And then continue with the path of a pizza delivery boy in motion, marked by the headers of the streets with a lot of minibiography holders. Another guest was Marco Dotti, writer and journalist, who writes on the national newspaper Il Manifesto. The acting company Laboratorio di Pontedera, staged the show “Aspettando Godot”. Of more or less dinner with friends, maybe with offenses provided for in the menu, world cinema has already laden many. However, the company was established in , thus representing one of the oldest acting companies in Sardinia. Do not think that you are faced with a review of Carnage.

In October the show “Psicosi 4. Send page by email. Synopsis In an elementary school in Montreal teacher dies tragically. It was not conceived as a traditional acting school but as an experimental training centre, that allowed the youngsters to refine their artistic talent and ambition. On that occasion, a booklet with a detailed list of the shows performed from to and the image riproduction of the posters were printed. It was staged in Cagliari and other towns and villages.

All web site are ownership of the author. International Collaborations Among the international expertes with whom Teatro Alkestis has collaborated can be mentioned: Between October and December a new project, which included cinema, theatre and conferences, cagllari dedicated to one of the fathers of contemporary theatre, Antonin Artaud.

It’s forbidden any use and changes without the authorization of the teatfo. Cooperativa Teatro Alkestis is a research centre in the field of experimental theatre. It partecipated at a festival in Perugia organized by the Teatro di Sacco.

Tell us if teatrl have liked this page. It hosted the director Alejandro Jodorowskyto whom a retrospective of his most successful films was dedicated. The shows of Teatro Alkestis were staged for two weeks at the Teatro dei Filodrammatici in Milan, within a fastival about the 20th century, to which Harold Pinter was invited.


Synopsis Vincent, Realtor forties went to dinner by his sister Elizabeth and brother Pierre both teachers. With the involvement of three French acting companies and the collaboration with the French Embassy in Italy the edition of “Hommage to Antonin Arteaud” became truly international. Both festivals consisted of theatre workshops, conferencences, parades and theatre performances. Another guest was Marco Dotti, writer and cagliri, who writes on the national newspaper Il Manifesto.

The two in fact are going to have a baby. The theatre show “Voci Buio” Voices in the darknessdirected by Pascale Aiguierr was also produced. It was staged until with over repeated performances.


Among the artists were: In collaboration with the Centro Internazionale del Fumetto. The show was staged in more than theatres in Sardinia and was part of various festival organized by the Province of Cagliari.

Among these can be mentioned Milon Mela – La Festa degli Incontri” Milon Mela – the feast of encounters Augusta week dedicated to the Indian culture and its theatre. It was staged in Cagliari and other towns and villages. Once again, the direction was entrusted to Claudio Morganti, who starred together with two actors of Teatro Alkestis and three external ones.

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On that occasion, a booklet with a detailed list of the shows performed from to and the image riproduction of the posters were printed. Coordinators of the project were Federico Ercole and Serena Vincenzi. All these activities have substantially contributed to shape the offer of cultural events in Sardinia.


Choose Language Lingua italiana h. From the curious titles in which the names of those who contributed to the success of the operation are strictly excluded. It was also staged in Bologna and in Sicily. Since then, it has organized several shows and events, such as Incontri Encounters which is held annually between June and November.


Il staged in the festival Marosi di Mutezze by the compan Meridiano Zero.

It was held by both the company’s actors and external actors and directors. In October the show “Psicosi 4. Antioco Loru, 31 Cagliari. It teaatro directed by Sergio Piano. The outcome of the project cknema two seminars: Having read about it in the newspaper, Bachir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant of 55 years, which is in the school to offer as a substitute.

The festival was directed by Abani Biswas, actor and director, alkextis among the guests were the Bauls from Bengal, the Chhau from Bihar and some masters of Kalarippayattu, martial art of Kerala. National preview of the new production Opera Panicawritten and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and interpreted by an international cast, among whom Sabrina Masciaan actress of Teatro Alkestis.

Cagliari Turismo, the tourist portal of the City of Cagliari. Their work is first in terms of cinema, but the text has been written for four hands and the cast with one exception is that of staging hit at the box office by Bernard Murat.

Morgante is considered one of the best Italian actors. Since Alkestis has committed to the education and the spreading of a theatrical knowledge in Sardinia by producing, year after year, theatre shows that have circulated in several theathres both in Italy and abroad.