Back on Earth, William is able to take his clone’s place, pacifying his concerned parents. But what happens when the person who kiddnapps her, starts to fall for her. She manages to convince Ulrich to attend. Odd tries to take Kiwi to Lyoko, but ends up absorbing him instead. Jeremie concludes that this is XANA’s new strategy and that they must be very careful. Jeremie uses some new tricks to stop the Kolossus, allowing Aelita and Odd to reach the supercomputer without worry.

Hopper is actually the maiden name of her mother, Anthea. Also from wikipedia is “Code Lyoko has spawned an array of related merchandise, including three videos games, a tie-in book series, figurines, and a new MMORPG in development. Revenge by cyberdemon reviews Sequel to Forever. When Sissi finds and steals Ulrich’s diary, he is blackmailed into being her boyfriend. Fortunately, she is devirtualized before the Skidbladnir is totally destroyed. The season will be 26 episodes long and contain a mixture of live-action and CGI.

When he goes to meet her, he is attacked by one of XANA’s ghosts and locked inside a well at the Hermitage. But who does she bring with her episod how will she return them? In order to buy himself time to do this, he activates a tower and uses it to create a clone of his own to attend class in his place.

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Rockstar by Fade into Darkness reviews AU. On top of that, Odd is a zombie himself. While Yumi and Odd are getting virtualized, water from the pipelines inside the walls is falling on the elevator, causing it to overflow. Aelita’s materialization program has worked, and she’s now living on Earth, but not all is well.


That’s all I knew of the theme song. Now the Dark One must fight to save his family and stay alive. They bring Sissi to the factory to finish the message she started earlier.

Just like Ulrich promised, he is nicer to Sissi at the end. Will tragedy repeat itself, or can destiny be fought? She starts an epic journey to discover the meaning of her name, and the origin of her powers. This show was amazing. So after going through all that She’s also worried that XANA might escape. Jeremie and Aelita stay at the factory while Odd, Eepisode, and Yumi go back to school.

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After waking up, she attacks the nurse, Yolanda, lyo,o continues to act strangely throughout the day, wanting to go to Lyoko with everyone else. I remember back in the day, the series started to get a bit more dark and intense, close to the end of the 4th season as you find out more about XANA.

He does so by targeting the core, which contains the code that maintains the virtual world. What was 779 science teachers name Sissi is sent to the hospital after this, forcing Odd and Yumi to go there and collect her.

Code Lyoko Theme – New Easy Version – Synthesia

Well, until the end at least. The next morning, while Jeremie and Aelita are investigating Jeremie’s computer, Odd looks for his DVD of his movie to show the famous news reporter T.

William is there waiting for her in order to throw her in the Cide Sea. It was like that little detail staring you in the face the entire time. Its up to Aelita to help them remember before something terrible happens and X. Couldnt he see the future? Once Jeremie finds out, he activates a return to the past with strong hope for Yumi’s life.


The Added by Ji Robinsonseries is reported to air in fallspecific dates are unknown as of yet. Will she return to Earrth of stay home. That was the first and only song I ever learned in French though This becomes all the more problematic when William catches Aelita alone on Lyoko.

I don’t wanna say Phantasy Star Is he somehow connected to Robin? To all the memebers who may bitch me out for some obscure reason, i know people can youtube it themselves. There, Aelita finds a doll she inexplicably recognizes to be Mister Puck. But, unfortunately Patrick goes back to his own school. The Drinking of Zoidian Blood?

Aelita’s first concert with the Subdigitals is coming up, but Aelita’s stage fright threatens to get the better of her. Starts in canon, will become AU. Odd races against Herve, who is no match for Odd. Odd looks for the tower while the other two head to Sector 5 to fix the super scan. This episode proves that Ulrich is not as comfortable as being just good friends with Yumi as he says he is.

She really pissed me off at points Pure Assassin meets Pure Innocence reviews A.