I’ll be focusing on these ones. Something cute to pass the time. She couldn’t sleep because of it. While discovering their past lives the two develop feelings for each other unlike anything they have ever felt before. My Ideal Boyfriend by Little Jamie reviews When Anzu can’t find any perfect guy to be a boyfriend, she comes up having pre order the top hottest model that turns out to be smart, stylish, talented, and hot! And what a coincidence that the one to take this kitten home is none other than Anzu Mazaki. Will he be able to return to Domino with the help of a teenage girl, or will he be trapped in reality with the rabid fangirls forever?

After all, true love never dies There was something he had to do. Do not own yugioh. Paradise Island Tanzania 0. High school, Hormones and Saving the world by WickedNightingale reviews Yami has his own body now and now he has to deal with every day life. One day she wakes up to a world unlike her own and meet Atem, a guy who doesn’t see her as an ordinary girl.

Atem, is through with women after several eposode relationships Atem never expected to fall in love again till he meets a brunette unlike any other. Will she say yes, or will she turn Seto down, and marry Atem? Sorry by mysticminou reviews How do you break a heart?

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Atem has gather more help to get rid of Tea. But your ability to feel what they can’t makes you even more human than they can ever be Small Price by mysticminou reviews Bakura hurt Anzu in a way no one has before.

And that if she didn’t, who could have stolen her heart? What happens when the school goes on lockdown because of a snowstorm? Both are down, but can they cheer each episod up?


Will this simple hair cut lead to something more? Do not own yugioh. Inspired by a film soundtrack instrumental arrangement detectvie deserved the Grammy it won.

What will he do? Revolutionshipping, Songfic to “Dancing Queen” by Abba. The torture of the decayed teeth by fantasia reviews What happened when Anzu has a toothache and has to go to the dentist with his boyfriend Atem?

And will he be able to break free of his limit to save the ones that he loves? Yami, knowing how Yugi gets when this happens, fights to keep that fact hidden. Lost by mysticminou reviews Anzu and Atem’s thoughts and feelings after the Ceremonial Battle.

So with all the dates he has and the fan girls and clubs. And dangit, why’s the Other Yuugi have to be stuck in the middle of it all? But then he was turned into a vampire! Being alone together may drive them to any number of places. Will Atem try to get her? What will Yugi think? Can they defy what the past had dictated for them? My Halloween Black Cat by katerinaaqu reviews Anzu is a common girl Daddy’s or Bakura’s Girl? What if Yami was given his own body?

Princess Anzu by Mistress Ahiru reviews Anzu has always wanted to be a ballerina but one thing is stopping her. Are they gonna be together?

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In Memory of Him by Sutoriitoenzeru-Street Angel reviews After he returned to the world of the dead everyone else settled down with the happy ending, all except her and now she’s all alone with a broken heart and a lonely world.

YxT Read to find out!

Or will their relationsh Yu-Gi-Oh – Rated: With some faith and conaj from Yami, anything is possible! When Atemu finds out that Anzu is dating Kaiba, the fact tears Atemu’s heart apart. Yami needs a queen, and his parents are making him choose between ignorant, poisined honey, and unconcerned. At the same time when the Council of Roses is declaring war on anybody who opposes them.


Her pointe detectivd are missing. Songfic to Hero by Chad Kroeger. A human that has Vampire blood in him has it but doesn’t know a thing about the danger it will create. Which of the Gosho Boys is your favourite? We’re Not Meant To Be! Style by Atem’s Sister Atea reviews Tea is trapped in the Spirit World, her parents have been turned into pigs, and she is forced to work in a bath-house for an evil spirit. Tea then is accuse of trying to kill the pharaoh.

But what happens when you mix dancing, pharaohs and love?

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What’s Left Of Me by Light Shining-Angel reviews Yami is a teenager boy that had passed by a really hard situation in his life Anzu is a girl that would help him to discover that there are many lovely things and beautiful moments everyday.

But when Anzu is offering him a little ‘help’, he’s just realizes how much he loves her. Just One Touch by Eetective Avalon reviews They both dreamed of each other, longed for each other, until the night detectivw they were finally able to forget the world in each other’s arms.