Site contains a newsletter and articles with information about issues concerning abortion as well as links. Te aim of World Feminism is to disseminate information about feminism and create a debate between feminists all over the world. Women Online Worldwide Featuring its bi-monthly Tapestry Webzine, this site also includes chat rooms, a message board, links on several issues, a shareware file library, and information about Women’s Intercultural Network. Single Momz “By single moms, for single moms,” this extensive website answers questions about topics including divorce, child support, custody, and domestic violence. As medical students and residents, we are committed to ensuring that medical practitioners are prepared to provide their patients with the full range of reproductive health care choices. Voices of Women A “woman-friendly oasis on the Internet,” this Baltimore-based journal contains articles as well as local events and retreats relating to “women’s spirituality and empowerment. National Abortion Federation This site provides general information on abortion with fact sheets and information on current events and issues.

Kaiser Family Foundation is “an independent philanthropy focusing on the major health care issues facing the nation. Site contains a newsletter and articles with information about issues concerning abortion as well as links. Abortion and reproductive health care must be a part of standard medical training and practice. International confederation of midwives ICM http: Sites associatifs Droits devant!! The site is focused on the issue of women balancing career and family and the injustices suffered by working mothers.

An important site for finding other sites. At the site for Hadassah Southern California, find a newsletter and other local information.

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Women Leaders Online Dedicated to mobilizing women over the Internet, empowering women politically and stopping the anti-women agenda of the Radical Right, visit WLO for articles, news, alerts, and the Washingtonfeminist Faxnet.

She tackles diverse issues such as sexual safety for women street performers, and sex worker safety at major street protests such as the RNC protests in NYC.

Written in clear and direct language, this site provides stories of patients and doctors who will be affected by the ban, and Dr. Riveter Blog on the state of reproductive rights in the United States. Candidates will be carefully screened, and then viable ones will be given the contact info for jurisdictions and bishops who should be able to test their vocation and provide seminary training, taking into account their theological insights and pastoral gifts.

Citizens for Midwifery Citizens for Midwifery is a non- profit, volunteer, grassroots organization.

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Third Wave The page for this organization for youngfeminists contains general information and articles from the Third Wave newsletter, “See it? Site contains a newsletter and articles with information about issues concerning abortion as well as links. Right To Decide provides an open forum for the permanent exchange of best practices, views and news for anyone who is interested.


Jewish Women International Jewish Women International is an organization that strengthens the lives of women, children, and families through education, advocacy, and action. Women’s Retreats and Workshops – A Woman’s Way A Woman’s Way is a healing sanctuary, a place where women can find balance and discover that they already are the women they aspire to become. Population Council The Population Council’s website contains general information on medical abortion as well as the results of their clinical trials of mifepristone.

Find a lookup utility for women’s services in your saonr, classifieds, articles and speeches by prominentfeminists, weekly news updates, a women-owned business section, and news from the Washingtonfeminist FaxNet.

The Centre has a national membership and links to leading women’s organisations. Autour des partis politiques. Goals are to document cyalon history of the movement, honor all who took part, pass the torch to younger generations, etc.

Sisterspirit Coffeehouse This web site reflects Sisterspirit’s commitment to “providing cgalon safe place for women to gather in the company of women, and to providing a space where women’s community and cultures are celebrated and encouraged. Women2Women “A community which provides support, resources, fun, and education for adult women about their life choices. Please spread the word World Feminism World Feminism www.

National Coalition of Abortion Providers This nonprofit organization represents the political interests of independent abortion providers in this country. It boasts interviews with national and international leaders and has extensive online leadership chzlon including sections, entitled, Leadership in Action and Leadership Theory.

No pop-ups, no advertising, no cookies. This extensive site is essential for pro-choice news, information, and research on ciinema Internet. Condomania Condomania provides skr on condoms and various contraceptives, as well as links to information on safer sex, resources and hotlines.

Society, Politics, and the Environment Emily Way’s home page contains over 50 links to mainly cutting-edgefeminist resources on feminism, lesbian rights, and the environment.

IDEAS data have been collected from a variety of sources, including Ministries cjalon Health, professional organizations, local and international bodies, such the World Health Organization, and recent publications on abortion, emergency contraception and other related issues.

Voices This online publication is the work of students at the Santa Monica Women’s Colleges, and has interesting articles on politics, health, arts, activism, and otherfeminist issues. Our site saoen a great deal of fine information for those interested.

Our goal is to connect all feminists and to become the microcosm of a potential feminist society. Promoting research, advocacy and trade literacy from a feminist gender perspective. As medical students and residents, we are committed to ensuring that medical practitioners are prepared to provide their patients sir the full range of reproductive health care choices. White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is a group of organizations and individuals that have combined forces to raise international awareness about the need to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all women and infants.


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Sisyphe English Section The Sisyphe web site delivers cutting-edge analysis of current aspects of women’s condition, including big issues such as wars, biotechnologies, violence, prostitution, globalization, power relationships, the men’s movement, etc. Empowerment4Women An online women’s publication featuring articles, essays, personal resources, political action center, and more.

Northern Arizona University Women’s Studies Online Database With hundreds of links on a number of subjects, a list of onlinefeminist periodicals, a list offeminist films and videos, this site has a wealth of useful resources. Some of the seven main issue areas include news, body, and work.

In order not to approach the wide field of reproductive rights and health all at once the themes that are started with are Youth and Conflict. Londres Population Council http: US Committee for the UN Population Fund This well-designed website offers information not only on global reproductive rights but specifically on the United States’ role and committment to international family planning, reproductive rights, gender equality cineema the empowerment of women in developing nations through education, advocacy and fundraising.

Also find nurse-midwifery job opportunities and a strong list of links on pregnancy and childbirth.

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Single Clnema “By single moms, for single moms,” this extensive website answers questions about topics including divorce, child support, custody, and domestic violence. Find chat rooms, profiles of women and issues, and “backtalk” areas where users take a poll and submit anecdotes. Senior Women Web This Web site includes plentiful reading materials and links to sites on a variety of issues, including health, politics, finances, legal issues, education, leisure, home and garden, and more.

Our objective is to carry the legacy of our foremothers and continue educating people on the importance and neccessity of understanding the history of women’s oppression and the current position of women in society.

Because women’s issues cross so many bountries, we will attempt to interpret, understand and approach the issues from a wide range of interdisciplinary perpectives. Their site contains frequently updated information on the Center’s legal campaigns to improve access to reproductive health care throughout the world, as well as many publications on reproductive health technologies and issues- a great site for research.

This international certification process encompasses multiple educational routes of entry including apprenticeship, self-study, private midwifery schools, college- and university- based midwifery programs, and nurse-midwifery.