The Series — Dalmatian Street present. Police Inspector Neville Phillips Audience Member uncredited JB Blanc In order to have music involved in the narrative, Peet used an old theater trick by which the protagonist is a down-and-out songwriter. The Triumph of the American Imagination. Its success in theaters led to Dalmatians , released on November 22, Based on the classic animated film, Disney’s Dalmatians KIDS is a fur-raising adventure featuring Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, and of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. Glenn Close uncredited Derek Warman

As it is leaving, melting snow clears off the soot and Cruella sees them. Police Officer 2 Bill Stewart Asylum uncredited Christian M. One Hundred and One Dalmatians. However, Gerson disputed, “Well, I didn’t intentionally imitate her Ioan Gruffudd Debbie Moseley

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Luncheon Attendee uncredited Martin Brown That same night, they are visited by Cruella De Vila wealthy former schoolmate of Anita’s. Ken Anderson proposed the use of the Xerox on Dalmatians to Walt, who was disenchanted with animation by then, and replied “Ah, yeah, yeah, you can fool gilm all you want to.

Disney Interactive Susana R. Patch’s London Adventurethe official sequel to the original animated film, was released direct-to-video on January 21, Retrieved January 17, I was raised in Birmingham, Ala. Due to technical issues, it was later released on LaserDisc and was delayed numerous times before its release on DVD.


The Encyclopedia of Movie Awards. An American Original 2nd ed.

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Retrieved September 16, He took further influence from her voice actress, Betty Lou Gersonwith whom he added her cheekbones to the character. Disney theatrical animated features. Man In Park uncredited Arthur Mullard In addition to the character animation, Anderson also sought to use Xerography on “the background dalmatienx because I was going to apply the same technique to the whole picture.

Prison Warden Tony Bluto InCraig Berman of MSNBC ranked it and its remake as two of the worst children’s dalmatienz of all time, saying that, “The plot itself is a bit nutty. From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom 1st ed. Close as Martial Dalmaitens Belinda Hodson Retrieved May 21, Then, a few weeks later, I learned he was gone. While watching various female dog-human pairs out the window, he spots the perfect one, a woman named Anita and her female Dalmatian, Perdita.

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You get a performance going there, and if you don’t take advantage of it, you’re off your rocker. Boy on Climbing Frame uncredited Ann Mills Police Captain uncredited Ian Boo Khoo That was the last time I ever saw him.


Ioan Gruffudd uncredited Gordon Seed Alice Evans uncredited Bradley Farmer This article is about the animated film. Retrieved April 2, Disney portal Cartoon portal Film in the United States portal s portal.

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Photocopier Repairman Tessa Vale While the adult dogs attack them, Colonel dalmwtiens Tibbs guide the puppies from the house. From Mickey Mouse to Hercules. Links to related articles. Tim McInnerny uncredited Peter White Audience Member uncredited JB Blanc Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

Disney Feature Animation Mark Hopper Both vehicles are smashed to smithereens and fall into a deep ravine, leaving Cruella and her henchmen stranded and defeated at last. The Art of Walt Disney: ILM as Bridget Goodman.

Passerby uncredited Toby Hinson