Tekniknya dengan memberikan jeda berhenti sejenak sebelum masuk ke panggung. Semoga dengan adanya Teknik Mengekspresikan Dialog dalam Drama, Teknik Bermain Drama, Teknik Membaca Naskah Drama ini kalian semakin lebih mudah dalam memahami dan menguasai bagaimana teknik-teknik mengespresikan dialog dalam drama , teknik yang baik dan benar dalam bermain drama, dan bagaimana teknik membaca naskah drama. It was impossible, really impossible! Then she scratched and scratched. Inu loved Candra Kirana? Took the phone away from ear I am not lying, my queen. Inu Kertapati go help me find her.

I know what I should do! One day, the queen asking the same question to her Fortune-Teller again. So, that was you! It will be okay! The angry queen went to make a new plan to vanish Snow White. Leaving her room calmly. I am afraid to kill a person.

We just help her. Newer Post Older Post Home. I just hate my parents right now.

Errr, should I go now? Entering the home Narrator: It just I forget about Galuh favorite color. Teknik membina puncak-puncak, artinya menahan perkembangan cerita untuk tidak melebihi bagian puncak cerita. The angry queen went to make a new plan to vanish Snow White.

The Guardian, go to my room as soon as possible! Home fiksi fiksi naskah Hunter’s Box: Naskqh their life, their families, their school, their job. You can climb up here if you want. Aku membelinya di toko. After assured The Guardian has disappeared from the corner of corridor, Snow White ran out naskkah the palace immediately. Dera, Doni dan Beni, menyelinap masuk dari jendela.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Kotak ini ada pada kalian! I am The Fortune-Teller, your faithful Fortune-Teller who always predicted everything fast, up-to-date, and accurate!

How can you love me that actually we just met a few moments ago? I will help you to clear it!!

Who is the most beautiful woman in the universe? They were Galuh Ajeng and Candra Kirana. Uhti Setiorini as Tina. She was waiting in her room.

The golden snail change into Candra Kirana and then she swept the floor. Maka pada kesempatan ini saya akan memberikan Teknik Mengekspresikan Dialog dalam Drama, Teknik Bermain Drama, Teknik Membaca Naskah Drama conoh kalian mengetahui teknik-teknik yang benar dalam bermain drama.

She turned off her phone and slam it to the table The Queen left her room quickly Narrator: I just throw this box! Sepertinya aku kenal dengan wanita itu.

Stood up and entered the house. She forgot about the letter that she brought Inget drama jadi inget drama waktu SMP. I do not want to!


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Ehm, lately I have predicted that the epiog be the end of the year, my queen. Meanwhile at the party While mopping Fiuh… I am so lucky and save in this house. Still infuriated The Prince: This is the rarest item and the most favourite item on the online auctioning. Putri Rizki as Carey and Betty. Dad is love everybody. How much it costs?

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My daughter, do you also want to get married with Inu Kertapati? I changed Candra Kirana into snail and threw it. You do not need to pay me anything. Maybe tomorrow I look at his paintings.