The control inhibitor, H85, was without effect on either phosphoprotein. Because MOT and VSL combine to determine the net forward movement of sperm toward the egg, this suggested that fertilization might be diminished in hyperG. For analysis of sperm-egg binding, the fixation chamber was activated at 20 sec postinsemination. The observation, sperm, and fixative chambers have been filled with blue dye to show the fluid compartments of each. Another possible mechanism is that the cytoskeleton detects changes in stress or tension that result in changes in protein phosphorylation. Identification of flagellar proteins that initiate the activation of sperm motility in vivo. Gravitropism in Euglena has been proposed to involve the whole cell body acting as a statolith [ 35 ].

For each of three replicates, 20—25 eggs were counted. Thus, in the case of FP, the primary mechanism for the decline in phosphorylation may involve activation of dephosphorylation. It should, however, be noted that there is one report that whole-body exposure to hyperG in male fighter pilots appears to increase significantly the proportion of female offspring [ 34 ]. The NiZeMi consists of a modified Zeiss microscope and charge-coupled device video camera mounted horizontally on a computer-controlled turntable. Samples were processed for pT by Western immunoblotting. Fertilization was also examined using elevation of the FE at 2 min postinsemination as a marker Fig. Error bars represent SEM of the mean of three replicates. As a control, the effect of H85 that has much lower affinity for cAMP-dependent protein kinase [ 24 ] was tested.

A primary target of protein phosphorylation during activation of motility and during the response to speract is FP In space flight conditions, however, much lower hyperG forces are created approximately 3 G.

Prior to running the Westerns, sscala separate SDS-PAGE gel was run of each sample and stained with Coomassie blue to verify that each sample had equivalent protein concentrations. Sperm maintained in preactivation storage conditions during exposure to launch vibration, hyperG, or both showed no difference in subsequent motility when compared to controls.


These parameters were affected not only in the transition between 1 G and hyperG but also cinemq to decline during the postcentrifugation period after 1 G was restored. With regard to fertilization, hyperG forces up to 3 G are experienced during the first 8 min of launch on the Space Shuttle, and up to 8 G occurs in some turning maneuvers in jet fighter aircraft.

Changes in the gravitational field been found to have a significant effect on the development of plants and animals [ 2 scxla. None of the G-forces were sufficient to produce movement or motility of the sperm in the solution due to the low centrifugal forces data not shown.

Hypergravity and ageing in Drosophila melanogaster. Immediately after fixation, the centrifuge was stopped.

Sign In or Create an Account. Percent motility MOT and straight-line velocity VSL were both significantly inhibited, whereas all other motility parameters were stimulated in hyperG relative to 1 G. Pilot and astronaut offspring: Microgravity alters protein phosphorylation changes during initiation of sea urchin sperm motility. Neufcuateau mobile search navigation Article navigation.

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For observation of sperm and eggs that could be activated and fixed while under centrifugation, a new activation-fixation observation unit AFOU was designed and constructed by the MUSC. The results demonstrate that sperm motility comprises different categories of parameters that are distinguished by their sensitivity to gravity. The NiZeMi consists of a modified Zeiss microscope and charge-coupled device video camera mounted horizontally on a computer-controlled turntable. Computer-assisted semen analysis systems: All experiments were repeated in triplicate.

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To confirm equal sperm protein loading, the Western nitrocellulose sheets, after exposure to the x-ray film, were washed with H 2 O, then air dried. Gravity-sensitive biological processes have been found to be affected by conditions of hypergravity greater than 1 G and microgravity less than 1 G.

neufchatsau In this regard, increased viscosity of the fluid medium is known to inhibit sperm motility [29, 30]. There was a gradual but slight decrease in the maximum ATP content after each centrifugation, suggesting damage may have occurred. The observation, sperm, and fixative chambers have been filled with blue dye to show the fluid compartments of each. Successful fertilization is critical for reproduction in plants and animals.


Based on these findings, 20 sec was chosen as the endpoint for egg binding and 2 min as the endpoint for FE elevation. The effect of hyperG on sperm motility parameters described above suggested that Neufchateah phosphorylation might also be altered in hyperG.

Neufchafeau should be noted that there was no significant difference in sperm-egg binding or FE between 2 and 5 G.

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In addition, in hyperG the inhibition of sperm motility and protein phosphorylation are associated with significant inhibition of sperm-egg binding and subsequent fertilization. These results expand previous observations that sperm are sensitive to loss of gravity to include marked sensitivity to increased gravity as well. Eggs were collected fresh each day as described by Kinsey et al. FP was previously identified as a tightly bound axonemal protein whose phosphorylation was tightly coupled to activation of sperm motility [ 19 ].

These three parameters showed no additional change during the postspin 1-G-recovery period but maintained the increased values even after hyperG had been terminated. It is also important to note that the sec time point was chosen because later time points began to show evidence of FE formation.

Citing articles via Web of Science These results suggest that the gravitational response may involve changes in a balance between activity of both protein kinases and protein phosphatases.