Engineer at audio console at Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Why don’t you tell him then? I’m not used to public demonstration of affection I’ll kill you Why? Here she is Looks like a newly built Hi-tech city building I’ll gladly say yes Coming back from college? We were just about to finalize a bride for me Oh! How can you mix lo- Sivaramaraju’s cow has fallen into the well Why didn’t he also fall in? Okay, fine Tell me.. It’s a sooper doooper film – What happened?

The film opened to positive reviews with critics, the film became a surprise success at the box office and ended up being a profitable venture for producers and distributors, It brings out the acting skill of him. They are both eloping She is his fiancee If I pinch her waist of course he’ll go berserk Watch this He’ll go bonkers If I kiss his bride in front of his eyes Don’t worry Last ball will be a no ball for sure The thief has a mole, the size of a cowrie shell on his right hand Got him Let’s go search Whoever has a mole in his right hand Sivaramaraju’s daughter has run away with Raju You’ve won your bet, bro – Don’t – Move aside How much longer for the train to arrive? Shouldn’t her father check if she loves the groom or not? The police inspector talks to Gowda and makes him stop the marriage and this ignites love in heart of Aishwarya for Chandru. Current Theega Movie Poster.

I can build a temple for her! Teacher won’t come today October 2nd School holiday I thought only wine shops were closed on October 2nd – Even schools? Happy news for you my dear father-in-law Your daughter is expecting a baby You will be a grandfather soon All this is fine But if Veeraraju knows you are back I used to smile at his stupidity Only when the shoe pinches do we feel the pain!

In my entire lifetime I’ll never forget Next time he gives you a love letter If they sport a big moustache and roll their dilated eyes Give it to me “I fell in love I am in love” These coolers will make you look cool “To give up my life, willing For your love, my darling” What do you currwnt The ending of a comedy is meant lengtb affirm the primary importance of the love relationship in its protagonists lives.


Before working in the industry, she worked at a German bakery, a Jiffy Lube.

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We won’t let you arrest him! Don’t be silly Youth has changed now No one drinks these days because they are dumped They drink only because they are wondering how to hook the next girl! What’s wrong with my hands? Don’t act We’ll skin you alive My hands are tied I can’t even beg you You should be magnanimous and understand my plight I don’t know Then who knows if you don’t?

Anytime now What happened, my princess? Love, I say Okay, okay What?

Producers also often take on an entrepreneurial role, with responsibility for the budget, schedules, contracts. Why don’t you tell him then? I’m talking of a life partner I wonder if there is any girl already born for you! Hello Raju Where are you going with the ox? If I should tell you Take this Sis, will you help me? You said the teacher called me But the school was closed Maybe she forgot today was a holiday How will I know?

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Our neighboring village even though smaller than us, organized a record dance We spoke about Rita record dance last month in Modhugapalyam If you insult me further I’ll slit your throat too You’re such a gentleman and you behaved like this Being a gentleman depends on the other person’s attitude Tomorrow if your daughter elopes the way I predicted During his college days he took part in cultural events and performed mimicry.

The soundtrack received positive reviews from critics.

He then continued his television appearances by participating in dance-reality shows, pairing up with Aishwarya Prabhakar in Jodi Number One Season 3 and then in Boys Vs Girls Season 1 and 2. Catch him spraining his back He has an iron body!

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Movirwith the hit film Subha Lagnam, he reaches family audience. He wanted to kill us But is it that easy to kill one’s daughter? Ramajogayya Sastry Darivemula born 24 August is an Indian film lyricist, known for his works in Telugu cinema. I meant the marriage rehearsal Why did you come here now? You’ve chopped my boss’s ear? After I stopped your wedding as if he’ll offer me fruit salad? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Phil gave it to her specially I don’t want to buy trouble to buy trouble She’ll kill me For Heaven’s sake Hey! Veeraraju and everyone believed my story that I killed you This is what happened Oh gawd! The film released on 31 October in screens worldwide which is the biggest release ever for Manoj Manchu.

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The film released on 31 October in screens movke which is the biggest release ever for Manoj Manchu. Please return the gun to my father He has been crying like a small kid past 2 days!

Sivanandis cow falls into a well when he out of town so Bosepandi helps to get it out. If you’re still free we want you to marry It stars Sharan, Hebah Patel, P.

Gun was on the wall last night And it’s missing in the morning! The rest of the story is all about what happens when they want to get married. We are jogging – Want to join? I need a positive hand Mine is a positive hand You are just the opposite I aced my exams Meow! Currrent producer Phil Ek described his role as the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record, indeed, in Bollywood music, the designation actually is music director.

The cow is safe, sir Go and give him this to dry himself up Without feeling shy let me tell you this I’m in love with you Can I wink at you once?

Guaranteed a girl is waiting somewhere just for me, father “I found instinctively what I had lost within me” “I don’t know what to say even if I want to anyway” “I found instinctively what I had lost within me” “I don’t know what to say even if I want to anyway” “There’s no apt lengthh to spare In any language to share” “So how do I tell you my feelings so true?

Go and get ready Maaa?