How did the opportunity with TLC come about? They had a blast! In this full glitz pageant, will Alley, 7, be able to compete with her au’ naturale approach to pageants? And then there’s Nicole, 5, whose mom, Melissa, and year- old grandma, Virginia all compete to win the crown. Jersie, 6, Ashley, 6, and rivals Gracie, 7, and Faithlyn, 9 all compete for the crown in Ky. Twins, Scarlett and Isabella, 1, are a dynamic duo supported heavily by their mother’s millions. Watch pageant beauties SamiJo, 1, Jacklynn, 4, and Alexis, 5, all vie for the top crown and find out who has this year’s fanciest face! Eden Wood is back where her career began, at Universal Royalty in Austin, Texas, where she will be judging the tough competition between Cambrie’s Court heavy hitter Abby, Jaimie’s sassy girl Kaydence, and returning champion Princess Mehayle.

Shimmy x 3 List. Isabella, 6, comes all the way from Michigan to compete against WV’s true beauty Jayden, 5. This first annual pageant brings in girls of all ages from all over Georgia, and range from full glitz to au naturale. The big threat, Tootie, 10, is blazing her trail for the top title and this girl hates to lose. Who will prove to be worthy of the top title? But the four to five age group needs to look out for veteran Brooke, 9. Coffee loving Alexa goes up against diva Janeyah and her two moms as well as Brooke and her bodybuilder father. Notify me of new posts by email.

Every show needs a Connie. The long shots vying for the title are a set of fraternal twins, AshLynn and Breanne, 6. Pageant tiaaras Kelly throws a full glitz fit when she thinks her daughter Natalie, 2, has lost the pageant. It was full on Glitz, and the Pageant Moms were taking no prisoners. But a disastrous series of events at Gemstars Heroes v Villains leads to an outcome that shocks everyone. Seazon MOMDec 30, Will she be ready to shine on stage?

CheerMomNTxDec 31, Episode list using the default LineColor. She is still new to the pageant system but is hoping to make an impression on the judges. Distracted Bailey goes up against Daddy’s girl Riley and Kelsie who gets a mayonnaise treatment on her hair; a mother is banned. Heavy hitter Jordyn, 6, already holds a UMMI supreme title and now she is back to claim another big crown.


But the four to five age group needs to look out for veteran Brooke, 9. But the pageant is off to a bad start when the pageant director is missing leading to an outraged crowd. Meet little diva Janeyah, 3 and her two moms. This is Bella’s world and her family only lives in it.

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Ever Rose and Adriana diet to compete against big winner Madi. First up to set the tone for the evening was 9 year old Cassadee and her wide eyed, wild eyed Mom Alisha. Four-year- old Sadie is seasonn of spunk! A former child pageant princess herself, Alisha has been given a sign from above to continue the tradition with qnd own daughter.

Parental expectations are a big part of the show. By the end, our kids can do the whole routine backward and forward, with or without music. Malina hopes to make a mark on the pageant world as an Indian contestant; Dunlpa rocks out with her motorcycle riding family; Devin gets painted as a cheetah. Laura, 6, not only brings it with her original pizza tossing talent dumlap shines on stage in a duet with her dad. Replace the wood paneling with imported marble and replace the synthetic hair piles with real follicles scalped off Kelly Rowlandand I could totally picture Beyonce doing the same thing in her kitchen.

At the Storybook Pageant Berkeley, 4 has her routines down, but the morning of the pageant wakes up sick.

The battle is on as each girl brings her best performance and has her tiny heart invested in being Gold Coast’s most prestigious royalty. Victoria has her costumes custom designed by her own sewson dad while Brystol gets her competitive drive from her race-car driving father. Guitars, puppies and savings bonds are all at stake at this year’s Queens and Kings of America Pageant in Louisiana.


Toddlers And Tiaras!

Ma’Leeh, 6, is new caswadee the glitz pageant world and four year-old Brooklyn’s mom, calls her a glitzy hillbilly. Views Read Edit View history. Press f for fullscreen. This page was last edited on 31 Julyat However, it’s up to the judges to decide who will be crowned the Ultimate Grand Supreme.

This classic pageant system in California never disappoints!

Alyssa, 8, is also entering the pageant with hopes to claim another Gold Coast victory. Our tumbling classes are full, and new kids are coming out of funlap woodwork wanting to be cheerleaders. Beauty is in the eye of the judges at Glamorous Beauties for three gorgeous contestants: It is a fight to the finish as each of our girl’s finds the top title is just within reach. Come pageant day, both teams are fired up and ready for the battle. Or will McKenzie prove to be a contender for the top title?

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Charlotte, North Carolina brings the heavy hitters into the pageant world, a lot of them coached by the infamous Amber of Amber’s Angels. Alisha, if you see this, this is Emma from Jr.

Glitz girl Charlie, 4, has high expectations of winning big while Samantha, 4, has been preparing herself to step it up to become a top ahd. After your normal Beauty line up, they had Calendar Girl toddlrs was a little uncomfortable considering that there was a age group.

Watching this show reminds me of why cheer is so much fun!! Competing against her is heavy hitter Morgan, 7, and Elexis, 6, who is hoping her winning edge will be her double entry in the talent category.