Uttama Chola ascended the Chola throne c. The spice trade across the Indian Ocean dwindled with the decline of the Roman empire in the 3rd – 4th centuries CE. Notify me of new comments via email. Overseas trade was the major economic activity. International film festival gets youngsters hooked to foreign language cinema. Some scholars also hold the view kari and kalan are Tamil words meaning slayer of elephants, due to his young age, Karikalas right to the throne was overlooked and there was political turmoil in the country.

Archaeological excavations at Pattanam near Cochin suggest a strong case of identification with the location. Today most Vaandayars are from Tajaur. You may find useful links in my articles. A note to the readers is please dont have Panniyin Selvan in mind when you are reading this book. Notify me of new comments via email. Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards This article needs additional citations for verification. Ramanan, Am from Malaysia.

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Lords of the Sea: The Cholas came to prominence once more through the rise of the Medieval Chola monarch Vijayalaya in aboutVijayalaya conquered Thanjavur from the Mutharayar king Elango Mutharayar and built a temple dedicated to Hindu goddess Nisumbhasudani. No trivia or quizzes yet. The present Pudukkottai was a part of Chola empire.

In the early years of his rule, the Kuttuvan successfully intervened in a succession dispute in the Chola territory and established his relative Killi on the Chola throne.

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There are 63 shrines along the North bank of River Kaveri, the well known Nalvar praised the Lord of this shrine and made three pathigams on him. All legends, assumed to be the names of the Chera rulers, were in Tamil-Brahmi vamsak on the obverse. Australia beat India by three wickets in a thrilling T It has an arrangement of a circular garba griha within a square prakara – circumbulatory corridor.


The Cheras owed their importance to exchange of spices and other products with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Graeco-Roman merchants. Vaksam Dutch in Malabar.

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The anthologies of early Tamil poems mention the names famsam a number of Cheras, and the court poets who extolled them. Show casing the line from what is written in rocks sculptures are awesome. Miss India South This book contains crisp details of the chola period in Tamilnadu, the culturelifestyle, devotion and many aspects that prevailed during the cholan, with specific importance given to the great king Raja Raja Cholan.

A special idol kept in this temple, called Dasa Bhuja Rishaba Thandavamoorthy, depicts Lord Shiva dancing ,ovie a bull with all ten hands spread and holding weapons, with all Devas surrounding his feet. Historic records exist thereafter, including inscriptions on temples, the main source for the available information of the early Cholas is the early Tamil literature of the Sangam Period. The history of Kerala during this period is an active area of scholarly research and debate.

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Uttama Chola ascended the Chola throne c. Puri Jagannath Temple built by Anantavarman Chodaganga. In my Board Exam Syllabus.


After the end of the early historical period, c. Karikala — Karikala was a Chola king who ruled in southern India during the Sangam period. Mentions in the early Sangam literature indicate that the earliest kings of the dynasty antedated CE, Cholas were mentioned in Ashokan Edicts of 3rd Century BCE as one of the neighboring countries existing in the South.

Tiger sitting to the right, bow, torch, parasol, two fish to the right of the tiger, line below. The chariot and its wheel are so finely kovie that they include even the faintest details.

Vineet Jain’s Holi Party – 1. The Book of the Sword. Detail of the main gopura tower of the Thanjavur Temple. Nezak Huns Kabul Shahi.

The Chola navy played a role in the expansion of the Chola Empire, including the conquest of the Ceylon islands. More surprising articles to follow.

According to local legend, the word Thanjavur is derived from Tanjan, an asura in Hindu mythology who was killed in what is now Thanjavur by shills Hindu god Neelamegha Perumal, a form of Vishnu.

The period of the imperial Cholas c.

Preclassical Hinduism [c] – “Hindu Synthesis” [d] ca. Dravidian Linguistics Association,