The Last Defense http: The First Movie http: She can’t bring the pain? This one’s great for a nice “sit down, relax and get ready to laugh as hell”. Yeh, that’s the one. I honestly got sick to my stomach and had to stop watching for a sec Then the last 3 episodes beat you with an ugly stick. The oldest animated film created in Japan and screened has been found in Kyoto.

D I don’t think Big Guy would like that: I saw that around the same time I saw El Hazard. Is the 2nd gig a direct sequel? The Alternative World http: I like Lunar’s Bleach because it’s very easy to catch up. This censorship however garnered quite a bit of controversy, see Controversy section for more info.

What is this that you call work and sleep: The Tree o http: Again, not if you know where to get it Rise of the Yokai Clan – Dem http: I’ve seen the entire thing.

Plus, it’s the more active one and the one with the most seeders once they’re all out so that’s a good indication.

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The first half was great, but once they got to the action part I didn’t feel excited nor thought it was really memorable. She can’t bring the pain? It has been turned into a girls dorm he does not know this. Ashisogi Jizou, his poisonous Soul Slayer? And that is the part I didn’t like about it. It is written and illustrated by Daisuke Moriyama. She has a crush on him? And btw, this is not a top 5 ecchi competitionits a top 5 overall ; The story lines were quite good.


A boy walks in his grand mother’s house. Is this the correct order? So is Ai Yori Aoshi.

So it’s basically a Crusaxe heroes vs Good heroes anime of course, there are a few corrupt ones, but that’s another story. But still, it doesn’t look like we are gonna see Chidori anytime soon It’s hands down the best first impression I’ve ever gotten from an anime. He is a third year student and the top ranked fighter of the whole school. And just liek Kuchiki, that’s only my level And the movie, i ve watched it first without knowing that it was the last. And by the way, seeing how much I’m elisode this one, I’ve decided to download it entirely or at least download a nice more episodes at a time before each session.

Ninja Clash in http: He always wear a black long coat. That and Nemu’s devotion to the 12th squad’s captain is scary. You’re getting your ass kicked and yet it’s done by a hot girl that has the hots for you. Just curious, but where did you buy DearS from? D Bored you should check out DearS.


He’s -IMO- not that cool of a character, and a captain killing him would make anyone -even Inoue- mad enough to act berserk.

Why do they rock? My nads hurt just thinking about it A First time I see this perfect score.

Tenjho Tenge

Dawn of the She http: I think that that one is a Logitech Elite, mine is the cheaper that i ve found crueade the store. Jun 8 http: They even change the meaning of some stuff they say, like on the first episode where Naru in japanese says “Hey look, my breasts are getting bigger: Best Romance Koi Kaze – Dunno about it On a side note.

I didn’t recognize Kenpachi there. If it’s got female androids in it, I generally like it.