Maesi’s mother Jaime feels bullied by Yolanda and Stacey Elliana’s and Lilliana’s mothers and the three dancers are assigned a trio that places 3rd. It was hard to tell. In a shocking move, Abby eliminates one dancer from her super team. Elliana and Lilliana are given head-to-head solos for the first time, but the pressure causes Yolanda to go too far at competition. Retrieved September 20, She thought Cathy was a blast, and that Kelly was White Patsy. So Abby brings in a new dancer named Jane who will be Brynn’s opposite.

This includes comments about downvoting or users that post from multiple accounts. Kira is her main role model. Laurieann’s aim is to get the girls to break free from Abby’s regular routine, so she gives solos to Nia, Camryn and Maesi that are very different to one another. The group routine is a hip-hop routine which is supposed to be what Maesi excels at, but unfortunately she forgets the dance onstage which leads to the group placing third. Users that repeatedly violate this rule will be banned See below. Please try again later. This page was last edited on 25 January , at Watching Holly get all non-ethnically ethnic is something I will never get tired of, trust me.

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The group wins 1st overall with Lilliana’s acrobatic solo also winning 1st overall, and Epidode placing 5th due to sticky stage limiting her tricks in her routine. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Still watching but lol the “pissed off” comment. Kaya will stand up for Nicaya even if it means the producers cut them from the show dane sue them for calling it shit. Meanwhile at the Candy Apples studio, Nicaya is given a solo which is a tribute to her lesbian mother who is about to get married, and the dancers are portraying Mexican builders building the wall Donald Trump wants built. And, the moms are hopeful the new dancer dace complete the team, but Ashlee thinks otherwise when her mom insults Brynn.


Where my girls at? Laurieann has disappeared, and Abby returns to the studio under duress. Could I have finally solved the mystery? Kendall wins 1st place in the Teen Division, with Nia only one place behind. Kira who runs around screaming and hollering and bullying young dajce, then gets on twitter and curses out the tween fans of the show.

Nia is pulled from the duet and replaced with Camryn which upsets Holly and Nia. Ashlee says that the Irreplaceables’ moms are “disgusting”, dane make them criticise Brynn even more, causing her to bite back at them. A couple hours later: Or does Dance Moms figure only a tiny fraction of fans dnce these confessionals so they just don’t worry about it? August 17, Search Search for: Someday I may even share it with all of you.

The team says goodbye to Abby for possibly the last time when she decides to head to Europe one week before her sentencing, making the moms question the future of the ALDC.

At the competition, the group wins 1st overall but the solos don’t do as well. I believe it that Nicaya is a sweet girl. Kalani wins with her solo but Daviana places 6th, and as a result is cut from the team.

At fulk, the Irreplaceables’ moms mock the tribute for its title, but the ALDC moms don’t retaliate.

Cheryl decides she doesn’t need Reagan and dismisses her, and the team returns to normal for the next week. Retrieved July 26, When you grow up with someone like Kira for a mother, there’s only so much you can do to separate yourself from that influence.

Brynn and Camryn have a winning duet, Kendall and Kalani’s duet comes in 2nd place and Elliana and Maesi have a duet that gets pulled due to the bahaviour of their mothers. So everyone scooted off to meet with Producer Sevenwho was the same dude with the cool hats that was lurking around last season during that whole music video extravaganza.


Elliana and Lilliana are given head-to-head solos for the first time, but the pressure causes Yolanda to go too far at competition. I love me some Kaya. Camille and Camryn then feel threatened and afraid because they have to battle Reagan on their own. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or it’s just your guilty pleasure, this subreddit is for the TV show Dance Moms. Can I just say that Holly has some amazing posture before we even get to the good stuff?

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Retrieved October 11, Elliana’ solo is inspired by Charlie Chaplin, and the team is shocked when Yolanda arrives at the competition dressed as him. The group routine pulls off a first place overall win, and the week ends on a high note.

The moms use worse language. It’s Kalani’s 16th birthday, and is given the gift of a car. This time with Abby as her evil nemesis.


The fight that happened in rehearsals finally lead Laurieann to have a dilemma as whether she should return another week. Retrieved December 14, Please report any comments or posts in violation of these rules to keep this nicayx a great place for discussion of our favorite tv show. The Candy Apples are performing a routine which is a tribute to Cathy’s daughter Vivi-Anne who has a featured role in the routine. And Christi loves her. Let The Craziness Begin. Like, this is reality tv. Especially when we got to see some never before seen footage of Cathy tossing water at Christi on the sidewalk like a true Real Housewife bitch.

Vertes competed against one another in the solo division.