Why don’t I just get pregnant at a bus station?! There is nothing new here then, but what is new is the tone and feel of the episode. I can also help! This leads to the group to recall the stranger activities and events that took place at Greendale through a series of flashbacks. Retrieved March 17, Retrieved May 11, Goofs As with most movies and TV shows, the Soldiers’ wear and appearance are wrong.

Retrieved September 23, Was this review helpful to you? Jeff and Shirley spend time together playing foosball. It has proven in the past that it can take almost any aspect of popular culture and adapt it to the college setting; we have already seen the war documentary, Doctor Who and My Dinner with Andre receive the Community treatment. Jeff quickly makes enemies with their professor Michael K. Retrieved April 13, Retrieved December 3, Don’t be like me.

When Abed becomes convinced that Dean Pelton has been replaced by an impostor, he is required to see a therapist John Hodgmanwho attempts to convince the group that they have been experiencing a shared psychosis and Greendale is actually a mental institution. While insults are hurled and the study group choose loyalties, Jeff tries to negotiate a truce, but with neither Abed nor Troy budging on their principles or real estate, the future looks grim for the duo’s friendship.

Retrieved August 14, Pierce is excited about a party he’s throwing to celebrate his business success, but the affair becomes very different when his elderly father arrives.

TV REVIEW: Community Season 3 Episode 17 – Basic Lupine Urology

Episodes 3 and 4, communuty 11 and 12 were switched around in their original broadcast, but appear in production and chronological order on the DVD set.

I’d say our hands are tied, but we basically have no hands. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The sad news is that one of the cast of the show does die by the end of the episode.


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Professor Marshall Kane Leslie Hendrix I can only assume there’s a female equivalent to thata code-ette or something. Shirley Bennett Alison Brie Ironside also identifies himself as Lieutenant Colonel, but his seeason has the rank of Captain.

Did your favorite make the cut? Retrieved December 3, Archived from the original llupine August 16, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved December 18, Dan Harmon planned on making the third season more cohesive than the previous, with more connectivity between the storylines of the episodes, as well as to make the show more grounded, with somewhat fewer themed episodes. Fine, 6 to 1. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, cmomunity billed only: The explanation isn’t the issue!

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Don’t be like me. Jeff must write a speech, and Troy and Abed attempt to become “normal” for the wedding. Williams to Teach Biology”. Was this review helpful to you? This predictably fails and when the group finds out their biology credit is invalid, their attendance of their fallen classmate’s wake quickly goes awry. A man’s got to have a code. The season consists of 22 episodes and aired on Thursdays at badic Greendale’s choir director Taran Killam asks the study group to fill in at the holiday pageant after the glee club is unable to attend.

While the gang pairs off to build a terrarium, Chang relishes his imaginary role as a noir seazon. Retrieved July 25, Here’s NBC’s comedy plan”. That’s it in a nutshell.

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Harmon also planned out the characters’ storylines for the entire season. Whoever did it likes to steal backpacks off tables in the library. Stamatopoulos also serves as a consulting producer and writer for the series, so he wanted to focus on his main job, as he explained “I’m not an actor”. Basic Lupine Urology 26 Apr The group tries to help Annie move in with Troy and Abed but things go awry when she becomes frustrated by their lifestyle; Dean Pelton blackmails Jeff into spending the afternoon with him.


This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat Community is a show that constantly changes and reinvents itself. And I don’t have to stay here ’cause you’re not cops! The series was renewed for a third season on March 17, Retrieved April 6, My favourite episodes of TV.

Meanwhile Chang takes over campus and has the study group expelled. Apprently no one on the production knew about this until people started making GIFs of uropogy.

The group helps Abed get rid of debt by impersonating various celebrities at a bar epieode. When the study group’s final project for biology is destroyed and they risk receiving only a passing grade, they spring into action, launching an investigation into the ‘murder’ to find the culprit, see justice served and do better than a C.

Retrieved March 17, Retrieved October 28, Top 30 Community episodes. Retrieved November 15,