter Maki, who summons all of the Reversed fighters except Kamui and Kourin. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream!

After everyone gathers around Miwa as he regains himself, Aichi makes a direct challenge to Kai. And so, the two wage battle as Aichi and Reversed Takuto observe, with Kai returning to his Kagero deck. After some pre-fight conversations between Miyaji and Fukuhara, the two teams send their fighters for the first game.

The Assista-cat is now the hardworking manager of Card Capital which has become a bakery. After locking all of Takuto’s rear-guards, Reversed Takuto activates the Ultimate Break of “Omega” Glendios to automatically win the fight and then absorbs Takuto into his body.

This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story has held up in But unbeknownst to them, a Reversed cardfighter lurks the school grounds. After the game, he asks her for advice in a somewhat intimidating fashion. Elsewhere, at a hotel lobby, Jillian defeats Kishida, who wanted to challenge Leon.

The third season begins with Aichi’s enrollment in high school at Miyaji Academy, where he tries to establish a Cardfight Club, despite the general student body’s disinterest and the obstructions of the student council.

Mayuki Makiguchi as Yuri Usui. While watching Ren and Leon in a heated duel, other classmates start viewing the last moments of the match. Vanguard Third Season; Cardfight!! Ren and Kyou also watch a sunset, but Ren is unaware of Kyou’s presence.

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Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan. Kourin gets an unsettling feeling that there is someone watching her, with Naoki suspecting that it could be a stalker. Quickly realizing Miwa’s Reversed state, Jun cardfights him. This is proof of how Rekka does not want to Reverse Emi and Mai and that despite her earlier claims, she deeply cares about them as friends. During the awards ceremony, Kai leaves after coming to the conclusion that both Aichi and Ren have become too strong for him.


As if possessed by a dark force, Naoki challenges Aichi to a cardfight, which he accepts.

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Takuto explains that it is the work of Reverse, a phenomenon created by the evil Void in its quest to envelop everything in darkness. However, when Aichi and his friends go to the student council to gain official status, the council denies them because the club does not have a faculty advisor. Naoki eventually confronts the stalker who turns out to be a classmate, Shingo Komoi. Posing as the “real” villain of the play, Daigo is challenged by the hero Kourin to a cardfight for Misaki’s freedom.

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In a futuristic era, Aichi and his friends are the crew members of the spaceship Card Capital and are about to combat evil alien forces portrayed by Team AL4. Ren and Suiko enter Asaka’s circus-themed room where they find Asaka who has been Reversed.

Retrieved August 10, Despite Asaka’s taunts and expressing her frustration from moker that Ren has never acknowledged her, he answers back by saying that he has always noticed her. Later, a new enemy appears in the form of Link Joker, which threatens to take over the world.

Theron Martin has the details. Corby Proctor as Kaoru eps Jillian and Sharlene both lose their matches and are Reversed as a result. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.