When Angus, a young Scottish boy, finds an enchanted egg, he takes it home and soon finds himself face-to-face with an amazing creature: But despite it all, Cox grows into a national icon and eventually earns the love of a good woman–longtime backup singer Darlene. He resolves that when she gets back, he’ll ask Hannah to marry him, but is floored when he learns that she has become engaged to a handsome and wealthy Scotsman and plans to move overseas. All forms of communication have been jammed by an enigmatic transmission that preys on fear and desire driving everyone in the city to murder and madness. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object as structured Kate tries to turn vibrant Angie into the perfect expectant mom. For photographer Ben and his new wife Jane, his new assignment–a lucrative fashion shoot in Tokyo–was supposed to be a kind of working honeymoon. Enter Amy and Stacy, two best friends who bring along their very different boyfriends–focused med student Jeff and free-spirited partier Eric. Though burned out and discontented in his job, Clayton is inextricably tied to the firm.

Eventful Movies is your source for up-to-date Monroe Theater showtimes, tickets and theater information. Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at Movies. Charlie Bartlett has been kicked out of every private school he ever attended. Both Lucas and Roberts share a rigorous ethical code that sets them apart from their own colleagues, making them lone figures on opposite sides of the law. Cristabel simply refuses to leave dear June home alone. As Maya puts together the pieces of her dad”s romantic puzzle, she begins to understand that love is not so simple or easy. Freshly graduated from college with a promising future, 22 year-old Christopher McCandless instead walked out of his privileged life and into the wild in search of adventure. They go to yoga together.

Enter Amy and Stacy, two best friends who bring along their very different boyfriends–focused med student Jeff and free-spirited partier Eric. At this moment, a new, unplanned journey suddenly begins. But whatever the true origins of this remarkable little boy, David gradually finds himself growing more attached to him and experiencing the transformational power of parental love. This she does, by intercepting an employment assignment outside of her comfort level–as “social secretary.


Before they even get on the plane, Kumar threatens to botch the mission by mixing it up with airport security personnel, insisting on protesting a random search. Claus” objections, Nicholas agrees to help his brother on one condition: Alex’s parents are sick about it, and Helen is concerned that her nk will get sucked back into the game that took him away once before.

Confusion gives way to panic as the partygoers stumble through the blackout and into the streets. Fuji, their new life together comes to, literally, a crashing halt. Wizard has big plans for the young prodigy but, for August, his music has a more important purpose.

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Bobby Green has turned his back on the family business. An artist, a free spirit, an idealist and dreamer, Raj is certain that he has found his ultimate dream when he arrives at a quaint picturesque town. This world is dominated by the Timee, which seeks to control all of humanity, and whose greatest threat is novie last remaining Golden Compass and the one child destined to possess it. Convinced she”s the only girl for him, Nate decides to move back to L. Widowed father and family-advice columnist Dan Burns is still reeling from the heartache of loss and takes refuge by trying to maintain order with his three rebellious young girls, while dodging anything unexpected or outside the box.

Unbeknownst to August, they have already begun that journey. As everyone attempts to move forward, a haunted Patrick cannot walk away. A cestinta Manhattan dad is in the midst of a divorce when his year-old daughter, Maya, starts to question him about trentkn life before marriage.

But before he could try and snuggle up to her at nap time, or maybe send her a valentine, his family moved away.

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Contributed by John Abramson. Three ordinary women form an unlikely friendship and decide to do something extraordinary–rob one of the most secure banks in the world.

Horton explains to his skeptical friends: Each suitor is instantly enamored with Penelope–until the curse is revealed.

But when the two make the bold decision to join the battle in Afghanistan, Malley is both moved and distraught. What happened to him on the way transformed this young wanderer into an enduring symbol for countless people.


The police have failed to turn up even the narrowest of leads, so Amanda”s desperate Aunt and Uncle plead with local private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro to take the case. Welcome to the front lines of the war on cybercrime, where Special Agent Jennifer Marsh has seen it all–until now. He bluffs and cajoles the credulous trio through his cockamamie boot trneton and, after several hilarious missteps, instills in them new skills and some much needed confidence.

Roqua will take Jake under his wing, but it is up to Jake to find the patience, discipline, willingness and reason within him to succeed. Banding together an unlikely alliance with the Gyptians, the mysterious witch Serafina Pekkala and Texas airman Tiems Scoresby, Lyra is flung into an adventure that will take her over sky and ocean, to the wilds of the icy north, where she gains a powerful ally in a great armored bear named Iorek Byrnison.

Over the next 24 hours, Guinevere and Delysia will empower each other to discover their romantic destinies. It”s only as we follow each person”s perspective of the same 15 minutes to and immediately after the shooting so that the terrifying truth behind the assassination attempt is revealed.

And Emily knows just how to help Santa fill her mom with joy. When his brother shows up unexpectedly for an extended stay bj just about the same time as he accidentally encounters his former student Janet, the circumstances cause him to stir from his deep, deep freeze, with consequences for himself and everyone around him.

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Eventful Movies is your source for up-to-date Monroe Theater showtimes, tickets and theater information. Their determination pays off when the two detectives track down Washington’s murderers and confront them in an attempt to bring them to justice.

Alex Rover, the world’s greatest adventurer.

It”s the nottie who turns out to be something of a hottie herself. But he is not alone.