I do not own Persona or its characters. But he would not be ignorant, nor powerless. After all it had been a while since she’d last taken on a student. What does fate have in store for the Grim Reaper? Boring school days, leveling up Social Links, solving a murder case Of Devils and Bishops by ruwish reviews When Shirou thought he was about to die in the war, a miracle happened. You get one ‘heck’ of a case-solving story. Teenage Love by LexieDragomire reviews “You don’t know what it’s like to love somebody who doesn’t love you back,” she cried.

I own nothing Fem! The doll child by Zezelchark reviews What if Alice had a doll shop in Konoha and rised a female naruto? Because of this failure he died saving no one, Or that’s how it should’ve happened. Err, I meant Quirk. They will always be together, a loving big sister protecting her loving little brother. Will he return home as the same person? And she’s not going to let anything harm her Master.

Otherwise, they are just plain dumb. With a power, he couldn’t nwqnime begin to comprehend Really not sure if that’s a good thing. Crossover – Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Hell, he’s already acquainted with the princess.

The Prince of Olympus by YagamiNguyen reviews After the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto thought that he could finally start a life he always wanted, until two goddess apppear at Konoha and the true origin about his parent finally unfolded. Pros – The amount of different ways someone gets killed in this show is simply amazing, kudos for the writers – Of course, if you like to solve puzzles and play Cluedo, this is your show – The episodes with the Black Organization are probably the best intellect wise Sherlock versus Moriarty style, both sides equally smart and cunningthese are the ones that make the show.

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Could he handle this power or will he fall prey to its power? The question is will the Devil fall for the Ghoul? A certain, silent, protagonist holds the truth Can his new hope shine detectiive the same darkness that robbed him?


Crossover between Zero no Tsukaima and Kaze no Stigma.

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Is his way right, or will he turn? The Phantomhive Ward by Princesa Alisakura reviews They say that the unconditional love of a child could make even the coldest of hearts melt.

In the world full of supernatural beings, a few ones from another dimension find themselves there. It’s my first story so still improving. The Black Huntsman by T. Hope this review helped! G reviews When Kanji Tatsumi becomes a witness; he becomes a target and it’s up to Naoto to keep the witness, and herself, alive to solve the case.

And sometimes that can cause misunderstandings. Fate Unleashed by L33t Horo reviews Shirou Emiya wishes to be an ally of justice, so he decides to take matters on his own to do what the ‘super heroes’ won’t The only known picture of her showed a red hooded girl with a giant scythe, a Grimm mask, and black feathered wings I’m just not suited for it. With new members of the Investigation team, new suspects in the murder, several new events; some minor and some major that will change the entire course of the investigation.

Will they succumb to its weight?

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Reunion by Prince Lutin reviews Many years after Anabel’s disappearance, the other Frontier Brains learn of her current whereabouts and her job as an International Police officer.

Knights and Swords episdoe kujikiri21 reviews A War brought them together, forging their bonds tightly in it’s flames. Deal With It by Camster reviews There comes a certain time in life when one simply has to deal. Weiss, a malevolent heiress. Now after being expelled from school his father is forced to call in an old favor to get his son into Kuoh Academy.


Rated M for future chapters. Just Read it, please Crossover – Negima! Regarded at first as an outcast and a potential threat, Shirou must learn to live and fight if he is to survive in this unfamiliar time period as well as attempt to find a way back to Fuyuki City.

Do they shoot themselves in the head to summon beings of mass destruction too? These Masks We Wear by Vaellaen reviews For the greater good, the role of the villain must be played. The Fractured Whole by YaDingus reviews The night of the sealing should have seen the parents deteective and an orphan on the path to eventual greatness.

Even now, he can’t place these lingering feelings, and the ache is his heart is still heavy. However, they do know its effects.

Rated T for the time being. Rated M for salty language. They stick together and fight together. There’s something hidden beneath those amber eyes of the charismatic president of Namimori Gakuen. Now it’s up to Minato to find out what Elizabeth found and put it to use. Dragon Blade by avtorSola reviews Hitsugaya Toushiro is in another sticky situation.

Forgotten Rose by Jacklyn Frost reviews Marred by scars and the death of her only friend during the time she was held captive by Roman and Cinder, a Red Rose wilted.

Rated T because I probably won’t describe the bad I things I might do to people.