Mazhya Navryachi Bayko written update, February 21, When all the boys go for a Boys Night out- he openly admits to them that he is love with Neha, after which he takes help of Rey and Swayam to impress Neha. Shivani and Indirabhai reach the hospital. Louis College and she can’t wait to meet Riyansh. He tried to woo her but all his attempts were in vain until in RDX sir’s party in which he and Sharon spent a special time together,after which things looked on the bright side for his and Sharon’s relationship which they name as trial relationship. He saw Rey and Kriya in the locked room during the RDX’s party and thought that Rey has feelings for Kriya, but Vicky was not serious about this Though Rey really loves Kriya very very much Vicky believed in Rey’s ‘Funda’ that a girl is the other name of trouble until he falls in love with Neha, Kria’s best friend during the RDX party.

She is shown to be the person who is missing Kriya the most. Vicky proposed to Neha in a restaurant and they have been together since. However it was shown at times that Nilesh knew that Vicky was attracted to Neha. The TellyTimes 4 years ago. Amar is known as a ‘Totla’ in the college,however he does not stammer when he is drunk. The following episodes show that Rey starts developing feelings towards her and is jealous of her “supposed”relationship with Shivam. Sometimes his weird behaviour and catching him in awkward situations, made Nilesh doubt that he is interested in Boys which later got clarified. Shivam calls her mom and tells her about her dance in college.

Initially he was not interested in joining Kria’s team but after persuasion finally episodf in. I am totally a romantic at heart, says Ushasi Ray. Shivam calls her mom and tells her about her dance in college. Jabardasth written update, February 21, In order to do it, he needed help from at least one person She likes Nilesh of her team. Pagal Nilavu written update, February 21, Mumbai Mumbai search close.


She started helping Swayam because of the article on Rey and Taani on net but Swayam is upset with her because she lied to him and told him to go out of the college for some reason and they are having some sort of misunderstanding because diil this.

Miss Taani gets admission in St. Kokila saves Amar from committing suicide.

When the King Rangers performed, it was the exact copy from dazzlers Shivam took a re-entry in d3 and now is a student of ST. The TellyTimes 4 years ago. While chatting, Shivam was about to mention Kriya’s awesome dance but Kriya secretly signals him not to tell her dance-hating mom about her ffull talent.

Rey always looks out for Kriya and also secretly helped her make her team and dissolve the divide between Rosti Dazzlers and the Weaklings. He’s Taani new lead ‘s brother and Sharon’s boyfriend. He and Sharon are the dancing couple of St Louis College, but his interest in Sharon does not go beyond being best friends.

Dil dosti dance

Read All Comments Post a Comment. Shivam takes entry in the show in the Dance Fest in St. However gradually his view on them like Rey changed too and got fed up with the fights between the two groups. Will they get away with it? He goes most of the time around with Sharon but now its shown that Shivam met Da mother at Kriya’s house.

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V for Valentine – V wala love- 2 hour special episode

Vikramjeet Kalsi Vicky He is Rey’s next to best friend. Arjun and Tamizh orse into a fight. He is close friends with Kriya, Bharat and Rey. To do this, he decides to use Sharon and Kriya. She loves to dance and on the dance floor she slapped Swayam. He is an amazing popper. Dil Dosti dance Ishwar Mori 8 months ago.

Need to confess feelings to Srishty Naagin 3: Swayam is in love with Sharon. She created the team “Weaklings” with Swayam’s help. Amar Amar is known as a ‘Totla’ in the college,however he does not stammer when he is drunk. As Shivam calls her mom and tells her idl her dance in college. She dli developed a crush on the college counseller along with the other girls.

She has a soft corner for Amar of the Weaklings team. Though, she shared a love-hate relationship with Reyaansh, she is completely in love with Rey and the fictional characters played by herself and Rey are Romaira and Chhabilal.

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Kunal Karan Kapoor discharged from hospital! She and Vicky were the lead dancers in the Bollywood night of the dance fest. However it was shown at times that Nilesh knew that Vicky was attracted to Neha.

Kapil Sharma reacts after fans urged Salman Khan to act against him. Shivani and Indirabhai reach the hospital. If you guys also like it Then Apart from the Dazzlers, she also admires Sharon in what she does.