This data must be provided to the GSO when you request authority to import a vehicle and the documents, in conjunction with the Ocean Bill of Lading, are very important when in-processing. Although the temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, central heating is nonexistent. Hospitality kits, including dishes, kitchen utensils, and linens, are available or such personnel until their baggage and household effects arrive. Horse, auto and motorcycle racing, basketball, tennis and golf tournaments, sailing regattas, polo, boxing, and wrestling matches complete the picture. Transit times are about the same as incoming mail. Direct dialing is available internationally and throughout Brazil. Sports clothing is necessary.

Late-night network TV sometimes features programs in English. During the rainy season, flash storms bring several inches of rain in a short time. Ceiling fans are in place in some apartments but are not automatically provided. Transformers are available locally, but are expensive. There is a PMA as well. Many Americans and other foreigners affiliated with the business community reside there. Although some Brasilienses speak English, Portuguese is important for dealing with any stratum of Brazilian society.

Additional extracurricular activities include theater, music and band, yearbook, and scouting.

There is a PMA as well. Normal delivery time can take up to 3 months after an order is placed.

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Wireless Service Last Updated: All LQA housing must be approved in advance of contract negotiation by the Interagency Housing Board and requires management review with focus on size, location and security concerns. The bicameral national Congress consists of 81 senators three from each state and the Federal District elected to eight-year terms, and federal deputies elected at large in each state to four-year terms, based on a complex proportional representation system, weighted in favor of less populous states.


The AWCI book clubs buy a wide selection of current bestsellers with membership fees.

American schools employ spouses and eligible family members EFMs in teaching and clerical positions when needed. Rio has no English-language newspapers. Night highway driving is exceptionally dangerous and is not recommended.

Ceiling fans are in place in some apartments but are not automatically provided. Ample supplies of meat and fish exist. In addition, it provides information on agency programs, security, health issues, and community organizations. Fruits and vegetables that are eaten uncooked and or unpeeled should be thoroughly washed and soaked in a disinfecting solution prior lusiania consumption.

Your American color TV will only cinem Brazilian stations in black and white. Shoe repair is inexpensive, workmanship cinwma good, and rubber and leather are used for heels and heel tips. Walking shoes are a must and due to uneven cobblestone sidewalks, occasional heel repair is necessary. Taxis are available and offer adequate transportation, particularly for short runs.

In some cases the identical brand name medication is marketed locally. Many staff members with school -aged children prefer to live in Puziania and Santo Amaro where the American schools are located.

Many international pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies manufacture locally under license. The mail service is such that credit card invoices often arrive after the due date. At official or semiofficial functions, guests from all agencies and at all levels are encouraged to meet and mingle with people from all levels of the Brazilian community. Prescription and nonprescription drugs, many made by subsidiaries of U.


The greatest single annual entertainment event in Rio is its famed Carnaval. Private houses are not an option due to security considerations. Rio is a focus of transportation, communications, military, cultural, and journalistic activity.

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Several popular discotheques attract various age groups. Rio has several good TV stations, which can help improve Portuguese language abilities. Government educational allowance; it includes minimum medical services School Nurse. Domestic help is readily available, but trained servants are luziiania to find and few speak English.

Bus transportation between cities is inexpensive and widely used. There are no public recreational shoppinng with swimming pools or golf courses. An automobile trip of about an hour and a half will lead you to cooler mountain areas.

Generally, employees occupying houses also employ part-time gardeners and pool cleaners. All POVs must carry mandatory and third-party insurance. Many luzianla with their own transportation travel to cleaner, less heavily populated beaches south of the city. Extended hot summer days and nights require air-conditioners or ceiling fans, at least for bedrooms.

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Brazilian women favor long or very short dresses of silk and other fine materials. Spare parts for U. Beauty shops and barbershops abound.