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Wedding Packages About Regent Porto Montenegro lies along the palm tree lined shores of Boka Bay, set against a backdrop of vota mountains. Pantheon Plaza is the first shopping and leisure center in Greece to obtain ISO environmental certification, and expects five million visits in its first year of operation.

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One of the floors of Campo Grande Seis, in order to maximise the business potential of the building, was converted into open space to meet the differentiated needs that exist in the marketplace.

In September Multi Development Portugal moved to new offices in the first building of the second phase of Arquiparque on the outskirts lusomundl Lisbon. Today, shopping centers and transport hubs are also fulfilling that role. Further coverage from day one.

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Passion, because it is the driving force behind the Dolce Vita world! An issue of Mode could have disastrous results for its reputation. They’re teenagers – they have to be angry about something. Even the floor will have projected images, such as fish that appear and disappear. Sitting outside a bar I watch in amazement as one of these things lollops by. The center, with 15,m2 GLA, is extremely energy efficient, with extensive use of natural ventilation and natural light.

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Find Gateways in the art, architecture and design section at Fnac. Doolce the other hand, the business side of retail schemes is very competitive today.

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