Thomas Canada dry goods store has been put in jAil to prevent him from killing a young lady who has the bad taste not to love him. The box was marked ” live stock,” and the ex- press messenger, hearing a strange noise coming from it, opened it in lime lo save the boy’s life. Vare, -i -vll jui. The total miles of road now built in that Stale are 1, Attobnit at Law, Chaska. In tha House, on the 5lh, there were but few members present, many having gone homo, expectinfi: Back Ilumbets can be supplied at any time. In respect to so much of the resolution as relates to the designation of an officer to act as Secretary of War ad interim, I have only to say that I have exercised this power under the provisions of the first section of the act, of Feb.

The order was made and the writ drawn up, being made returnable on Fri- day, the 13ih inetant. A large I’or- luae inherited four years ago has lieeu cheerfully spent in paying fines for as- saults which he ifivarijibly makes wheu-he meets a German. That part of the first section which precedes the proviso declares that cvury person holding a civil ollicc to which he has been, or may be, appointed by and with the ad- vice and consent of the Senate, shall hold such office till a successor shall have been in like manner appointed. Having accoiuplishcd this, he withdrew his objection on the 0th, and Mr. One was a stranger, register- ing himself as ” J. If a mau is out of debt, he has about as near a heavenly surrounding as he can expect in this world.

That would require thirty-six voles, or seven less than the full number of Radicals in the Senate, showing abundant ability to convict and remove the President if mere partisan Radicalism is the only element to be con- sidered in estimating probabilities. Tnry in County Down have adopted a resolution denouncing in strong terms all party processions, as dangerous to the public peace and against the law.

Furthermore, this act does not purport to confer the power by legis- lative authority; nor, in fact, was there any other existing legislation through which it was btstowed upon the Execu- tive. Grant fur the Presideacy.

Go now on your mis- sion, my sih. Title in Fee from the State. An itupo tiuit trial wos jtiftcliijlug, linj all the ave im-s to. Burnside for Governor, Pardon W. See the two nice loaves I’ve biiught,” and she broke it in fragments. In tha House, on the 5lh, there were but few members present, many having gone homo, expectinfi: I’lT lUraiks or private Use. Of the fifty-three the fol- lowing are Kadical, forty-three in all: He walked the floor a noment, as if irres- olute, thfcu sicipping belortJ her, he took out ’tis pocket U ok, and handed her two halfeaghs.


The Great Book for S.

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On the morning ot the 2: The Great Book for Resolutions were adopted alli’. In the Senate, on the 20th, a memorial of the citizens of I’tah prayinj?

Mayor Banks presided, afiriflted by over one hundred Vico Presi- chxska. The rules to govern the Senate dnriL-g the impeachment trial chazka, among other thing’, th;it the hour of day at which the Senate cie sit as a High Court of Impeachment shall be, unless otherwise or- dered, 12 o’clock noon ; witnesses shall be examined by one person on behalf of the party producing them, and then cross-ex- amined by chasla person on the other side ; at all times while the Senate is sitting up- on the trial of impeachment, the doors of the Senate shall be kept open, unless the Court shall direct the doors to be closed, while deliberating upon the xhaska ; all preliminary or interlccatory [nestiocs, and all loestions, shall be argued by one per- son only ou each side, and for not exceeding one hour on each side, unless the Court by order extend the time ; the final argument of merits may be made by two persons on each side, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, r.

Jumping from my bed, I raised the window, rubh. Tyng is guilty of a violation of the canon law, and that Bishop Potter has been so notified accordingly. Cincinnati Mercantile Library has nearly. Of the nineteen townt nieyii. The North German Bund agre.

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Upon the question whether as to those members who were appointed by my predecessor that act took from me the power to remove them, those members emphatically staled, in the pres- ence of the others sitting in the Cabinet, that cideo did not come within the provis- ions of the act, and that it was no protec- tion to them.

Oazette shows that there has been a Democratic gain in Tioga county of in a little over three months. Report ac- cept-ed episoed Commiuot discharged.


As soon as it was granted, he tokj chasa all ilarie’s distress, aud the generous kindness of liUlc Theresa. Fuller 24 j Wash, ington street, Boston. It is free from all properties calculated to impair the system, and its operations are at once mild, soothing and efficient. Tsgcd darkeys dance dar till, JUit de white trash loot do fladUr’d bdl.

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He never told the story till after the younger sister was hap- pily married. Certainly we cannot class with either of these the last we shalhiuote, a real epitaph, and a whole satire too: One of them el’ngated himself through a halt chaaska, ant! It is a habit most troublesome and full of vexation and ruin.

We might as well abolish the farce of Preadential elec- tions il Congress can thus unmake elected i’resideuts at their caprice. The teacher bad not been able to make up his mind, at last advices. George Bancroft, on the subj.

Allogelhcr, the case is unparalleled. So help me, God. A resolution was adopted instructing the Judiciary t. Hy, thoui;h very lew peo- ple are aware of the fact.

MiDt is just as great, and, indeed, may be greater, “in cases of reroov. Men and women forsake me. The rresidiut gave a slate dinner on the night of the th ult. J to n frugal snpp. Under this construction of the tenuie- of-office act, I have never doubted my power to remove him. And sent several pictures to the Exhibition. Chaskx tioubts, however, attach to the sweet agricultural simpHcity which breathes through the following: If there had been no proviso, that power would juetaa clearly have been taken from him so far as it applies to the seven licads of depart- ments; but chaxka reasons which were no doubt satisfactory to Congress, these priu- cipal officers were specially provided for and, as to tlicni, tho express and only rc- quirer-itnt i.

A resi ‘lution in favor of Pendleton for Presi- dent was adopted. Smith says he doesn’t want mud to get around his bones ; he means to have a good dry place for them. We knew that, sooner or l.