You confirmed the allegations against you which impairs your possibilities to defend yourself from the accusation. Respective hearings before the Amtsgericht or Landgericht Frankfurt a. Please send me an inquiry with the warning letter attached. Therefore, I would not recommend to consider a claim that these investigations are unreliable. To determine the sufficient degree of protection, the usual standard of security at the time of installation has to be taken into account. However, caution is required. I did not do anything and was not at home.

If you have received a warning letter or other correspondence, you can attach it directly to your query. However, the claim for damages will lapse after ten years, i. He is the author of numerous legal publications in the area of internet and IT law. To investigate the copyright infringement Waldorf Frommer cooperates with the service provider ipoque. Through this amendment, the German legislator set new guidelines regarding liability for interference, excluding the possibility to claim forbearance. Secondly, the sender requests payment of compensation for the copyright infringement. After browsing the internet, you decide to act on the anonymous advice of another internet user. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that the child remains liable even though the parents are not liable.

The copyright infringement notices are sent by German law firms who represent their clients, who in turn are the copyright holders. Content of this Article. They are regularly used to accuse internet users of infringing copyright through file sharing.

Ask us for our free initial assessment. However, if one withholds the names of family members who had access to the internet connection the Court may deem this as a frustration of evidence. If you use a program that employs the BitTorrent-protocol any data you download will be made available to others, i.

Waldorf Frommer Copyright Infringement Warning Letter (Abmahnung)

According to the Court, it is not required to state the name of family members. All I did was streaming a movie! Moreover, the substance of the burden of proving is limited by the protection of marriage and family. This means legal costs and stress. Inthe BGH ruled on that point: In cases where infringement is carried out via an internet connection which provides WIFI, the provider of such WIFI may be held liable for interference.


The Court ruled that parents are obliged to represent the name of the child if the child admits to be responsible for the infringement. However, the law firms have quickly adapted to the high transparency requirements. The costs associated with court action can be high.

In another judgement the BGH determined that it is significant evidence for ownership in a music title if a label a database lists the label as the distributor of the respective music title. Waldorf Frommer claims the illegal use of a file-sharing service. On this website, we will inform you about your options to prevent a lawsuit. There is no general answer to the question, whether the threat of bringing a lawsuit has to be taken seriously in each and every case.

Die Abmahner

However, the claim for damages will lapse after ten years, i. The law firms that send file sharing warning letters, also known as copyright infringement notices, send them on behalf of their clients, who can sometimes be some of the biggest entertainment names in the business. Here are some tips on how abmshnung react to a letter. Immediate help from a lawyer.

An overview of file sharing in Germany –

It is therefore more advisable than ever to seek legal assistance. In diesem Umfang ist der Anschlussinhaber im Rahmen des Zumutbaren auch zu Nachforschungen verpflichtet. According to the information in the warning letter, a company called ipoque is responsible for the investigation of the respective internet connections. I provide legal consulting and representation on a flat fee basis. However, only vefleih after the new rules were introduced, questions were being asked about their effectiveness to stem the flood of file sharing warning letters.

The essentials in brief: The infringed party may still assert those constabtin, however, if the infringing party contend lapse of the limitation period the claims cannot be enforced in court.


Constantiin of file sharing warning letters should take the accusations seriously and react carefully. Even though the complaint might be successful, the claim for information subsists. Future court cases will no doubt reflect the level of compensation being sought. Handling of the abmhanung letter by a lawyer 3.

Believing, the submission of a modified warning letter will solve the conflict. Recipients of warning letters should not send the pre-printed undertaking received from the opposition law firm.

The undertaking should permit the modification of the obligations, should the law change and it should tilm no acknowledgement of debt. Subsequent to the collection of investigations by ipoque and information provided by internet providers about the owner of the internet connection the law office Waldorf Frommer sends warning letters on behalf of their clients claiming forbearance, reimbursement of costs, and damages.

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Liability for the infringement of copyrights through the use of file sharing networks If an investigation led to the result that an internet connection was used for distributing files that, however, does not imply that the owner of the internet connection is liable for the infringement.

The suspicion arises that abmahnng numbers listed are fiom arbitrary and it can sometimes be difficult for internet users to determine the true amount they are being required to pay. Mostly, further pieces of evidence exist.

Thus, borders between down- and upload and mere streaming begin to blur. According to the Court, it is infeasible for the owner of a private internet connection to document the internet usage of their spouse to meet their burden of proof.