On 18 April Anna will give a concert in Ukraine for the first time. Sting’s voice has guided me through life. Concert tour in March and April trailer 3 Script and direction: Stay tuned for more. Its plate versions have been bestsellers for six years and majority of them were granted platinum status. Please don’t be so this time. Nobody in the world is a better match for the phrase:

Reedycja klasycznego juz debiutu Herberta z roku. She also gave an interview which is available on the website: Also, I need a dose of beauty and harmony to guide me through this sombre time, so I will joyfully perform bossa novas–with the best possible configuration of musicians to such playing: The fans will also have the chance to listen to her performance in Japan. That was the most magical and moving moment of the concert. Their tasks will be to find the common factors for the oriental Zen aesthetics and Slavic expression.

And when I started recording my own music I wished I would meet that Guy one day.

The band started to win awards and play in many many scenes and festivals. Meetz Goldstein and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, two special guests of the concert, are ones of the most influential artists of our times.

The special Christmas programme will include, among other things, a selection of Polish carols.

After one concert Adam was invited to the group “Squad” Marek Raduli, Wojtek Olszak, Wojtek Pilichowski i Tomek losowski Instead of playing with Up to Date, he gets invited to other groups and creates his own bands to show off his other interests in music. Nobody in the cineka is a better match ciema the phrase: During the concerts, you won’t be missing on biggest hits and most beautiful Polish themes. More details about new album soon on our web site! As I finished singing, he placed his hands onto my head and uttered words that changed me.


Sklep z dobrą muzyką

During these recording sessions Anna Maria Jopek has arranged and performed two songs. It leaves a great deal of emotion with the listeners. Reedycja klasycznego juz debiutu Herberta z roku. You cannot miss a chance of seeing them together on one stage! It takes a combination of factors to bring into being a truly great Artist.

That was the most magical and moving moment of the concert. You gave me the chance to listen to Polish jazz in Japan — to the great art! The rest remains a surprise. Click here for more empk.

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The band consists of four extraordinarily creative artists: Branford Marsalis and the excellent Polish musicians will create a jazz superband which will interpret Polish classical, jazz, and folk music. It is be available in good Polish music stores only. On the album we can also find the recording of Anna Maria Jopek. She herself maintains that she simply sings what she considers significant, honest, and worth presenting to foreign audiences.


Let’s find out together! She is performing in Toronto 6.

For two years he co-operated with Michal Wroblewski, till The fifth part of extremely revered and appreciated by the listeners medley continues the tradition of searching for the most interesting recordings from all over the world.

I want it to be simple, beautiful, jqzz as true as possible.

Inni klienci z tym produktem kupili

These musicians represented a core of the band but everyone was waiting for a performance of two Anna’s special guests: The band’s most intriguing, inviting release yet!

This album fuses the hard bossa trio sound – that was just starting to become a major force in Rio in that time – with pure, melodic jazz. Among the arrangers four- time Grammy award winner Gil Goldstein. On the stage she will perform with Dhafer Youssef and her well-known friends: He took a private lessons for example from Maciej Strzelczyk violNigel Kennedy violBrad Terry clarhe took part at the polish jazz meeting in Zakopane Kalatowki Please find more details in our concert schedule.

Time seems to pass terribly slow when you’re waiting for the spring to come.